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Ponder along the way

- Jacob Ninan

These are brief points to ponder, which appear daily on the website.


Reason tells us we should forgive because we have been forgiven. The resistance is from our emotions and will.

"Not my will but His." Isn't this the best possible motto for our life? Another could be, "Hallowed be His name."

As long as we are here there will be a gap between what our heart wants to do and what we do. But we still press on to perfection.

When what our heart wants to do is God's will there is no condemnation for our failure to do it. Rom.7:25;8:1

Worshipping God in spirit and truth is not the same as speaking in tongues. It is genuine worship coming from our deepest being.

Humbling ourselves before God is not the same as humiliation before people.

Trying to impress people with our humility is as far from truth as it can get.

Why are we bothered so much about what people think when we are justified and accepted before God?

Compassion for the weak and the fallen is a mark of maturity. Judgment implies we can't see ourselves.

Respecting everyone's right to choose their faith is entirely different from respecting their faiths.

Real love sometimes necessitates disagreeing with the one we love.

Good thing God is patient with our failures. But it keeps us many times from recognising them.

How terrible it would be if God granted all our prayers without using His wisdom and love!

Every virtue has to be kept in its place in the big picture. Love alone or righteousness alone can wreak havoc.

When we are convinced we are right, understanding why others believe what they do can at least broaden our understanding.

Wisdom is more than knowledge. It's an insight into applying knowledge appropriately in different situations.

If we think we are wise but we are unwilling to receive correction we deceive ourselves and have no real wisdom.

"Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." What about thinking we know and never even learning?

When values and opinions are changing fast, we can steady ourselves only by holding on to God's word.

If you think you stand, take care lest you fall. But if you are down, take hold of Jesus and get up.

Truth has many sides. If we hold one and neglect the others we will go off balance.

When God calls us for a ministry He gives us not only a burden for it but also the special gifts we need for it.

Spiritual truths are many times beyond detailed explanation but those who experience them understand.

Do we love someone because we want something from them or are we willing to give ourselves for them?

When we press on to perfection we are tempted to look at others' faults.

God's hatred for sin is as intense as His love for people.

A good man is better appreciated than a righteous one. But what good is goodness without righteousness?

Those who know God want to know Him more. Others are happy with the bare minimum.

It's pathetic! The Almighty God has come to us and given us free access, but very few have time for Him.

�Sin� has everything to do with what God says about something, and very little with what people think about it.

What �great� people in the world think about something or the fact that �everybody does it� does not influence what God thinks about it.

If we #knowGod as Creator, One who loves us, tells us what is good and hurtful, we will #trust all He tells us about anything.

Is it really nice to want to be nice to people and keep the truth from them that can save them?

We can be policitically and managerially correct and come short of pleasing God.

God has made #salvation so within the reach of all that none can complain they couldn't reach it.

Paul was willing 'to be lost' if by it he could save his fellow men. Who loves like that?

If our heart isn't right, we aren't right however much good we do.

'Tax collectors and sinners' are being saved. But not those who are comfortable in themselves.

Time is short, and becoming shorter by the day. Do we think we can get right with God later?

God accepted us with nothing from us to offer. But now do we want to appear before Him with empty hands?

If we know God only in our head, it's unlikely God knows us as His children.

"Only acknowledge your sin," God says. But it seems to be the most difficult thing for most people.

Have we so over-emphasised grace that we don't really have any reverence for God left?

Do we have all our doctrines so neatly arranged in different tabs that we don't think deeper?

If no thought of inadequacy ever troubles us, we would seem to have overtaken the apostle Paul.

Satan may pressurise us with temptation, but God still provides a way of escape, if we want.

We were not so depraved that we could not choose right, nor so saved now that we cannot choose wrong.

A lot of our problems are because we like to do what we feel like, rather than what we know is right.

What everyone does is right in his own eyes, and when he is wrong he justifies himself.

We may not always be able to hear what God is saying, but we can be sure He hears everything we say or even think.

Do we seek God to get help to run our lives, or do we yield to God for Him to run our lives?

Is the topmost priority in our prayer "Hallowed be Your name"?

Is it difficult for us to accept that other Christians may have a different focus and priority in their function in the Body of Christ?

Wanting to be understood is natural. But to carry on with one's convictions even when misunderstood needs Someone supernatural.

Are we seeking to be true to God in our innermost being? Not seeking our own and not seeking to please others are basic requirements.

Not everyone thinks things through. Others are fortunate if they can be with such.

There is a proud way to question things, and a humble way. The humble way profits much!

God has only children, and no grandchildren. If all the truth we know is second hand what does it tell us?

It's a privilege to have a good role model. But keeping a bigger than life model with no faults is not good at all!

If God is our top priority wouldn't we be thinking a lot about Him and talking to Him a lot each day?

We may start our relationship with God with some wrong ideas about Him. But the more we know Him, worship will fill our hearts.

If we have difficulty in believing God's omnipotence, we will be keen to find natural explanations for Biblical incidents.

Others can influence us towards or away from God. It's for us to decide where we want to go.

People become lukewarm in their faith, then churches become lukewarm, and then people become more lukewarm.

God is real, and so is Satan. We ignore either at our peril.

God may not always do the miracle we want. But can we risk not asking for one?

There is always a difference between what we hold up as doctrine and what we attain to. But it is terrible if we are comfortable with that.

Repentance from sin and enjoying God's forgiveness are constant companions of live Christians.

It's difficult to examine and assess our attitudes without the help of the Holy Spirit. We tend to be blind to our own faults and sensitive to those of others.

The largeness of God's heart towards people is beyond our mind's grasp. But it is balanced between His righteousness and grace.

God is infinite in every respect. It's folly to consider Him as if He were merely superhuman.

Bible based thinking and Bible based living are vaccinations against the corruption that is increasing in the world around us.

The prince of this world is influencing the people in many ways. The children of God need to be aware of what all he is doing.

If we have complaints against God, it's always because we don't know Him well.

God is perfect in every way. The better we know Him, the less our questions become.

If we blame God for what happened when we did foolishly, that will take the prize for stupidity.

Whether we feel good or miserable, our access to God is through the blood of Jesus.

Knowing that we are heading for a life of eternity with God will help us now in making the right choices.

How much hold the world has on us is inversely related to how we much we value our life with God.

How honest and open we are with God depends on how clearly we understand grace.

When we place ourselves in God's hands He doesn't empower us to pursue our own dreams but leads us to what He has kept in store for us.

When we are in love with God, we want above all to do be doing what He wants us to do.

When we have confidence in the Lord, we don't have to know the future.

What is it that we expect? Now that Jesus is with us everything will go well, or because He is with us we can handle everything that comes?

Many simple believers hold to what their teachers tell them. The responsibility then falls on the teachers to make sure they teach life producing doctrine.

If our theology remains somewhere up in the air and does not touch our practical life, there is something terribly wrong.

Our willingness to forgive others shows how much we appreciate grace.

It is only through personal dealings with God that we can really know the balance in God's character.

We cannot control what happens to us, but God wants us to control how we respond to it.

God helps those who ask for help. If we don't ask but still complain that God didn't help, that's not fair.

Isn't it foolish to base our happiness on how others treat us? We must learn to direct our way towards happiness by how we respond.

If we keep hoping for others to change, we will be building up our tension. But if we focus on changing our response we can be at peace in spite of others.

Even though bad things happen to us we can rejoice over the fact that our God will cause something eternally good to come out of them for us as we continue to trust Him.

There's no friend like Jesus. But you don't get to know Him merely by reading about Him but by interacting with Him.

God's ways are beyond our understanding. But what He has revealed to us is glorious beyond our imagination.

When we trust God for our future, we are freed from anxiety. That's how we can know whether we really trust Him.

"Jesus loves me, this I know." Do you? How?

When what we want crosses what God wants us to do, that is when we have to carry our cross and die to ourselves.

To hear only about what God has done and will do for us is very 'nice and comforting'. But there are things God wants us to do too.

Receiving blessings from God is great. But walking with God day by day is far greater.

The way may be narrow and hard, and very few may be there to walk with us. But Jesus makes it worthwhile for us.

To think that the all holy, all pure, all righteous, all just God accepts us as His children--it really needed Jesus' blood to make it possible.

When we don't know what to do, know that there is something God wants us to do. In that restful confidence we can find out what we should do.

Satan may roar at us, but he cannot touch us if we are with Jesus.

To believe that God is able to do something is a part of faith. But that is not sufficient for us to assume He will do it.

Do we need to be afraid of using our reason when we try to understand the Bible? Not if our reason is subject to the Holy Spirit.

'Only believe' has led many people to neglect their responsibilities. There is a time for that, but God usually works together with us.

More precious is a practical, daily, ongoing relationship with God than any other thing or relationship in this world.

Our thankfulness to God can abound only if we see clearly how undeserving we are for the least of His mercies.

Following Jesus is not walking with the crowd that follows Him. It is wanting to become like Him and doing what He wants.

True humility is not a weakness, but a strength and asset. It helps us to enjoy God's strength.

Loving God for who He is is different from loving Him for getting things from Him. One is deception.

Humility is not about how we behave before people, but what we think of ourselves before God.

The way to press on to perfection is to learn to love God with all our heart, mind and strength.

Failures need not put us down but only increase our desire for dependence on God.

Honesty with ourselves and acknowledgement before God will lead us to a true experience of godly life.

Many times every day we make choices that show if we really love God more than ourselves.

God's love for us is to be held on to by faith, because it's real, even when experience seems to be contrary.

It is by faith we are born again, and it is by faith we live each day. Not by sight, not by feelings.

Whatever it is we need, we can ask God. But if we ask first of all for His kingdom and His righteousness, He will give us all we need too.

The greatest thing about God for me is that He loves me though I don't know why He should. I guess it's because He created me.

To trust God in difficult situations is more pleasing to God than making many ritualistic sacrifices.

God is greatly delighted whenever we choose to please Him even when no one else is watching.

We can't depend on our feelings. We need to act based on our convictions which we have received from God.

Studying about God is good. But we can't really get to know God without spending lots of time alone with Him.

Faith is not making ourselves believe what we want to, but our response to hearing the truth from God.

A living faith in God allows us to place our life into His hands. If we hesitate, our so-called faith is dead.

What we live for decides what we live by. How we live is decided by what we live for.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. We can't expect Him to do things for us without our asking or cooperation.

Our relationship with Jesus - is it just a notion, a mere acquaintance, or close friendship?

We people have a peculiar ability to have a set of doctrines stacked away in our mind without them affecting our practical life!

Do you picture God as an authoritarian, fearsome person wielding absolute power over us, or as one who gave His life in order to have us as His children?

Just because there are things outside that we cannot control, there's no excuse for not managing the things we can control inside us.

Remembering how the Lord has been our help in the past strengthens our hope and confidence for the future.

There are many dimensions to our relationship with God, which we need to learn part by part over time.

God's unmerited kindness towards us and His severity towards sin go together. We mustn't lose sight of either.

If we love God with less than all our heart, we neither know God well nor ourselves in His sight.

It's sad that many who imagine they are headed for heaven are mistaken. We need to make sure for ourselves.

Many celebrate Christmas without Christ; we who know Christ aren't entirely responsible. But remember, we are the light and salt of the world.

In the face of criticism, don't forget God's unconditional acceptance. In the face of praise, don't forget what God sees inside us.

We can't make any progress spiritually until we learn to be thoroughly honest about ourselves before God.

Anchors that hold firm in the storm? God's love for us, His presence with us, wisdom, sovereign power--all everlasting.

Cheap grace says, "Don't look at your failures and weaknesses, only at grace." True grace can look boldly at both.

Knowing God as a Person--is foundational and essential. It's got nothing to do with getting things from God.

New Year is a good time to renew our commitment to the Lord; so is each morning.

One persistent question for all of us, "How can I love God better?"

Many assume they're born again when they aren't, and many who are born again take it too lightly.

If we aren't in love with God the chances are we don't really know Him personally.

If we aren't eager to become godly in our thinking, speaking and behaviour, it is very likely God hasn't been able to really touch our lives.

Having an opinion about others is not judging them. When we judge them, we despise them or condemn them.

Many people are very careful about how they appear before others. More important is to examine how we appear before God from whom nothing is hidden.

Those who want God to keep them but don't take care to keep themselves for Him have got some things wrong.

Have we got our concept of God right, or are we picking and choosing certain of His characteristics according to what we like?

God gives great comfort and encouragement, but we can only experience these through faith.

Sometimes God protects us from difficulties, sometimes He helps us escape from them, and sometimes He helps us to go through them triumphantly.

If we worship the Bible as God instead of listening to God who inspired it, we would end up misunderstanding God.

God has revealed Himself through the Bible, a little here and a little there. We need to read the whole Bible to see Him. And read it again and again.

Love is not a feeling. But a love of God without feelings is questionable as to its genuineness.

In an interpersonal conflict, the question to ask is not who is right or wrong, but what is right or wrong.

Many live in 'defeat' because they assume victory is absence of temptation.

One major result of salvation is to be able to look away from self to God and others.

Wisdom from God is tested, tried and found to succeed. Clever ideas from men may be impressive but may ultimately fail.

When we are sure at heart about God's unchanging love for us, it gives us meaning, purpose and energy for life.

Some bloat up their achievements, and some grovel in their failures. It's a feeble mind that cannot think soberely and face up to reality.

When we believe what we have read from the Bible and apply it in practice, it is then that it becomes real to us.

If we don't spend time with the Lord in times of peace, we'll find it difficult to identify Him in times of difficulty.

Repentance is a change of heart - from a life of sin to want to be pleasing to God. Repentance continues as we hate sin and love God more.

Why should God show us grace - unmerited favour? It's an instance of mercy triumphing over justice.

We tend to get one-sided, to leave everything to God or to take everything upon ourselves.

The Lord's mercies are new every morning. What about our thankfulness?

We can't be the same afterwards once we truly see God's grace as it concerns us personally.

If we want God to comfort us in difficult situations, we must also be willing to see things from His side.

Lord, make me what You want me to be and help me to do what You want me to do.

Not to acknowledge God in all we do smacks of ignorance, folly and conceit.

We are not gods but created beings with finite limits in every way. It's our goal to find and keep our proper place before the Almighty God.

God loves every one in the world, but not all can enjoy His love for them. The more closely we know Him, the better we can experience it.

People fight for their rights. But isn't that because people don't bother much to carry out their responsibilities?

To know God personally is man's greatest privilege, to walk with Him as his Father.

Man likes pomp and show. God likes to see inner purity in man.

There are times when God seems to be excruciatingly unreal. The memory of how real He has been in the past can help us tide over this.

The forgiveness of our sins cost our Saviour His life. Let's not regard the possibility of sin assuming on forgiveness.

Godly love chooses to 'be' good to the others irrespective of how they treat us. 'Doing' good needs wisdom depending on current situations.

We can't enjoy God's everlasting love for us until we reciprocate.

If our 'heavenly' fervour doesn't show itself in our earthly behaviour that others can appreciate, ask ourselves how it helps us.

Sin is not only hateful for God but also hurtful for us. Its immediate pleasure will turn to pain soon enough.

While We bask in God's love and receive His strength we also need to be alert to face sudden attacks from the enemy.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the forces of darkness are winning. God always wins, as we shall see at the end.

God is beyond our mind. But considering how big He really is helps us to stand in awe of Him.

Surrendering unconditionally to God, to be entirely His and to do His will all the time, is a substantive part of true worship.

Human 'love' actually looks for something from the others, but godly love wants to do good for the others.

When God gives us His mercy new every morning He is being gracious towards us.

A deep knowledge of how God has accepted us just as we are helps us to accept others and to care for them.

Sin will always backfire and hurt us. The quicker we learn this, the more eagerly will we seek for godliness.

To love God with all our heart is a goal. We can't move towards it unless we desire it and seek after it.

Total sovereignty of God without the free will of man doesn't make sense. Neither does total free will of man without God's sovereignty.

God loves everyone. But those who love Him can experience His love more than others.

Unbelievers speak ill of God because they don't know Him. But when we know Him, He becomes to us the most attractive Person ever.

When we come to see what kind of persons we really are and who God is, only grace can explain how He loves us.

There are things God wants us to do with His help. But there are things only God can do for us for which we must seek Him.

Examining the feedback we get from others honestly is a good way to keep ourselves sober minded.

Troubles and perplexities are the ones which push us beyond our limits so that our limits can expand, if we stay with God.

God's highest plan for us is to make us to be like Him in our nature. Then our fellowship with Him can become more intimate.

God has forgiven our sins and made us His children. Now He wants us to take up our cross, deny ourselves and follow Jesus daily.

Humility in our heart opens our life to every blessing that God wants to give us.

When people misunderstand us (it shows they are only human), we get an opportunity to get near to God to find out what He thinks about us.

Being honest with ourselves and before God is an essential key that opens the door to spiritual progress.

Purity in our devotion to Christ is single mindedness in wanting to be pleasing to Him at all times.

What others do to us is their responsibility and how we respond is ours. We are each responsible to God for our own actions.

Our love for God should motivate us to obey Him, to be pleasing to Him and to glorify Him. Let's be careful not to presume on it.

God is faithful. He will never leave us nor forsake us. But every time we sin we are taking a step away from Him.

Even though God will forgive us when we confess our sins, His real intention for us is to stop sinning.

God does miracles for us sometimes. But we would be negligent if we keep waiting for miracles and don't do what we can.

Speaking the truth in love can sometimes be the kindest thing to do.

If we can keep ourselves humble before God. it can save us a lot of trouble.

Contentment versus ambition. The balance is with the will of God.

If we expect instant victory over sin what we are looking for may be an absence of temptation. We aren't willing to battle it through.

A lack of consistency and persistence in doing what God has told us to do may be why we don't receive some things from God.

Just because there are no simple answers to some of life's problems we shouldn't stop looking.

Everything that happens is not God's will. That's why Jesus asks us to pray, "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Many people misunderstand "Judge not," give up discernment and questioning, and tolerate all kinds of errors and wrongdoing.

It's possible to question everything in a humble way. Just in order to avoid the proud way, we mustn't give this up. It's for our safety.

Don't expect perfection from anyone. Acknowledge our own imperfection and constantly work on it. Do both without judgment or despair.

Let's be careful not to get eroded in our heart and mind by all the lying going around in the guise of being clever.

Those who stop seeking God once they receive their forgiveness miss knowledge of God and fellowship with Him.

Repeated reminders about how God bears with us after forgiving us -- they help us to love and bear with others.

To love people in a godly way is not necessarily to like them but to want to do only good to them.

Seeking our own is the wisdom of this world. Seeking God's glory and the good of others is wisdom from above.

Do we trust God as a person and give Him lordship or do we trust Him only to give us the things we want from Him?

Think of the love of God towards us personally in all its dimensions. Just starting to see its magnitude is enough to cause us to fall in love with Him.

To acknowledge our sins and mistakes to ourselves, to God and to people requires humility. But that is the first step to salvation.

We need to confess both "Apart from Him I can accomplish nothing," and "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

We can't interpret every verse in the Bible in the same way. We need to understand them from the context.

A genuine experience of being born again is life transforming. God changes us on the inside, and it shows more and more outside.

To love God more than everything and everyone else is a choice we make. It's the best choice we can ever make.

To know that the Almighty God is our Heavenly Father fills our life with hope, trust, confidence, boldness, humility, gratitude ...

Imagine, if God was only holy and righteous and not gracious. not one human being could have found his way to Him!

Can we think of every choice with a view to eternity? That will also save us a lot of misery on earth.

If we think we believe in God, but are not willing to do something He tells us, we don't really know Him well enough to believe in Him.

If we accept Jesus as our Saviour but continue in the sins that He had to die for, how do we think Jesus is our Saviour?

The love of God for us is seen by the way He gives Himself for us, and our love for God by the way we obey Him.

God is love. He is absolutely dependable. He always keeps His promises. He will never leave us. He always does what is good for us.

It is by entrusting our entire life to God for His will to be done that we find rest. If we won't let go, we can't be at rest.

God can do miracles for us. Expect Him to. But let's not neglect doing what we ought to do ourselves.

Faith is not for twisting God's hands to make Him do our will, but for us to surrender joyfully to His will.

Faith believes God can, but trusts Him and yields to Him so that He can carry out what He considers best.

Worshipping God isn't saying nice things about Him. It's an acknowledgement of who He is, coming from a heart surrendered to Him.

Many things compete with God to occupy our heart. If we are vigilant about this, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble and pain.

When other things become more interesting to us than God, we have started backsliding.

We may start by loving God for the things He's done for us. But we need to come to love Him even if He doesn't give us some things we ask for.

All sin comes from selfishness. The essence of transformation is to become God centred, which permeates to every area of life.

Many follow Jesus because they want something from Him. Disciples want to become like Him.

Everything God plans for us is aimed ultimately at delivering us from sin and making us more like Him in our character.

Being born again is a supernatural experience that changes us inside affecting our values, interests, ambitions, desires, attitudes, etc.

There is no limit to how much God wants to transform us into His image. But how much do we desire that in our heart?

We cannot become spiritually minded until we learn to stop covering up and become painfully honest before God.

Continuing to trust in God when there is no external evidence is a mark of true faith.

If we say we want to become like Jesus and get to know Him better, but have little or no time for the Bible, we fool ourselves.

To submit ourselves to fulfilling God's plan for our life is a mark of faith, rather than asking God to prosper our own ambitions.

Being patient with others is not such a tough challenge once we see how patient the Lord is with us.

Pride is a part of our fallen nature. It doesn't disappear all of a sudden. To become humble is a lifetime goal.

Enjoying an intimate relationship with God is our privilege. The more we taste this, the less interesting other things will become to us.

There is everything blessed when we seek to live with 100% surrender to God in daily life.

We mustn't forget that deceiving spirits are around. Every idea that comes to our mind is not from God.

God is the ultimate answer to all life's problems. But He also wants us many times to be a part of the solution.

It's a dangerous world we live in, more from a spiritual point of view than physical. But we have the Lord as our fortress and our refuge.

None of us has got everything right nor do we do everything right. There is great scope for learning and changing.

Truly the only way to have peace and rest in the midst of the chaos in this world is to trust in Jesus.

If we happily open our heart to receive His love, shouldn't we also willingly submit our mind to His wisdom?

Humility is first of all our attitude before God, and not something we show to people.

If we are in love with God, wouldn't we be thinking of Him first and what we can do for Him before we think of us?

When we are young we think we know everything, but when we become old we realise we know so little of what there is to know.

If coming to the Lord hasn't turned us to giving and serving, it's good to check out if our conversion was thorough.

The only leadership tip Jesus gave was, become the servant of all.

People ask, "How can I make more money, go up in life?" What about "How can I become more yielded to the will of God and pleasing to Him?

We can't expect everyone to treat us as we would wish. But we need to treat everyone as Jesus would irrespective of how they are to us.

Patience doesn't mean tolerating wrong but not taking the law into our own hands.

However God may have transformed our lives, it's still through grace that He accepts us.

There is a sensitivity of conscience we can see in all true Christians, not in all who claim to be.

If we trust in Jesus, we'll hand over our entire life to Him joyfully. How can we think we trust Him if we aren't willing to do that?

Not everything that happens is necessarily the will of God. But He works out His will in spite of all that happens.

If you are a leader you may think yes men are your best friends, and if follower that to be a yes man is the best bet for favours. But both are false.

Those who truly love God know who He really is, and tremble before Him.

It may seem paradoxical, but hoping in God has to go hand in hand with honesty in facing reality.

Applying what we believe from God into practical situations is the way to grow.

One reason why many Christians don't experience any change in life is that they keep God and life in separate compartments.

God will not reveal Himself to us until He sees in our heart that we want to do what He tells us.

God comforts us with His presence, His words and action. We can receive this comfort if we are willing to change our thinking and do what He says.

When we walk with God, He will make even the evil that people do to us do good for us in the end.

Christians fight for doctrine. But how much do we fight within ourselves to practice the doctrines we preach?

A teacher may sometimes have to teach things which he himself has not yet attained to, but not if he is not seeking for them himself.

Those who walk before the face of God know themselves and find it difficult to look down on others no matter what they have done.

If we really know who God is, the result is that we trust Him, and obeying whatever He tells us becomes natural.

God loves everyone. But the closer we get to Him, the more we can experience this love.

We can do nothing without God, but God's grace is sufficient for us. Hold both together and avoid pride as well as discouragement.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. His grace - undeserved favour and empowerment - abounds to us when we lean on Him more.

Humility recognises that God knows what He is doing and telling us to do, and submits happily to Him.

If we have received forgiveness freely from God, we have no right to withhold giving forgiveness freely to others.

If we are faithful to live according to the understanding we have, God will give us greater understanding.

We can't blame God for everything that happens to us. But if we love Him, He causes all of it to work something good for us.

When we believe in God - trust, rely on, recognise who He is and yield to Him - we can receive all that He has planned for us.

Putting God first in our heart and thoughts is the key to getting everything else right in our lives.

When things worry us, recall how God has helped us through everything in the past, sometimes taking us out, and sometimes through.

The many small decisions we make in daily life define who we are as persons and how God sees us. Let's not be careless there.

People expect those they love to meet their needs, but godly love thinks of others' needs as being more important than their own.

To be true, real, honest and upright in our innermost being is our opportunity in Christ. Give no place to falsehood.

Are we following Jesus? If we follow Him He will make us to become a blessing to other people.

How we deal with other people is a clear indication of how we have understood the grace of God towards us.

It's sad but true that many people who think they are Christians have no real relationship with Christ.

God's love is freely available to all. But people reject it because they don't want to be controlled by it.

Why is there such a great effort to disprove God? Because people don't want to give up doing what they want and become accountable to Him.

Intellectual honesty is also a part of Christian integrity. We meed to be real and face reality.

We all want God to love us, do good to us, and answer our prayers. But do we love God and do His will?

Let's avoid justifying ourselves. The more honest we are before God, the better He will be able to transform us into His image.

Every leader has a sharp focus because of which he succeeds. But he needs others to keep him in balance.

Those who block out negative feedback make it harder for the Lord to help them.

God is very patient with us. But let's not confuse it with tolerance.

If we recognise how we receive God's forgiveness through His undeserved favour, how can we possibly withhold forgiveness from those who hurt us?

What are we pursuing - wealth, fame, pleasure, or power? These are perishables. Seek to be pleasing to the Lord in all our ways.

Good self-esteem doesn't come by thinking positive thoughts but by listening to God.

Receiving grace from God and valuing it as we should will result in our being gracious towards the others.

In the world 'peace' implies being free or away from trouble, but the peace that God gives is even in the midst of trouble.

Would you rather hear a sermon that glosses over your sins than one that cuts into the flesh in order to heal the heart?

Times of great singing and impressive sermons can be exciting, but it is the preaching of the truth that sets people free.

False prophets, teachers and miracle workers are increasing. We are to discern them by their fruit.

God loves everyone. But not everyone enjoys that love because we have to go before Him humbly and receive it.

If we really love God, it will be seen in the choices we make in secret in the depth of our heart.

"If your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light." If the focus of our life is God, all else will be headed in the right direction.

Wisdom is more than knowledge. It's an insight into applying knowledge appropriately in different situations.

God is love. Therefore it is easy to love Him. But don't we also need to know God as holy and righteous and reverence Him?

If we meditate on God's word with a seeking heart He will give us understanding. But if we don't use our mind we can be led astray.

Every truth is to be balanced by every other truth. It's dangerous to take any truth by itself and take it to an extreme.

Is it right to blame God when we can't hear Him at difficult times if we didn't have time for His word at other times?

A guilty conscience makes one feel every calamity is a judgment from God. But a forgiven heart has boldness before God.

A prolonged test of our faith can be tougher than one with a higher intensity for a short time. But the victory is greater too.

We shouldn't make prayer an excuse for our inaction; neither should we forget prayer in the midst of action.

Gratitude towards God motivates us to change our lives. If we are occupied with earthly things, it may be that we take God for granted.

We don't like our enemies, but we can still love them if we understand that godly love starts with an intention to do good.

Patience is not to be confused with tolerance of evil. It resides in a heart that hates sin but loves the sinner.

Every temptation we face is essentially a choice between God and our own desires. We become closer to Him when we pass the test.

We worship God when we think of who He is and what He has done for us. But worship must result in yielding ourselves entirely to Him.

Honest acknowledgement of every sin - in thought, word, deed and attitude - to God is the first step to victory.

Jesus said the world would go from bad to worse in the end days. Prophets who promise peace and prosperity haven't read their Bible.

We need to live wisely in the present times, avoiding compromise, seeking to be salt and light to the world for Jesus' sake.

One day many who made it big in this world will look up and see us sitting and feasting with God and wonder how we made it!

God is unhappy with those who give to Him hoping for something in return. He is delighted with those who give of themselves out of love.

Our God is full of love. Never give up when we can't understand what He is doing. There is a great reward for those who endure.

What is it that we want most in life? What difference has God made to that? Does it tally with God's desires for us?

It is only those who get close to God who can experience for themselves the pleasures of His love.

How can anyone who has received forgiveness from God as an undeserved favour keep back forgiveness from anbeyone else?

A humble person learns to entrust even the minor things he does to God to bless and to help with.

It's foolish to blindly praise God for everything that happens. We can praise Him because He will sovereignly turn everything to work for our good.

It's easier to change our approach to other people and keep our peace than to try to change others to get peace.

When fear comes into the mind, recognise and focus on the fact that Jesus has promised to be with us always.

To flee from temptations is our safety. If we think too much of ourselves we are likely to end up in a disaster.

Assuming that we are children of God without a witness from God about it is a huge risk, to say the least.

All who are born again from God show a hatred for sin and a desire to become like Him.

God blesses us so that we might enjoy our life with Him. We miss it if we seek blessings so that we might enjoy ourselves.

There is an ever increasing freedom God wants to give to those who come to Him. Let's make sure we don't remain long in the same place.

We are in a battle against the desires in our flesh which are also fanned up by the world and the devil. Let's be awake and alert.

God accepts us just as we are, and then wants to make us just as He is. We make a mistake if we want to remain just as we were.

Isn't it better to find out what God wants us to do, and do it, rather than make up our own plans and ask God to help us?

We worry because we're looking around now to see the grace that we really need only tomorrow!

Praise has no meaning unless it comes from our heart. People have even made it into a bargain for getting things from God.

God is always there to help us. But if we doubt God or His word, we won't be able to see Him standing with us.

He who has been forgiven much loves much. Have we forgotten how much we have been forgiven?

For God each of His children is special. He plans and cares for us almost as if we were His only child.

To believe in God is to trust in Him, rely on Him and yield to Him, and the result will be obedience to Him.

It's our fallen human nature to want to receive but not to be willing to give. But Jesus comes and turns it around.

When faith is tested it doesn't mean we didn't have any faith. It is an opportunity for us to exercise faith.

God can do anything. God does whatever He pleases. It pleases Him many times to wait for us to do what pleases Him.

If we want to take God seriously we must be prepared to discard people's opinions many times.

Humility is to recognise our true position in relation to God in all its aspects.

Victory is sweet when we persevere in faith and overcome in the face of failure or defeat.

Prayer is the first step towards victory. But it is no substitute for obedience or fighting temptation.

Run to the Lord immediately in times of trouble, not after every other source of help has failed.

Ask God for help. But remember He wants us to take responsibility for our life. He expects us to do what He tells us.

A great challenge for us to turn the focus to where we have failed, instead of looking at others' faults, which comes naturally.

Those who don't believe in God believe in their ability to think. But actually there is no end to our ignorance or our ability to err.

Have we made the transition from wanting to do our own thing to wanting to do what God wants us to do in every area of life?

Provoke someone and then ask why he gets angry. Hurt someone and then ask why he doesn't forgive. Upside down.

When we forgive others they still have to give account to God. We are the ones who are set free from bitterness and grudge.

Hoping to make themselves acceptable to God is to be under the Law. Under grace we receive acceptance freely knowing we don't deserve it.

Worship of God that comes from our heart refreshes and strengthens us and gives us a boldness to face life.

There is no depth from which God can't lift us up and there is no limit to the height which God wants to take us to.

We aren't really trusting God to do His work in us if we aren't at the same time willing to do what He tells us.

There's a difference between rejoicing in the fact that Jesus has forgiveness for our sins and living in a way that takes it for granted.

Serenity prayer corollary: there are some things that aren't going to change; better we learn how to live with them.

All things are possible with God. But not all things are His will for us.

If we humbly acknowledge our sin we'll receive God's forgiveness, but if we cover up or justify ourselves we'll meet with His justice.

Never forget that what we are inside is more important to God than what we do for Him. Our humility depends on where we look.

Temptations may come in different ways, but it is we who make the final choice.

Relying on God while recognising our own inability is faith. Such faith is what finds delight in God's heart.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, those who recognise they are nothing by themselves and cling to God with all their heart.

If we aren't willing to lift our hands to do what we are able to do we'll have no right to ask God to do things for us.

If we ask for what we know to be God's will for us and still don't get it, we have to keep asking. If it isn't God's will why are we asking?

We can ask God for whatever we want, as long as we agree, "Not my will but Yours be done."

If we want to know God more personally, we would need to know more about God also. The Bible and not experiences is the best way.

Many are looking for 'experiences'. Genuine experiences will produce godly fruit. Counterfeits will ultimately destroy lives.

Walk in humility. Temptations can come unexpectedly, and victory cannot be taken for granted.

Wish God was closer to you? Try getting closer to Him. He has promised to respond. Is it because we aren't seeking Him that He seems far?

Everyone is clear about the wrong the others do. But rare are men or women who can see their own faults.

The world tells us not to look at our faults but only at 'positive' things. But how can we be healed if we won't even look at the test results?

When we are gripped by the unmerited favour God has shown us, our gratitude drives us to serve Him, honour Him and glorify Him.

Faithfulness to God is tested when we have to say no to people. Are we ok with people thinking bad about us when we seek to please God?

A relationship with God with absolute honesty is a key to His anointing and our usefulness to Him (Heb.1:9).

There are many things about life we can't understand. But if we know enough about God to hold on to Him, He will take us through.

If you are feeling down and out, pick up hope. Call out to Jesus and see how He will meet with you.

Faithfulness is the greatest gift we can give to the Lord. It must touch every part of our life.

The fact that God is gracious towards us does not negate our need to be careful on our part about how we live.

If we don't know the fear of the Lord, we can't appreciate the grace of God. If we truly recognise the grace of God we'll also fear God.

Respect and honour God for His love and grace towards us. But let's not imagine that He is there just to take care of our wishes.

If you are discouraged, look at the goodness of God's heart and how He longs to show you favour even when you don't deserve it.

God's will for us is that we should become like Jesus. But this cannot happen unless we deny ourselves and follow Jesus.

God's mercy is greater than that of legalists, and His righteousness greater than that of cheap grace believers.

Many times feedback comes to us through people who criticise us. How can we become more like Jesus if we reject them outright?

If we really want to be godly, will we not seek to be more obedient to God rather than passively wait for Him to change us?

God loves us with an abundant love. We can experience it by faith. The good thing is that we can have faith even when things seem dark.

Lord, teach us to ask and receive what You have planned for us. Teach us to trust in You, Your love, wisdom and graciousness.

What makes discipline different from punishment is the love behind it with the aim to bless.

If we say we love God, let's see how we trust Him. If our trust fails in trials, we know we ought to work on our love.

If we love God, we'll want to do His will. If we want God to help us to do our will, we've got it all upside down.

Has Jesus become the pearl of greatest value for us for whom we are willing to give up everything else that is precious to us?

To put the interest of others before ours -- one mark of the maturity that was seen in Christ.

Doesn't it cause us to tremble knowing we are accountable to God for everything we do, say and think? Grace doesn't exclude this.

We can't always hold ourselves responsible for what people think about us. But giving them a false impression is something else.

It's when we admit we are nothing, and can do nothing by ourselves, that we can truly lean on God with all our heart.

If we have come into a relationship with God we trust Him even when we cannot figure out what He is doing at times.

We can endure When we suffer in this world knowing Jesus is with us and we can enjoy life with Him through eternity to the utmost.

It's not about how much we accomplish but how faithful we are with what God entrusts to us.

In every conflict it's worth digging deep to find out where we are going wrong; it's easy to see where the others are wrong.

When we listen to others it's not sure we understand them immediately; much of their meaning comes from who and what they are.

God looks for truth in our innermost being; we work towards consistency in what we believe, profess, think, feel, speak and do.

What we 'do for God' cannot compensate for what we fail in our heart. When we keep our heart right, what we do will also become better.

We'll admit we're not perfect. But if we aren't willing to look at where all we are imperfect we'll never move towards perfection.

Our love for God is shown in action by how we will trust Him and not doubt, and not by how much we sing His praises.

God is in ultimate control of everything. But it is man misusing what has been given to his control that causes problems.

We who were dead in sin and dead towards God have been made dead to sin and alive to God. This is grace.

Jesus said that very few would find life. 'What everybody does' is likely to be a way of death.

Merely 'believing' in Jesus in our head does no good. The mark of true faith in Jesus is our surrender to Him.

To have a personal relationship with God is worth more than anything this world can give us.

The more honest we are with God, the better He will be able to relate to us. He hates pretence while willing to forgive our failures.

By faith we expect God to do things for us we can't do and we receive strength to do things we need to do.

When we have peace knowing we have done the will of God it also gives us boldness to face the world.

God paid the ultimate price so that everyone could come to Him. Now all who value that price can receive it.

Sometimes external peace has to be disturbed for maintaining righteousness. But we can have peace inside.

It's inevitable that people misunderstand us. Isn't it more important to know that God understands us fully?

When we place our life entirely in God's hands He gives us peace and rest even in the midst of difficulties.

When God opens a door no one can shut it. Let's look for such doors rather than break open ones we want to enter.

All things are possible with God. But this doesn't mean He'll do whatever we ask. He'll only do what's good for us.

If our faith is genuine, it will be accompanied by faithfulness in every area of our life.

True Christian love is characterised by sacrifice that aims to do good for the others. It's given by God.

Are we placing faith in our faith or in the One in whom we trust?

If we say we have faith in God but we aren't willing to do what He says, that faith is not really worth anything.

Knowledge will not help us automatically in times of trouble. We have to take hold of it and choose to act on it.

There is no guarantee that what we think is right is right unless it is in agreement with what God says in His word.

How can we be saved from our sinfulness if we won't even look at it? Has looking at the positive side been taken to an extreme?

Walking with Jesus is our privilege. Walking alone is a disaster in the making.

The more we wonder at the Lord's mercy and compassion to us the easier it becomes in dealing with other people.

Self-centredness and lack of desire to help others are things that change when Jesus comes into our life.

Live with eternity in view. However big or small things may appear to be now, it's their impact on eternity that matters.

Isn't it much better to serve God according to His wishes than to think up clever ideas of our own?

Are we Bible scholars? What about our day to day knowledge of God?

Our own understanding is definitely incomplete and possibly wrong too. We need to trust Him who is always right and knows everything.

The church is not a 'Got Talent' show and we're not the judges. We're there to connect to God and to the others.

Believe it or not. Nothing we do can be pleasing to God unless it comes out of the relationship we have with Him based on faith.

A true conversion moves a man from self-centredness to God-centredness. See if this has happened in your life.

If we proclaim the truth and there's no opposition we need to wonder if we were clear enough.

What do we do when we see someone's need? Act with compassion or judge, blame and criticise? We need God to transform us.

True greatness belongs to those who exalt God through their lives rather than to those who exalt themselves.

A life centred around God is the most satisfying, liberating and useful life. The closer we get to Him, the more we enjoy life.

Worldly wisdom thinks of getting what we want and hiding what we do wrong. Godly wisdom simply seeks to do what God wants.

If we live continually before God, we wouldn't worry about what people think about us.

Facing reality is the first step to change. In the guise of positive thinking we mustn't end up in denial.

Retreating to God in the midst of turmoil gives us peace and wisdom to handle the turmoil.

God never fails us. If we think He has, it's invariably a problem with our thinking.

The more we recognise our helplessness without Christ and lean on Him, the better He is able to strengthen us to serve Him.

The more we give God His rightful place in our life, everything else will fit into their places and we can enjoy life.

A genuine love for others is always accompanied by a concern for their needs.

There is a great balance in looking at our own lacks, drawing on God's strength and going forward boldly.

God's plan for us is that we should become like Him, have fellowship with Him, walk with Him, do His will and enjoy life.

Life has its pain and sorrow, and many grow bitter. But Christ gives us joy inside in the midst of the external challenges.

Forgiving others is an outflow of receiving forgiveness from God by grace. It's no more an option.

When we love someone with godly love, we desire the very best for him. If we want him to make us happy, it's not love but only selfishness.

A mark of someone who knows God personally is that he loves others with the same kind of gracious love he has received from God.

It is by a personal trust in God that comes from knowing Jesus that we can resist the pressures that come to us from this corrupt world.

When we come to the end of our confidence in ourselves and rise in our confidence in God, then He can begin to use us as He wishes.

The one who has discovered that there is no meaning in life without God and has found meaning with God is truly happy.

The more we understand God and the closer we get to Him, we realise that there is no way to get to Him except through Jesus.

God blesses us not just for ourselves but to become a blessing for others. Self-centredness is alien to the godly.

God calls each of His children with a special task. It's foolish to compare ourselves with others.

God takes note of nothing more carefully than our faithfulness with what He has entrusted us with.

We need to hold God's holiness and His grace together in balance. Either one by itself would be an extreme position.

God's love is available to all. But only those who acknowledge they don't deserve it can enjoy it.

Forgiveness of our sins is the door to a relationship with God. The only key that opens it is repentance and faith in Jesus.

Love God with all your heart. There are so many things vying to take His place in your heart.

When our conscience is clear we think we are doing fine. But there is always so much more to be cleansed from, which God can show us.

When we walk in an open relationship with God there is no condemnation even though we are very much aware of our failures.

Prayer shouldn't become an excuse for passivity where we don't do the things we ought to do with God's help.

God can do anything He wants. But He doesn't ever want anything that is against His character. This defines the 'all' we can do in Christ.

The reason for the season is us. Jesus saw us in our sins, and He came down to save us.

There are so many things God wants to do for us and through us. But we get occupied with what we want to do, have and enjoy.

The birth and death of Jesus is good news only to those who recognise that we sinners need Him as our Saviour.

When we anticipate a problem, it really makes a difference in our heart when we believe that the Lord Jesus is with us.

The more we are willing to yield to God, the more we can be led by the Holy Spirit.

The way to life is strewn with suffering. But when we reach the end we'll be glad we didn't give up on the way.

The choices we make now have eternal consequences. Let's build up an everlasting treasure.

The most blessed way of life is where it is the love for God that motivates its every part.

To believe that God knows best leads to great comfort as well as a humbling of ourselves.

At the end of the year or its beginning what matter before God are faith and faithfulness.

If you are scared of God you don't really know Him. Those who truly know God fall in love with Him.

God surely rewards those who diligently seek Him, but sometimes we may miss it if we are in too much of a hurry.

As a hen gathers her chicken under her wings, God wants to take care of us. But we foolishly go scampering after silly things!

However clever or knowledgeable we are, the best thing we can do is to submit to God and His word.

When God's love comes into our heart we can love even those who are naturally unlovable.

Humility is not about thinking low about ourselves but having a proportionate view about God and us.

There's a way back to God for everyone. Nevertheless, it's easier for man to choose to sin than to repent and get back to God.

To love God is one thing, but to love Him more than everyone else and everything else is quite another thing.

On the bottom line, every temptation prompts us to choose between God and self. But temptations usually come to us under heavy camouflage.

Justifying ourselves doesn't save us. Asking God to show us our sins and repenting from them will.

Victory over sin has two parts, God's grace and our choices. God never fails.

When we come to God through Christ as messed up people He starts to work on us patiently so that our life will reflect Christ to others.

It's always wiser to trust in God's wisdom revealed to us in the Bible than in our own or other people's opinions!

Even great men of God are still men with weaknesses. How we ought to walk humbly and carefully before Him!

There is hope with Jesus for every sinner. But only those who admit their sins and want to turn away from them receives it.

The love of God to us is the greatest motivator for a godly life.

We can't 'trust God' to do for us what we ought to do ourselves.

Salvation by grace is a supreme demonstration of God's wisdom in dealing with man's sin and God's love.

To walk in humility is a great challenge because pride is so close and backsliding too.

God is gracious towards everyone. But the grace that leads to salvation is only for those who repent from their sins and trust in Jesus.

True discernment has much to do with how honest we are with God about ourselves.

There will be many things we can't figure out about God. But let's not move from the knowledge that He is always good and right.

Don't blame God for things that go wrong. Some are of our own making, some from other people, some because we are in this sinful world.

God relates more to what goes on inside of us than to what we do. He wants truth and reality in our innermost being.

Even though God loves us He hates our sins. Even though we can rejoice in the fact that God is gracious to us we must reverence Him.

Our faith in God becomes effective when we choose to rely on Him and His word even when our feelings and thoughts confuse us.

Just being a child of God isn't enough. We need to grow in the knowledge of God to be able to withstand the schemes of the devil.

The gift of peace that comes by trusting in Jesus is above circumstances, and overrules our thoughts and feelings.

Humility is very fragile. It's not natural for us, and we have to constantly avoid cracking up with pride that tends to slip in.

God's grace is so great that we are tempted to think it's unlimited. But it has limits for those who try to misuse it.

In our spiritual battle our strength is in leaning on God and our responsibility in doing what He tells us.

God is able to do anything He wants. To think anything less of Him is to make Him other than God.

From the greatness of God's being it is the largeness of His heart that shows grace to us when we least deserve it.

When God gives us authority to use His power to do His will let's not imagine it's our power or act independent of God.

Every single human being is a creation of God. Therefore He loves us to the extent that He gave His Son to redeem each one of us from sin.

The closer we get to God, the greater we admire and love Him, the more we see our lacks and the more we want to become like Him.

It's because God's mercy triumphs over justice that we are alive! Let's show the same attitude towards the others.

We have to be simultaneously bold in the strength of God and weak in ourselves. Either one alone will get us imbalanced.

We'll seek the Lord with all our heart--when we know our own helplessness and also when we are in love with Him.

The problems we face are helps for us to seek God instead of taking Him for granted.

Nothing is impossible with God. But He does only things that He considers to be best.

God has revealed His truth in the Bible. If we turn away from it and listen to the 'experts' things become shaky, unreliable and risky.

There is no limit to the love that God has for us. But we can experience it only to the extent our faith rises to it.

It is only when we don't place confidence in ourselves that faith in God becomes relevant. Only the humble enjoy true faith.

When we stand amazed at God's grace in saving wretches like us, it shoudl drive us to live our lives for the glory of God.

Let's walk as those who don't know everything and are always willing to learn, to acknowledge mistakes and to be corrected.

The Christian world view is the only one that puts everything together and gives meaning for life.

Once we know God through Jesus Christ experientially, it becomes clear that all other 'gods' are false or imaginary.

God is our help in times of trouble, but He is not a helper we can order around.

Every truth in the Bible is balanced by other truths in the Bible. We can't pick and choose what we like.

God can truly be known only by those to whom He reveals Himself. He has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ.

No defeat is the end. When we go to God in honesty and humility He shows us a way forward.

Some parts of the Bible are plain, some need interpretation. If we can't understand something, it doesn't mean it's wrong.

Changing 'God can heal' to "God will always heal' is a typical example of how one truth is exaggerated at the cost of others.

There are many things about God we don't understand. But what we do know makes Him adorable, lovely and worthy of submission.

To be filled with the Holy Spirit is not a luxury some Christians enjoy, but a necessary condition for being a blessing to others.

If we understand what salvation from sin really involves, it will be obvious that Jesus is the only way.

If we can't take correction, we can't grow much in life, even if we get a lot of knowledge.

If we don't see our sins and ourselves as sinners, and see how Jesus had to die to save us, whatever 'salvation' we have is not the real one.

If a Christian is not a blessing to the world around him, but the world is corrupting him, he needs to repair his Christianity.

God has a purpose for our life. We may not know the big picture except by keeping to His purpose in the small things of life.

Many people look at God only as a Provider. If we don't recognise Him as who He really is, how can our relationship be meaningful?

The Bible is essentially God's revelation of Himself to man. Let's read it as a means to get to know Him intimately.

God's revelation is spread through the whole Bible. We may get a wrong or incomplete picture of God if we read only parts of it.

Forgiveness of our sins is just the beginning of our salvation. It's our privilege and goal to become like Jesus in our heart and behaviour.

It's a crime to build a kingdom of man under the guise of the kingdom of God. In God's kingdom He won't have any other kings.

If Jesus is Lord, He has to be the Lord of our thoughts, words, behaviour, family life, friendships, work, expenditure, etc.

Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God. Recognise your own limitations and cling on to Him.

When we believe that God's plans are the best for us and surrender to Him, our mind finds rest and things go well.

Rejoicing in the Lord doesn't come naturally to us ALWAYS. We have to train ourselves to focus on Him.

The more we appreciate God's grace towards us in forgiving us, we will find it easier to forgive others.

If we don't address the core issue of sin our solutions will remain superficial.

The god of this world keeps the people of this world blind. It's a greater tragedy when the people of God allow themselves to be blinded.

Every gift and talent given to us is expected to lead to 'life' for us and others. But this can happen only if they are used in subjection to God.

Just as our physical needs are to be met, so also our intellectual and spiritual needs. We can find true answers only in subjection to God.

If we make our message acceptable to everyone, the chances are that we have watered it down.

Jesus said, "Cleanse the inside first." If our focus is on good behaviour we may become blind to what is going on inside.

God is real. But is our understanding of God based on truth or hearsay? Is our relationship with God imaginary or real?

If we seek to follow God with all our heart, we must also be willing to be different from people who are seeking something else.

We experience the love of God when we trust Him and yield ourselves to Him. But those who will not yield to Him will face His wrath.

If we have indeed seen Jesus with our spiritual eyes, our life will show that for us He is the most precious thing in our life.

If we talk only about the love of God without mentioning His righteousness, justice, etc., it would be a distorted picture of His personality.

However much we may have gained for ourselves, if we haven't been of use to others we would have to consider ourselves to be poor indeed.

If we become proud, we become insensitive to the Holy Spirit and end up doing all kinds of stupid things.

By following the leading of the Holy Spirit we can do much better at doing the will of God than by trying to keep the commandments.

Let's not miss out on our inner relationship with God while focussing on details of the external form of worship.

If we love God we won't just sing His praises, but we will seek to do His will all the time in every part of our life.

God has given every one of His children at least one gift to serve others with. Have you discovered yours?

There is a need for times of relaxation. But then it can easily become a god in our life that takes the place of God.

There is a place for asking God to protect us from the evil one and also for watching over our own hearts.

Jesus has already paid the price for our forgiveness. But we cannot receive it without repentance.

An excessive attention to external forms of religion may deceptively mask the longing for inner spirituality.

Is Christianity all fun and games? Jesus had to give His life in order to give us His life.

Self-centredness is the character of sin. God-centredness is the manifestation of salvation.

The typical Christian of today hardly knows brokenness of heart. He goes around confessing, "I am strong, I am rich!"

The closer we walk with God, the less will the temptations of this world be attractive to us.

God's desire is not only to forgive our sins but also to transform us to become like Him and have a perfect relationship with Him.

To become wiser implies that we acknowledge our present folly. It is only then that we learn to cry out to God for wisdom.

To live in such a way as to be always pleasing to God is more pleasing to Him than all the 'ministry' we can do for Him.

Loving God more than everyone and everything else is one thing. But, as Satan said, to love God more than self is very rare.

Knowing the Lord and walking with Him is a blessing in itself, even if nothing else was involved.

Isn't it a great blessing of peace and joy to have a clean conscience? It's God's gift, and it's for us to receive and keep.

Don't be satisfied with just examining our actions. Our motives and intentions are more important, and more difficult to discern.

Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides, convicts, corrects, instructs, comforts and encourages us in our daily life.

God's faithfulness alone cannot change us to become like Him. Our faithfulness has to respond to His.

God enables us to will and to do His plan. We respond by choosing to do His will and doing it. God and we are both are to be involved.

A proper perspective of who God is and who we are in relationship to Him will cause us to worship Him in the way we live every day.

There is no way we can understand our real worth except by looking at what God had to pay to redeem us.

Those who tremble before God's holiness will find joy in His mercy. But those who presume upon His patience will meet with His rigteousness.

If we focus on purifying our hearts, our actions will also become pure. If we focus on behaviour, our heart may remain defiled.

To value God's honour in all we do above our own interests is a decision we need to take and a battle to follow with.

Tradition and culture contribute a lot to people's concept of God. The Bible is the way through which He has revealed Himself.

To love others doesn't mean always pleasing them but to do what is good for them.

Do we live as if God's love and His grace towards us precludes our having to give an account of our lives to Him?

Let's make sure we actually love God more than everything else. That's the way to keep our spirit without defilement in these days.

Let's look every day into the mirror of God's word, cleanse ourselves and learn to do what is pleasing to Him.

If we will not be honest in acknowledging our sins, how do we expect Jesus to set us free?

Don't pick verses from here and there in the Bible. See every verse as a part of the big story of God and people.

The way back to God is through humility, honesty and turning away from sin, on God's terms and not ours.

It's because God doesn't give us what we deserve that we are even alive. But those who humble themselves before Him enjoy greater grace.

Develop the habit of being honest with ourselves and with God. This will do good in every area of our life.

Every time God forgives us, we ought to learn to fear Him a little more and take care not to sin again. He had to give His Son to forgive us.

Without recognising that we cannot do anything good or right by ourselves, let's not proclaim we can do all things through Christ.

We overcome worry by casting our cares on God. But we can't do this unless we believe He is in control and His plans, not ours, are the best for us.

If we say we trust God, how can we go by our own opinions?

Experience is a good teacher, but a painful experience can even cause lasting damage to our personality.

There is injustice we need to stand against and injustice we need to bear with. May God give us the wisdom to choose the right response.

The greatest self deception is if we think we are children of God when we are not. Positive thinking can't help here.

God is always with us. This should give us both comfort and a healthy fear.

God speaks to us apart from the Bible too. But He will never speak anything contrary to what He has already spoken to us in the Bible.

A humble, honest acknowledgment of our self before God is the place from where He can begin to work in us to bring out His beautiful nature.

What kind of wisdom will we get from leaders who don't fear and reverence God, who think He doesn't take note of what they do?

Jesus said the way to life is narrow. Unless we walk humbly and carefully, it is easy to slip off from this way.

The person who can't decide which of two things is important and choose it can't expect to make much progress.

The fear of the Lord and humility are a great combination. Without this, what we consider as our love for God may not be genuine.

When Paul talked about doing all things through Christ Jesus, he was referring to being able to manage equally well in plenty and in need.

When we are in Christ He is our Shield and we are safe. We are also in danger because we are under attack. It's foolish to ignore either.

Some people have such a poor concept about God that they can't believe He can do things which we call miracles.

Is our theology confined to concepts in our mind which we may discuss with others, or is it something that steers our daily life?

God knows every evil that men and Satan want to do to us. He will only permit what will work for our good.

God's ways seem to be illogical only when we don't have enough necessary information.

God has created us with a mind. He expects us to use it, in subjection to Him.

Have you noticed a tendency to avoid a line of thought that would expose where you are wrong? That line may be your salvation.

Because of the Fall we tend to think either too highly or too lowly about ourselves. It takes effort to be sober.

When we put our trust in God we expect Him to do take full care of us. But shouldn't we also be doing everything that is pleasing to Him?

God's mercy triumphed over His judgment when He showed us grace. One mark of maturity is when we can show this from our side to the others.

Because Jesus came seeking for everybody on earth, even backsliders can repent and turn back to Him.

God is faithful and never changes. It's our fault if we don't understand Him or we assume wrong things about Him.

God is loving and gracious, but He also hates sin. We can't pick and choose just what we like about Him.

We must learn to carry our own burdens. We must also learn to share the burdens of others and allow others to share ours.

If God could have His way with us, what all couldn't He accomplish? But He is hindered by our will.

How careful we ought to be because the best of us can make mistakes! And we aren't even the best!

Faith is not something we generate, accumulate and use for bartering with God. It's trust and confidence in God that brings a relationship.

When God speaks, the power is not in His words but in Himself. It's a proud and ignorant man who thinks he can make things happen by his words.

One sign of wisdom is that we recognise how little we know and we are willing to learn and receive correction.

Every good or bad thing that happens to us can teach us wisdom. One way to get wisdom is to judge ourselves before God each time.

Only if we acknowledge our specific sins and failures can we seek God for transformation there. Denial is a sure way to take us backwards.

If Satan leaves us alone it shows we are not a threat to His kingdom! But if we are fighting for God's kingdom, God will never leave us alone.

Are we just drifting along in life doing the same things every day, or are we following after a goal God has given us?

We get disappointed with God if we think of Him as someone who is there to take care of our every wish, but not when we yield to Him.

If we lose our wonder over grace, undeserving favour from God to us, it shows that we are not living in touch with Him.

In our fallen nature, we take God's blessings for granted and are conscious of our lacks. This must change!

Those who trust in the Lord are not promised insulation from difficulties in life, but they have the Lord who walks with them.

Godly wisdom is always associated with righteousness, peace and joy, not with crookedness, unrest or misery.

Many are trying to develop a false sense of self-confidence. But knowing our smallness and depending on God is our safety.

Everyone wants mercy, but most are reluctant to give mercy. But if we can't give mercy, we can't also receive it from God.

Do we go to God to get our wishes rubber stamped or to find out what He wants us to do?

Those who are not yielded to God in their heart are at best immature children of God. Chances are they don't even know God.

A clear conscience is a great blessing from God. But we cannot have it without being honest before God.

Can we ask God for whatever we wish, or should we learn to wish for whatever He wants?

Trying to avoid everything negative in order to be positive in life makes one unreal and unprepared to face real life.

There are hidden depths of corruption in our lives which God unravels slowly. If all we hear are comforting words, we need to worry.

Instead of asking God to bless us in all that we do, can't we ask Him to help us do what He wants? Then we'll be truly blessed.

To have faith in God or lacking it is a matter of life and death. One way to see if our faith is genuine is to check its fruit.

If we try to protect ourselves from God's light when it tries to expose us, because of the pain, we will remain without change.

If we don't trust God, we really don't love Him. If we trust and love Him we believe what He says and seek to do it.

God is looking for those who want to do everything He wants them to do and who are also satisfied with doing just what He wants.

Anxiety is incompatible with faith in God. When it rises up, let our response be to lean on God and let go.

The more we find excuses for our weaknesses, the more impossible we make it for us to gain victory.

If your prayers are mostly about your life on earth and not about your life with God, the chances are that you have not been born again.

A humble man is aware that he can make mistakes, and his confidence comes from leaning on God.

God weighs all that we do according to our motive. Are we seeking to please God, or are we seeking to please ourselves.

The complexities of life should draw us closer to God, because there is no one else who understands them or us better.

Isn't it good our Heavenly Father doesn't give us all we ask for? He's got wisdom to know what's good for us; many times we don't.

We all say we are not perfect. Why then aren't we pressing on towards perfection? The worst imperfection is to be satisfied with it.

God loves everyone. But the more we obey Him, the more we can experience His love.

Ask God for anything, trusting in His almighty power, and accept whatever answer He gives, trusting in His wisdom.

To err is human, but it is spiritual to recognise it and to be willing to be corrected.

The more honest we are with God about ourselves, the more He will be able to transform us into His character.

The Bible says wisdom is the principal thing. Not love! 'Love' without being guided by wisdom may be selfish, foolish and even harmful.

Once God has forgiven our sins He won't bring them up again. But it's good for us in many ways to recollect how much we have been forgiven.

God keeps His ultimate control over everything. But it is man who messes up a lot of things misusing his free will.

God has blessed us, and no curse can prevail against us. He wants us to bless those who curse us and not to be afraid of them.

God does many things for us when we are spiritual babies. As we grow He expects us to act more responsibly.

God isn't real to us if we only think of Him as a concept in our mind but have no practical dealings with Him in daily life.

When you pray and God is silent, remember He never leaves you but He is planning something you don't know yet.

We don't have to be frightened by Satan's roars because he can't touch us without God's permission or unless we open doors to him.

God hasn't told us in the Bible all details about how He did everything. We ought to keep that in mind when we interpret events in the Bible.

There is a balance between thinking about the future and taking action, and trusting God and leaving things in His hands.

Many of God's ways are inscrutable, but the more we submit to His ways which He has already shown to us, the more insight He will give too.

A clear conscience is a great asset, but it doesn't imply everything is right with us. There's a higher level of purity that is ahead.

Left to ourselves we may not even know when we go astray from God in our mind. Let's keep ourselves open to feedback from others.

Deliberately seeking every day to get closer to God is the way to avoid backsliding.

Even when all our feelings are against us, our God is still the same reliable and trustworthy Father.

One sign of spiritual maturity is an increasing rest from anxiety, when we trust the One who holds the future.

None of us has all the answers to the whys, the hows and the whens of life. That is when we learn to just let go and hold on to our Father.

A judgmental attitude comes from pride. But a wise man knows how to have opinions about others without being judgmental.

A willingness to learn comes from knowing that we don't know everything and also that we may be currently mistaken.

It is when we know that our Father is with us that we have the ability to persevere in every trial that we face.

Liberal theologians may get some moral values from the Bible but they miss the strength of a miracle working God.

When we go and commit things to God in prayer, let's not forget about the things we ourselves have to do.

We are not perfect and we keep showing our imperfection. But we ought to be people who will always be pressing on towards perfection.

God's miracles usually happen when we recognise and acknowledge our own inability after all our own efforts.

When grace is the way the Lord deals with us, faithfulness is the way we should respond.

We can't negotiate with God for a compromise. He wants nothing but our whole heart.

There's grace for forgiveness when we fall, and there's also grace that keeps us from falling.

False prophets, teachers and miracle workers will come. We need to test them by their (inner) fruit--in life and ministry.

Every truth must be seen in the context of the bigger picture. Focussing on one truth without balancing with others causes error.

Think about what it means for God to be almighty. Let not our small thoughts limit us from expecting great things from Him.

Disobeying God's commandments may give us temporary gain or pleasure. But actually it is the most stupid thing to do.

What is our heart set towards? Jesus asks us to seek for things of eternity and not on the things of earth that will perish one day.

To believe in Jesus in the right way involves trusting Him, relying on Him, yielding to Him, obeying Him, following Him and living for Him.

We can 'believe' many things in our head, but there's a choice we make to 'do' what we believe that makes all the difference.

If we yield our heart and mind to God, others can see it in the way we live our daily life.

O Lord, let me be on this earth just what You want me to be and do just what You want me to do.

On the subject of what God will do for us and what we need to do, let's not go into either extreme position. God and we need to work together.

Everyone is limited by lack of knowledge and experience. There is safety in seeking God and the counsel of others.

The word of God is His precious gift to us. But if we don't use it properly it can even become a tool for the devil in our life.

Paul never forgot from where the Lord had saved him. That made him thankful, careful with himself and earnest to serve Him now.

None of us would have stood any chance with God if He was only righteous and just. But He is also merciful, and He wants us to be so too.

The more we get to know God we see there's no friend like Him. How foolish to compromise on that for anyone or anything else!

God says, "Walk before Me and be perfect." This calls for honesty about our failures in deeds, words, thoughts and attitudes.

The more we know God personally, we have more confidence in Him and His word. This is growing in faith, our response to this relationship.

As we read the Bible let us reach out and touch the God of the Bible beyond the words. Words have limitations, God has none.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith it is also impossible for us to be at rest at all times.

If we fall into sin we have an Advocate with the Father. But taking advantage of this and being careless with sin is sheer arrogance.

Two sins of the children of God: to neglect God's great salvation and go after pleasure, and not showing compassion to fallen people.

Everyone likes to hear soothing words, but it is the words of correction that can heal our wounds and make us healthier.

The promises of God are precious, but they remain meaningless to those who ignore His commandments.

When we cry out to God in our helplessness, remember He is especially close to us at such times. We will not be put to shame.

God wants those who will serve Him by doing His will for His glory and not those who 'serve' Him according to their own will.

A godly man is one for whom God, His will, His pleasure and His glory are primary. This is much more than reading the Bible and praying.

Do we want to be among the compromising crowds, happy that we are at least there, or among those who seek to be faithful at any cost?

However bad our past or present is, the best way to move forward is with Jesus. But we need to go all out with Him; half measures won't do.

There is nothing as precious as the love of God. But how much we enjoy it depends on the choices we make in daily life.

When we face difficulties we wish God would take them away. But most often what He does is to give us grace to face them so that we will become stronger.

When we think the situation we face is more than we can handle, if we lean on God He takes us to the next level of strength.

Instead of looking for sensational events or special experiences, let us learn to be faithful in the ordinary things of daily life.

Remember Joseph. Faithfulness when no one else but God knows it is what He values.

When we ask God for forgiveness, there should be sorrow for sinning against God, hatred for the sin and an intention not to repeat it.

Many preach Jesus as a solution for earthly problems, not as the Saviour from personal sin; the Jesus many know is not the true One.

If we have seen how God has forgiven us, as an unmerited favour, how can we justify not forgiving others?

When we are broken before God, have no confidence in ourselves, and throw ourselves at His mercy, then we taste His grace.

The closer we get to God the more often we cry, "O wretched man that I am!" Stifle this cry at the cost of our growth.

If we think we have no sin, that's not true! Are we are taking God's word to tell ourselves all is fine with us?

Our love for others is not about how nice we feel about them, but how much we are willing to do to bless them.

When we look at the word of God as a mirror, we must have absolute honesty to admit what it shows us, if it is to save us.

Truth may hurt but it will bring healing in the end. Deception may look attractive but it will bring ruin in the end.

Convincing oneself there's no problem won't make it go away. Admitting it, facing it and dealing with it are what are required.

Check if we are taking God's grace for granted or if we are gripped in our heart by the fact that it is something we don't deserve at all.

Because those who know the truth keep quiet falsehood spreads.

God wants to transform us in the innermost part of our being. We can't have this if our focus is on what others think of us.

It's most foolish to try and pretend before an all-knowing God, yet our fallen nature prompts us to try.

The most captivating thing about God is He showed me favour I never deserved. But I mustn't forget He is also righteous and just.

Right teaching must agree with the Bible and common experience. We go wrong if we lean on one of these at the cost of the other.

Self-centredness is the basic element of sin. The more God centred we become, the more we find true fulfilment and enjoyment.

What's the use if our religion is in rituals and practices but our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour towards God and others are not changed?

Fellowship with God through prayer, thanksgiving and worship is a privilege for a child of God at all times, not only on special occasions.

There's a big difference between doing things to get accepted by God and doing what pleases Him.

We all like to think we are humble, but only the Holy Spirit is able to show us our pride as we read the word of God.

When we love God we seek to proclaim Him to others, exalt His name, and bring glory to His name by a life of faithfulness to Him.

The thing that helps us to forgive others is the knowledge of how we didn't deserve that God should forgive us!

We need the Holy Spirit to unravel the truths in the Bible as we read it because He is the one who inspired the authors to write them down.

Everyone has blind spots. It's wise to sincerely examine the critical feedback we get, because that can make us wiser.

Anxiety doesn't disappear just by keeping faith in our mind, but only by exercising it.

Let's seek to 'do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit' but things that glorify our Lord who gave Himself for us.

Material 'blessings' come even to atheists and wicked people. Let our rejoicing be in that God has forgiven our sins and made us His children.

If God has forgiven us, we have been forgiven much. The deeper we recognise this, the more we will love Him and give ourselves to Him.

Trouble won't go away if we pretend it's not there, but when we take it before the Lord He shows us what to do and gives us strength.

All who seek God sincerely will find Him to be gracious beyond expectations and perfect in all His ways.

God is a Friend who loves us more than everyone else. To live with our lives entirely open to Him is to walk in the light.

God hates guile and hypocrisy. He has great delight in those who walk before Him in complete honesty.

Pride is so subtle in its entry that we may not recognise it till we fall. Let's be deliberate in humbling ourselves before God.

What God has determined for us does not happen automatically because it also depends on the choices we make.

The Fall has deeply warped our thinking, feeling and will. Salvation includes progressive restoration as we submit to the Holy Spirit.

Each of us has a special calling from God and burdens related to that. We can't expect everyone else to understand our burdens.

Hope for the hopeless and strength for the weak come from Jesus. We experience them when we recognise our hopelessness and weakness.

To be deceived is to be convinced that what is false is true. Deceiving oneself is the worst. Honesty is what can open our eyes.

We may think 'hyper grace' gives all the glory to God, but we don't realise it takes away our responsibility.

If our making a new start or reforming our behaviour was enough for God, Jesus didn't have to give His life.

Avoiding the cross was what Satan suggested to Jesus, and he tries to prevent us from going to Jesus' cross and taking up ours.

May all that we do, speak, think and desire honour God's name and be pleasing to Him according to His will.

Our flesh resists the Spirit, but the Spirit does not override the flesh. It is we who decide which we follow.

"I can do all things through Christ" is about what He wants me to do and not what I would like to do!

Many put faith in their faith, as if it's they who will get things done. But our faith must be in God, trusting Him to do what He pleases.

"Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare," because the right way is to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness first.

Without a clear "Not my will but Yours" we can't really have true peace or joy in life.

Many people make mistakes because they take some verses from the Bible without taking all the rest of the Bible too.

A big percentage of 'Christians' don't really know the Lord, but many preachers are only giving them soothing words.

The one who has knon forgiveness from God becomes more and more generous in overlooking the faults of others and forgiving them.

When we forgive someone we're not saying it's ok what they did or it doesn't hurt, but that we've no right to judge them.

Salvation is a free gift of God. But the more we value it, the more we can see its fruit in our lives.

A humble man knows he doesn't know it all, and his willingness to learn is seen by his willingness to listen to what another has to say.

Difficult or unexpected situations, confusing behaviour from people, insufficient knowledge or skills to handle -- but we have God as our Friend.

Hoping in God and not in ourselves, having faith in Him, we take action to fulfil His plans in our lives.

How did Abraham 'hope against hope'? When he had no basis for hope from his side, he chose to hold on to hope in God.

We reap what we sow, and we suffer from what others do and also from the effects of sin in this world. Don't blame God. He is perfect and good.

We can have no friend like God who knows us intimately, who is always with us and who will never leave or forsake us.

When we come to Christ, are we looking only for earthly blessings and not for a life where we walk with Him?

If we don't spend time with God daily in times of peace, we won't even know how to find Him in times of difficulty.

Our cross is not some situation or someone. It's where we have to place our will daily in order to do God's will.

God values the small decisions we make in secret to choose His way more than great sacrifices that get the applause of man.

Many 'ordinary' people who are faithful before God will shine brighter in eternity than gifted ones who were admired here.

Many think of God's love as His being there to take care of us more than as wanting to save us from our sins and give us His character.

God tells us to speak the truth in love. But we are tempted to avoid speaking the truth thinking it is love!

There's a victory that Jesus has purchased for us. But we won't experience it until we receive it by faith and work it out.

Leaning on our own understanding and then trying to serve God will not work.

We need words of comfort, but we need words of correction more, because there is so much yet to be changed in our lives.

Christian service will not substitute for the nourishing of our spirit with the word of God and inner faithfulness before God.

When we walk through the dark valleys of life, the only thing that can strengthen us is the knowledge of God.

Time heals wounds, only if they have been washed and balm is applied. Ignoring them, pretending they aren't there or passing them to God don't work.

We need to form doctrines, not based on how we feel about things, but on what is actually written in the word of God.

We can't really find fulfilment in life without surrendering ourselves to God in every part of daily life.

In the midst of your problems, hold on to a sincere love for the Lord. He will never forsake you.

Those who are faithful with 'little' things -- what goes on in our thoughts -- God will entrust with spiritual riches.

In the midst of all the evil in this world it's refreshing to see God's representatives showing goodness. Be His lights.

The more we see the greatness of God in all His ways, the more we worship Him and the less we want to seek things for ourselves.

We fool ourselves if we say we love God because we like Him but we don't find out what He wants from us and we don't obey Him.

The more clearly we understand who God is and who we are, the better we can understand grace. Then we will worship God in spirit and truth.

It was God's sovereign choice to give man a free will, and Jesus is His solution for man's abuse of his free will.

God has gifted Himself to us. Our response is to give ourselves as living sacrifices to Him to do His will.

What we sow we will reap. We can't get away with anything with God thinking He is gracious because He knows the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

God lifts up the lowly of heart and puts down the high-minded. We choose where we want to be.

Are our prayers full of "Give me this," or "Give me that"? What about "What do you want me to do, Lord?"

Achieve great things? Enjoy life? Impress people? What about preparing for the life to come?

Human love finds something in another person that makes one happy. Divine love looks for something to make another happy with.

Experience by itself cannot make doctrine. What has happened in one case cannot be generalised for all. Doctrine must come from the Bible alone.

There's no happiness as when we are right with God and doing His will. Wish you all that kind of blessings in this new year.

We are most foolish in every sense of the word if we choose people or things over God in the daily situations of life.

In the Bible God tells us about Himself and through the Bible He communicates with us. If we love Him, we will love reading it.

God has revealed Himself to us in His word. Still He is so deep that we can't know everything about Him or His ways. Learn to trust Him.

The way back to God must always begin with honesty with ourselves and before God and repentance from our sins.

A balanced prayer life is when we ask our Father anything we want and we are willing to leave it to Him to answer it any way He wants.

Whatever we do here on earth, let us do it with eternity in view. Let us think about its impact for eternity before we do it.

People try to please others so as to gain something or to avoid losing something. But Paul gave the example of not offending the others so as to win them!

The spirit of the world tells us not to look at negative things. Isn't that a clever way to avoid getting saved?

If you are a child of God don't miss out on knowing what He wants you to do for Him. Don't just follow the crowd.

Keeping an open mind about the possibility that we could be mistaken helps us to learn to avoid mistakes!

The god of this world wanted himself to be like God. He is now trying to get the people of the world to live as gods and not subject to God.

If we choose to compromise, many doors will open to us in this world. But standing without compromise will fetch us blessings from God.

Faith is not only to believe that all things are possible with God but also that He alone knows what is best for us.

God's patience shouldn't be misunderstood as tolerance. The time He gives us for repentance doesn't last forever.

To think logically is good and necessary, as long as we remember we don't know everything and submit ourselves to God.

Satan has so infiltrated Christianity with false teachings that almost everyone is mixed up. Let's learn to humbly keep to the word of God.

True worship of God rises in our heart as an overwhelming admiration of God and results in our free surrender to Him.

Only by recognising and confessing our sins can we seek God for deliverance. 'Thinking only positively' is to live in denial.

The more godly a man becomes, the happier he becomes with God even as he becomes more conscious of his own unworthiness.

The spiritual man doesn't have all the answers, but he is still confident because he knows the One who does.

The Bible doesn't give all the answers. We hold to the truths we see there and trust God to take care of what we can't see.

We must conform our concept of God to what the Bible reveals and give up our own pet notions about Him.

Christian intellectuals go astray when they pay more attention to their own thinking instead of submitting to the word of God.

The older I have become, the less confidence I have in myself but more confidence in my God.

If it had been only up to God, I would have been perfect. But alas, it is also up to me. He is working in me and I am responding imperfectly.

Can Christians tell lies to 'defend' God and His honour? He is perfect in every way and He doesn't need that kind of defence.

One of the biggest challenges in our life is to remain truly humble before God. Pride is so close at hand that it is easy to slip into it.

A godly man is eager to learn about his own sinful ways and to let the Lord cleanse him (Ps.139:23,24). He doesn't hide under grace.

Is there anything particular that we are clinging to that God is asking to lay on the altar for His sake? This can be our breakthrough.

Let's not wait for special experiences that will change our lives. Let's learn to live daily before God in faithfulness.

Admitting we make a lot of mistakes, just like everyone else, need not keep us down. But we can all learn by listening to God and others.

Why do Christians walk behind a facade of faith, glory and Hallelujah without really facing their struggles? Not yet secure with Christ!

Are you pained with the doubt that God may be punishing you for your past sins? Get to know God's heart and trust in His word.

Grace does not take away our need to obey God. In fact, grace now enables us to obey Him.

Wanting to become great and wanting to serve Christ don't mix together. One of them will become our priority at the cost of the other.

Seeking our own is the essence of our sinfulness. Turning from there to always seeking to be pleasing to God is the essence of salvation.

For many, their confidence is in their 'faith'. But unless our confidence is in God, our faith is not a true faith.

Listening to God speaking to us in our heart is great. But remember we can make mistakes in assuming things are from God.

We can avoid a lot of problems if we know how to interpret the different parts of the Bible in their own contexts.

Our flesh loves to hear about 'grace' that takes away our responsibility. But true grace teaches us to deny ourselves and follow Jesus.

If we love God we will want to obey and honour Him. If we go to Him only for Him to do things for us, it is ourselves we love.

We can't like everyone but we ought to love even our enemies! In this case love is to desire and do only good for them.

Those who can't see themselves as hopeless sinners can't enjoy the love of God that reaches out to them.

God's truths are eternal. When the storms of life come, we may not immediately understand how these truths apply, but they are still true.

Cultivating a personal relationship with God as our Father through His Son, our Saviour, is more fulfilling than anything else we do.

We can't meet the many seemingly opposite demands of life, e.g., hating sin while loving the sinner, without a life with God.

God in His sovereignty has chosen to create man with a limited free will. We can't explain life without bringing both into the picture.

We need to have a good self-esteem that is nurtured by our relationship with God. A self-centred self-esteem is very fragile.

When we talk to one another, remember that the other person speaks and understands things from the 'world' he has grown up in, not ours.

Let's be completely honest with God about everything that is going on. This will purify every aspect of our life.

There's no one who loves us like God. But in His love He even corrects us because His love desires the very best for us.

Having come to know God, let's get closer to Him day by day. Taking Him for granted can be as much a loss as not knowing Him.

It is to those who obey what they already understand from the Bible that God will show things they can't understand now.

Persevering in doing what we think should work needs to be sometimes given up for changing what we are doing.

Being born again is a supernatural work of God that causes changes in our heart attitudes. Changes in doctrines are not enough.

How much more quickly we can grow spiritually if only we will admit it the moment we fail!

People check their currency notes carefully to see if it's counterfeit, but they hardly check their spiritual beliefs!

What can we call holding a belief in an eternity to come and then living here as if this is all there is?

A bad mood never does anyone any good. It comes from bad thinking, and it is godly thinking that will get us out of that mood.

It can be dangerous to assume we are 'led by the Holy Spirit' if we are not grounded in the Bible. Deceiving spirits are at work!

Do life's problems drive us to God, or do we become bitter with God? It depends on how we attribute responsibilities between God and us.

'Experts' tell us not to look inside but to tell ourselves how good we are. But God wants us to see how bad we are so that He can save us.

For those for whom God is not a theoretical possibility but a personal reality, He can be trusted even when there are many unknowns.

Loving God is not a sentiment you feel when things are going fine, but a commitment that makes us faithful to Him at all times.

Jesus finished what He had to do for our salvation. Now we experience salvation to the extent we trust Him and yield to the Spirit daily.

Backsliding is a natural process that will take place if we are not deliberately seeking to stay close to the Lord.

Grace, faith and the works of faith are so inter-twined that if we over-emphasise one or put down another, we suffer loss.

When we recognise God's greatness and goodness we surrender to Him in worship and love. Then the way we live will show this surrender.

Any religion that focuses on external factors such as dress, hair, rituals, etc., and ignores the heart misses out on God.

God is a Person, not a force to be manipulated through words, rituals or spatial arrangements. We can relate to Him through trust and love.

If we want to live trusting in God, we have to override our feelings, bring our thoughts to submit to His word and do what He says.

Whenever we seem to have a problem with God we must go back to the place where we know that He is always right, good and loving.

In rejoicing over the grace God has shown over us, we mustn't forget His severity towards sinners who don't repent.

God asks for a genuine and sincere repentance from sin and faith in Jesus for a person to be born again. No pretence or short cuts will do.

There is absolutely no basis for any man to blame God for anything. But many times people do, to wriggle out of their own responsibility.

Trying to make things happen by 'faith', repeating words, resisting negativity, is works. True faith is trust in God and leaning on Him.

Men hate the idea of God because they don't want to be accountable. Do we say we believe in God and yet live as if we aren't accountable?

We are to overcome temptations and be more than conquerers over our circumstances - by faith, love for God and hatred for sin.

Our 'fight' is all about our faith, whether we will hold on to faith in the midst of trials, or only talk about faith when things are fine.

Just because all things are possible with God we mustn't assume all things are according to His will for us.

God offers His grace to all. But only those who relate to Him in honesty and humility will be able to experience it more and more.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. But if we take it for granted then we move out of the place where we can enjoy it.

By grace through faith we are born again. The result is a life of devotion and obedience to Christ.

Some people are so spoilt by a false teaching of grace that they fear works more than sin.

The Gospel is that Jesus has come to save us sinners from our sins. Every other blessing He gives is just a bonus thrown in.

One part of humility is to be comfortable with the fact that we can never fully know God's ways.

Reverence for God is seen when we turn away from what we know is wrong, not when we sing, "Holy, Holy!"

Sin has so much blinded us that we can't see our wrong. The word of God is the mirror that shows us what we are really like.

Willingness to forgive others is a result of realising that God has forgiven us, not because we deserve it, but out of His goodness.

To live for God's honour and to do His will is the most superior goal we can have on earth. Then He will take care of all our needs too.

Special sacrifices cannot compensate for disobedience to God. Those who hear His word and obey it are those who love Him.

The godly man's ambition is to be pleasing to God always. Even though he is in this world, he lives primarily as a citizen of heaven.

The closer we get to God our insight grows in two directions, seeing how unworthy we are and how gracious He is.

However godly a man, there is still a way he can move away from God, and however much a man has fallen, there is a way back to God.

Genuine sorrow over sin leads to repentance, and repentance to immediate settling of the matter with God and man.

God's word is for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness. Only a humble man is willing to let the word do this work.

True grace leads us to obedience, but false grace gives us a false comfort even in the midst of disobedience.

Life on earth is full of unjust, unreasonable and illogical behaviour. But we imperfect people expect others to be perfect towards us!

In all we do, let's learn to cleanse ourselves from selfish motives because they drive us to sin. Let's learn to live to please God.

When we say we want to become more and more like Jesus, let us first of all recognise and admit where we are not like Him.

Disobedience was the sin of Adam and Eve. God's salvation brings us back to the place where we obey Him. If there's no obedience we aren't saved.

Every day is another day to be thankful to God, and everyday another day to be faithful to Him.

We don't know everything, and some of what we think we know may also be in error. Let's be always willing to listen to correction.

There is a constant pressure on us towards backsliding. We need to frequently renew our commitment to be faithful to God.

Every good thing we enjoy is a gift of God, and every evil we face is nothing compared to the hell we really deserve.

Prayer is not an escape route from our own responsibility. We need to act with the wisdom and grace God gives us when we pray.

We'll never be able to do anything perfectly in this life. But we must aim at keeping a perfect intention in whatever we do.

Life has multiple dimensions to it. The more mature we become, the more factors we take into our consideration.

Our spiritual life can starve to death if we don't nourish it daily with fellowship with God.

One side of humility is to have no confidence in oneself but the other side is to have full confidence in God.

Moral values are decaying fast in this world. A Christian must cling to his God and hold to His word in order to avoid getting dragged away.

Love in action is different according to the situation. When we love the sinner and hate the sin, it is compassion and not rejoicing.

Christians ought not to forget that their God of love can also be a God of wrath towards those who defy Him.

Fairhfulness with money is one of the tests God uses to see if He can entrust us with spiritual responsibilities.

If we choose to do what our conscience tells us is wrong, we make it dull for the future and easier for us to fall again.

Just think, the grace of God towards us is so unreasonable, unfair! It helps us to think of this when we have to be gracious to others!

With God all things are possible. But He is also all wise to choose only certain things to do.

If our heart is not intent on pleasing God, there is very little chance we will be able to understand God's ways.

A genuine experience of being born again is marked by a distinct change in attitude towards sin, from love to hatred.

If we Christians find it very difficult to forgive others, contemplate on how God forgave us, not according to what we deserved.

Sometimes it is those who falsely assume they are Christians who resist the Gospel because they think they already know it.

Lots of people fight tooth and nail to avoid admitting their wrong. But only those who will acknowledge their sins can get salvation.

Everyone likes to feel good and to hope for a good future. But can we really have it without setting things right with God and people?

Putting reality aside and hoping for a bright future may look like faith to some people. But faith is not dishonest or avoiding reality.

Do you just enjoy listening to the choir singing praises to God or do you join with your heart in singing to God along with them?

How often our mind turns to God is an indication of how much He means to us. Most people only turn to Him either in need or as a matter of duty.

The choice to follow Jesus is a decision each of us has to make individually and deliberately. It's not something that just happens.

Spiritual growth is based on hundreds of choices we make every day when we are faced with temptations to follow God or our desires.

Our old sinful nature is crucified with Christ. But death on the cross takes time, and we mustn't feed it now and then.

Many like to hear messages that make them feel good and don't place any responsibility on them, saying God will do everything for them.

It amazes me every time I think of how the Creator of this universe loves an undeserving sinner like me.

If we have an ambition to please God and also to become great in this world, we really have only one ambition, to become great.

One way we become like Jesus is when we give more attention to what God wants than what we want.

An intelligent Christian can be an asset to the Lord provided he humbles himself and submits to the word of God.

Just because we can't understand something about God it would be a mistake to assume He is wrong. It's just our lack of understanding!

We can trust God better when we know Him closely, and then we can hold on to that trust even when we can't understand something.

It's natural that we appreciate the goodness of the Lord. But if we don't take into account His hatred for sin, we may miss His goodness too.

How much we are willing to listen to correction is a mark of our humility and also our eagerness to be transformed to become like Jesus.

Every area of sin in our life--in thought, word, deed, motives--has to be dealt with. We can't compensate with extra works in other areas.

Do we submit to the Holy Spirit when He convicts us of sin or shows us our error, or are we more concerned about our name before people?

Are we aware of our personal cravings for any 'porridge' that will tempt us to sell away our birthright? Are we fighting them?

God's warnings are not threats but coming from the depth of His love for us.

Don't measure God's blessings with material abundance. Just see how close He is in your heart.

If we fall, covering up or finding excuses are the worst things we can do. Let's be honest before God and repent.

What we have to choose in every temptation is essentially between God and our self.

To please ourselves is a strong tendency we are born with, but which will lead ultimately to our misery. Pleasing God is the antidote.

If we are born again, we have been placed in Christ. But we still have our sinful flesh. It's a balanced view that helps us to live right.

We may wish and hope for many things. But when it is according to the will of God we have a certainty.

The goodness of the Lord will give us hope, but we must also remember the severity of the Lord to cause us to fear.

The preaching of the 'gospel' without teaching people to repent from sin produces only an imaginary salvation that doesn't work.

How can we think we are serving God if at the same time we are seeking our own gain or glory? Let's choose whom we will serve.

While we desire to be perfectly pleasing to our Lord we fail. Shall we settle down with being imperfect? No, let's press on, seeking His grace more.

If our doctrine is to be true, it shouldn't be based on just a verse or two. Every word in the Bible should align with it.

People who come to Jesus for 'blessings' will get shocked when they see that many eternal blessings come through trials.

People preach wrong 'gospels' and many assume themselves to be Christians. Don't we need to make sure ourselves about where we stand?

Even though Jesus came as a Servant, it would be totally upside down for us to treat Him as our servant. He is Lord and King.

Forgiveness of our sins is just the door that opens to our salvation. Our salvation is to be set free from sin and to walk in fellowship with God.

To know God as our Father and to walk with Him is more precious than any earthly blessing.

True blessings from God will also make us a blessing to others around us.

A mark of becoming godly is that our concern for others increases, even taking priority over ourselves.

The wisest thing to do when we see we have made a mistake is to admit it, and seek to correct it. To find excuses is most foolish.

Misunderstanding God gives rise to various unnecessary problems. Know God through the Bible and personally through Jesus.

Is our 'faith' based on the word of God or traditions and practices of men or denominations?

Never forget the wonder of forgiveness. Think of what we really deserve and see what God has actually given us.

One reason for complaining is that we think we deserve better. But just compare what we have with what we really deserve from God!

Those who love the Lord want to be pleasing to Him at all times. How can we do devious things and still imagine we love Him?

If our real, practical goal in life is to enjoy life, make money or become great, be honest enough to see that we haven't given ourselves to God.

If God doesn't seem to be close to us, let's check if we moved.

Even at the end of a life with God there is a way away from Him, and even at the end of a life of sin there is a way back to Him.

One way we can see if we have moved away from God is to see if we have an increasing interest in other things in His place.

Let's not fool ourselves by thinking we love God if we don't even have time to spend with Him or read what He has written for us.

There's so much to learn from God. Let's take time and effort to seek Him. Let's not allow other things to become more important.

However clever or capable we are, we are no match against Satan. Our only safety is to lean on God and submit to Him.

Faith mustn't be confused with wishful thinking. It must rest on the character of God and particularly a word from God.

When we see God's grace towards us we will fall in love with Him. But true grace will also teach us to fear God and to hate sin.

Those who misunderstand grace continue to sin thinking that grace will cover it. But true grace will teach us to obey God and to overcome sin.

Many people mistake salvation as about ensuring a place in heaven, and then they go about seeking to enjoy their life on earth.

How many of those who have 'turned to Christ' have turned from sin to Him? A message of blessings has largely replaced the true Gospel.

Is God a part of our life at all times or is He someone we think of only on Sundays or when we are in need?

God wants everyone to be saved but knows only a few are going to be saved. Should we widen the narrow gate to get more in?

Can we be cleverer than God? Do we love people more than God loves them? Do we think we can serve Him how we like or shall we submit to Him?

Humility keeps us conscious of our need of God. Pride gives a sense of self sufficiency, hides the fact that we have moved away from God.

Jesus said, "If you love Me you will keep My commandments." Did you think obeying God wasn't a part of being under grace?

Human reasoning leads us to think that all ways lead to the same God. But divine revelation shows us that Jesus is the only way.

On the final day everyone will acknowledge that all of God's ways have always been perfect. A humble man admits it even now.

One of God's works of salvation is to redeem our will, our choice, from our feelings, circumstances and people so that we can choose His ways.

Everything we do comes from our choice. We are not under any compulsion from feelings, people or circumstances to do anything.

Always be open to ideas, because we don't know everything. But check everything against the word of God and common sense.

Forgiving others can be a big challenge, till we have a revelation of what God did to be able to forgive us and what it cost Him.

Isn't there a struggle when your brother disagrees with you in doctrine? Ignoring the doctrine or the brother is not the solution!

When many thoughts come to our mind let's not act on impulse but take charge, be calm, listen to God and choose what to do.

Grace not only gives us acceptance before God but also teaches us obedience to God, something that is contrary to our fallen nature.

Some people say doctrines don't matter much, it's life that matters. But our life is guided by the doctrines we believe.

The more we trust God, the more we will be willing to obey Him in everything. The more we obey, the more He will show Himself to be trustworthy.

Regrets, taken in the right way, can spur us on to transformation in the hands of God. Living in denial will only keep us stunted in growth.

All who seek to live a godly life will see that we have to deny ourselves in order to walk in God's ways. It won't happen in our sleep!

We can't apply every 'promise' in the Bible for ourselves. But when God gives us a promise we can be sure He will keep it.

We need words of encouragement and comfort to keep us going, and we need words of correction to become what we ought to be.

God can save the worst of sinners, but He can't save anyone who will not acknowledge his sins.

We may be badly disappointed if we expect God to do what we want without knowing His ways and submitting to Him.

Unless we personally come to the place where we stand amazed at God's grace towards us, we can't be sure we have really come to know Him.

Jesus is a Friend like no other, always there for us, understanding, patient, gracious, kind, merciful, frank and honest.

Abraham had a test from God to see if he loved his son more than God. God watches us too to see if we'll choose people or things above Him.

Our trust in God is seen by our obedience to Him. For many people faith seems to be only about getting things from Him.

When people look for a natural explanation for the miracles of God, it shows they don't know God as God.

A humble man is not a weak person. He is strong inside because his strength comes from his leaning on God.

It's not enough to 'register' for a personal relationship with God. It must be lived every day in order to enjoy it.

The devil tries to counterfeit the things of God so that people will miss the real things. False 'faith' is one of the devil's masterpieces.

As we go through the day, let's open every aspect of our life to God. Talk to Him, listen to Him, do what He says. That's how we know God.

Obedience to God will come from knowing His love that gave Himself for us, His infinite wisdom and His almighty power towards us.

The more entwined our life becomes with God, the the more enjoyable it becomes, more satisfactory, fulfilling and restful.

Instead of asking God to do things for you, yield yourself to Him to do His will. You will find life becomes meaningful and exciting.

Life is full of things we can complain about. But a humble attitude will discover so many things to be thankful to God for.

To understand another man requires putting ourselves in his shoes and seeing the world from his perspective.

God is God and man is only man. Understanding this relationship avoids a lot of foolish assumptions and behaviour.

"Knowledge puffs up," and tends to make us think we can manage by ourselves independent of God. But without God we can do nothing.

Trying to avoid negativity, are we living in unreality and not seeking to deal with real problems?

There are many pitfalls ahead of us and there are many hidden snares within us, in our old nature. Let's walk humbly with God.

God has an innumerable variety of people in the body of Christ. It's not a sin for someone to be different from us.

There are things we can't understand about God. But there are more than enough things we do understand that help us to put our trust in Him.

The future may look unclear or even scary. But we can have peace when we believe that our Father will hold our hands at every step.

If we feel under pressure from all around or feel empty and meaningless, we can draw strength from knowing God is with us.

A mark of God's life in us is a desire to do something for God's kingdom. If our self-centred life is intact something is seriously wrong.

One who is born of God does not want to sin; he wants to do everything right. And he seeks to do all things better and better.

The real reward for a Christian is not to walk on streets of gold or to get a crown, but the privilege of being with Jesus for eternity.

We must be clear in our mind what our goal is: we cannot seek to be pleasing to God and to get the honour of man at the same time.

To pray in faith implies having faith in the wisdom of God to answer our prayer in the way He thinks best.

Every single one of us is steeped in much ignorance and makes many mistakes. Let's be willing to receive correction and learn.

There is a balance in practical Christian life between leaning entirely on God and actually doing what He wants us to do.

To want to be productive in ministry may have a desire for honour, but to be faithful in personal life calls for the fear of God.

Those who are born of God have an inborn desire to obey Him. If one obeys out of fear or a sense of duty, he has yet to know God personally.

If we are always 'nice' to others and never firm, or the other way, there is imbalance. Wisdom is adaptive and right for the occasion.

It may be impossible to reverse certain things that have happened. But with God's grace we can change our heart and mind towards them.

God is the one (the only one) who understands us completely, is always for us and always with us.

When we are to make a decision in our life, one factor we need to consider is whether or how it will glorify God.

A spiritual man's wisdom helps him to be uncompromising towards God and His ways, and elastic towards different people and situations.

For those who personally know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, He is the one to whom they can immediately run in times of trouble.

What God has done for us on the cross with His Son makes it clear that there is no other way for our salvation.

With God, all things are perfect. When we know this, why don't we trust Him with the things we can't figure out in this life?

Many people seem to think of God as someone like them and not as infinite and perfect. So they find it difficult to yield their lives to Him.

God speaks to us in our heart through His word, people and circumstances. If we are tuned to Him we can get what we need at different times.

What goes on in our mind (thoughts, motives, intentions) is more crucial to God than our actions. Let's seek to be pleasing to Him there.

To desire to do everything perfectly is a good thing. But to live with imperfection in oneself and others needs honesty and humility.

There are regrets we face in life. But what about how we'll feel if we discover in eternity we have missed God's plan for us?

Until we learn that we don't know everything and we could be mistaken, we fight to defend our opinions and don't listen to others.

Let the word of God cleanse us. As we read it let us ask the Holy Spirit to show us where we are unlike Christ and help us change.

The word of God can divide between what is human and divine in our mind. If we hold on to our human ideas, God's will won't get done.

If we keep seeing others' faults and not our own, we will make our life miserable. If we keep cleansing ourselves, it makes us happier!

Let's face it. A lot of life is unfair. If we accept this we can avoid a lot of heartburn and focus on our own pressing on to perfection.

To become humble is a more challenging goal than others people usually go after. God just loves a humble person.

Let's not cover our sins with clever words as Adam and Eve did with fig leaves. It's far safer to deal with them honestly before God.

A habit of seeking God only when in need will surely lead to backsliding. There is great joy in a life that is yielded to Him all the time.

If we press on towards perfection, we'll still be a lot imperfect. But if we 'accept we're imperfect', it will be guaranteed.

Will anyone just give pep talks to a sick man and no medicine? But that's what many are doing for sinners.

Be happy? How about being miserable about our sins, repenting and finding the joy of salvation?

The art of denying reality and imagining things are all going to be fine is taught by the master-deceiver and learned by millions.

The 'flesh' loves to 'leave everything to the Lord' and think that this is faith. But faith without works is dead.

A single truth even though it is true may still cause an error if it is held in isolation, because it needs to be balanced by other truths.

There's a favour God shows everyone, there's favour He shows His children, and there's a favour we can enjoy as we walk closely with Him.

If we remain true and faithful to God we can bless others for eternity. If we turn populist we may become rich and famous.

Imagine realising in the exam hall that you've been preparing for the wrong subject! This mustn't happen on the Judgment Day.

Those who act chummy with God hardly know Him. Those who enjoy their friendship with Him are those who stand in awe of Him and His grace.

It is through grace that the perfect God relates to imperfect people. How we show grace to others is a mark of our growing in maturity.

It's natural that God's nature of love appeals to our human mind. But we must get transformed to rejoice also in God's hatred for sin.

Not all mountains along our way can be cast off. God has placed some of them there to train us to draw strength from Him to climb over.

God's love for us is so pure, good and wise that He wants to give us more of what will bless us for eternity rather than just here on earth now.

Backsliding is one of the easiest things to do. We just have to become more interested in things other than God.

To know that God is with us is more reassuring than anything else. Let's take care to walk closely with Him all the time.

All things are possible with Christ -- to be and to do what He wants and not what we would like!

To 'dream big' and then ask God to fulfil it is all upside down! Ask God what His will is for us and then do it.

One attempt of the Devil in Eden was to distort the Creator-creature relationship. Let's not forget reverence when we stand before God.

The amazing thing about God's grace towards us is God's holiness coming to us through His goodness and meeting our sinfulness.

When we call Jesus Lord, do we make Him the Lord of our thoughts, words and deeds, or is it just a nice idea or sentiment?

Jesus came to save us from our sins. But many think they don't need it, and many imagine they can do it by themselves.

People try to think there is no God because they don't want to become accountable to Him. But then they miss His love!

When we get to know God we will see that God is to be loved and feared. A partial knowledge of God will distort our practical life.

Once we become children of God, He promises He will never leave us. Don't we need to make sure from our side we will never leave Him?

There's no limit to how evil we can become if we're given the 'right' circumstances. Let our confidence be only in the grace of God to keep us.

Just as in Abraham willing to sacrifice his son in order to obey God, our love for God is seen in obedience, not in songs and feelings.

How many Christians want to become leaders! How few want to serve! Yet Jesus said that true leadership was to be found in serving.

Those who truly understand and value the Gospel are those who see their own need. For the others it is just a nice concept.

A willingness to forgive others comes from knowing how God has forgiven us even though we don't deserve it.

To rejoice in the midst of the storm is possible if our rejoicing is in the Lord who reigns even over the storm.

There are things we go through which we can't figure out. But they make sense when we know that God will work them out for our good.

Prayer is not a technique to get things from God. It's a personal, heart to heart exchange with our Father based on an intimate relationship.

Self indulgence is the opposite of self control. We can't really be servants of God without having self control in everything.

A faith based on rituals and practices is a fake. True faith makes godly moral changes in our heart and then our behaviour will follow.

A spiritual man pays great attention to Bible reading and prayer. But doing such things without relating to God only makes one religious.

God is unbelievably good and large-hearted. But He can immediately see through us if we try to take advantage of Him.

God offers us free access to His presence and close fellowship with Him. Yet we ignore Him for cheap things that give us passing thrills!

If we can look back and see the hand of God that has taken care of us, shouldn't we look ahead trusting in Him to do that?

Trouble is a part of life. Sometimes God answers our prayer by taking us out of it, but more often by giving us strength to go through it.

To reconcile with imperfection in others is impossible for those who cannot see how far they are from perfection themselves.

Being honest and frank with God about ourselves is necessary for salvation. When we know God as our Loving Father, we don't have to fear.

Don't blame God for your troubles. They may be because of our own sins, others' sins or just because we are in this sin cursed world.

If we want God to do many things for us but we want to run our lives the way we want, we don't have a proper relationship with Him.

We can't really avoid taking the position of a bondslave for Christ once we see His greatness and what He has done for us.

How can we live in victory if we live without even recognising the battle that is going on between God's nature and our own sinful nature?

It is those who know their own helplessness, hopelesssness and worthlessness who find God's presence and love most satisfying.

If we think we love God but we don't obey Him, the devil has taken us for a ride!

We can't control how other people behave. But we can choose how we think and behave, irrespective of others, and feelings will follow.

God's love is not a sentimental concept we think about. We enjoy it only in a proper created-Creator, child-Father relationship with Him.

Compromising values to please people is wrong, but avoiding unnecessary offence to people is wisdom.

A serious problem among 'Christians' is that most people don't know God personally but they only know things about Him.

It's not by anything we do that we get eternal life from Jesus. It's a gift for those who know their sinfulness and put their trust in Him.

The ultimate failure is to give up when we fail. As long as God is there and we go to Him humbly, we can get up and walk again.

By faith we hold on to the things we do know about God when we face things we cannot figure out. Our faith is tested in times of adversity.

One key to denying ourselves in order to do the will of God is to believe that the will of God is far better than ours any day.

How good it is that we have a Father to run to immediately whenever we face problems in this world, who understands and supports us!

How open we are with God will determine how close we get to Him. Formality, rituals or pretence will not do us any good.

A heart that is divided between God and self will have confusion and struggle. Half the victory is won if we are wholehearted for God.

A heavenly orientation of mind while keeping our feet on the ground will help us to make the right decisions in our earthly life.

"Let Your name be exalted," was the top priority in Jesus' prayer. Is this behind everything we seek for, and what we choose to do?

Complacency about our spiritual growth indicates that we are not listening to the Holy Spirit. He wants to keep purifying us.

What we notice of what God does for us each day is far too small compared to what He does for us secretly without our knowledge.

If God grants us what we pray for, it is out of His goodness and not because we are good or we have earned it by our faith or efforts!

If it's 'our' faith that makes things happen, how do we need God? True faith submits to God and to His power, wisdom and will.

Watch out for our sinful nature giving us all help to avoid looking at our own fault while keeping the focus on that of others!

The Adversary tries through adversities to make us turn away from God. But if we trust in the Unchanging One He will help us to go through.

When we love God, it changes the direction of our life and our behaviour. A mere sentimental love just serves to deceive us.

It's those to whom God gives a burden who truly serve Him in that 'ministry'. We aren't serving God if we're in ministry with our own aims.

Our sinful nature has many ways to deceive us and hide our true condition. But it's when we open up to God that He can transform us.

When God is silent it doesn't mean He is not there or He doesn't care. He is testing us to see if we will walk by faith or insist on sight.

When God does a miracle for us, it's not always He does it, but it's a reminder that He is with us always, even when we can't see Him.

Power belongs to God. What He has given His children is the authority to use that power in Jesus' name to accomplish His will.

The heart of worship is not in how we sing, but how truly we adore, appreciate, respect and honour God in our heart.

"Walk before Me and be perfect," says God. This means to live with every part of our life open to Him and to be accountable to Him.

Chances are, those who know only the love of God without standing in awe and reverence of Him haven't really met Him.

Get back to the Bible and learn for yourself. Many teachers are bringing out ideas that appear good but lead away from God.

Disappointment, discouragement, preoccupation, indifference and guilt are some things the Devil uses to keep us away from God.

For those who walk with God, He is the first One to run to when they find themselves in any kind of difficulty.

We can't truly appreciate the kindness of God if we haven't understood the severity of God which we deserve for our sins.

If we take pride in ourselves we forget God who gave us every good gift, forgave all our sins and bears with everything imperfect in us.

Do we, in practice, desire that God's name should be honoured in all we do, and His will should get done all the time?

If we fall, there is forgiveness available from God through Jesus Christ. There is also strength so that we don't have to keep falling.

Words of correction are a blessing from the Lord, who wants to take us further along His way and to not let us miss His best.

In order to recognise the true value of God's goodness towards us, we must at the same time realise what we really deserve from Him.

We love God because He loved us first. The more we see His love for us, the more we are motivated to love Him by becoming pleasing to Him.

As we get to know God more closely, let's learn to stand more in awe of Him and become smaller, rather than become 'familiar' with Him.

Instead of learning to stay dependent on God as created beings, many are falling for Satan's offer to make them like God.

God promises His children never to leave or forsake us. Even in our darkest hour, holding on to this can cause us to see light.

God is real, and the most genuine Friend who has our best interest at heart. Let's draw nearer to Him and get to know Him.

If God is the centre of our life, everything else can find its right place. When we listen to Him, He can guide us in every area of life.

If Jesus is our Saviour, is He our Lord too? Do we submit to Him and His ways, or do we just expect Him to take care of us?

The goal of Jesus saving us from sin is not to let us continue sinning but to help us to progressively stop sinning!

God's standards of life are beyond our human abilities. That's why we cling to Him for knowledge, wisdom and strength.

God who looks at the heart sees who is sincere or crooked. Isn't this more important to look at people's hearts than their words and deeds?

God is truth, righteousness and goodness blended perfectly. Even the godliest people tend to go towards one or another.

To be continually filled with the Holy Spirit is a requisite for overcoming sin and doing the will of God.

Pride comes in what we think about ourselves. Humility comes from knowing who we are in relationship to God.

We have spiritual blind spots because of which we are totally unaware of our wrongs others can see clearly. Let's keep asking God for light.

'Receiving' Jesus without giving ourselves to Him doesn't really make sense, and doesn't work out well in practice.

Who Jesus is to us makes all the difference to our life. Get to know Him personally, and don't make do with sentiments, songs and rituals.

The first thing to do to celebrate the gift of Jesus is not to enjoy ourselves but by give ourselves entirely to follow Him.

If salvation means only forgiveness of sins, it's false. It means to save us from a sinful life to the life of Jesus.

Only God knows everything and is without bias so that He can judge rightly. When we form opinions of others, don't be too sure.

We make a foolish mistake if we decide to 'leave everything to God' and end up not doing the things we ought to do.

A godly leader serves others by not seeking his greatness but the good of the others. He lays down his own interests for the others' good.

To love God with all our heart is a choice we make when our eyes see who He is. If we don't love, it's because we haven't seen.

To all who have become God's children His unconditional promise is that He will be with us always.

To walk in constant contact with God we need to keep our heart bent on pleasing Him always and keep ourselves cleansed constantly.

When all hope seems to be gone, there is still God.

If we know how helpless we are without God, we can learn to cling on to Him at all times. That makes the whole difference.

It's natural that 'grace' has more appeal than the 'fear of the Lord'. But if we remove the 'fear of the Lord' it becomes hyper grace.

We forgive someone not because they deserve it but because we have no right to judge; we are only ones who have been forgiven freely by God.

One thing we need to renew in our mind daily is the determination to follow Jesus wholly, no matter how it has been before.

True worship of God cannot happen without a surrendering of ourselves to Him, His plans and His commandments out of love for Him.

Becoming like Jesus is not a fantasy. We need to know from His word what He is like and what we are in reality, and press on towards Him.

Resisting negative facts about ourselves makes us pretend. But acknowledging the truth can help us to go to God for change.

In times of plenty we tend to forget God and in times of trouble we tend to distrust God. But He is with us all the time for us to walk with.

Jesus doesn't ask everyone to leave everything and follow Him. But do we love Him enough to be willling if He asks us?

The Bible shows us the way to get connected with God on a personal basis. A Bible study that misses this misses the whole point.

Real love is super-natural. It loves even the enemies. It comes only from God. It's a heart that desires good for the others.

Being saved from the power of sin daily is a sign of having been saved from the guilt and punishment of sin earlier.

Soothing words can lull us to sleep. But words of correction can make things better for us in future.

We can't truly serve God if we also have a desire to become famous or acceptable to people. Compromise will find us soon.

If we are living sacrifices to God, all He has given us also belongs to Him. We can't 'give' to God and then do what we want with the rest.

Those who go to Jesus wanting to be saved from the consequences of sin without really wanting to stop sinning get neither.

The righteousness and love of God may seem to be in conflict. But the grace of Jesus Christ bridges them without negating either.

God is close to those who sincerely desire to be close to Him, even if they themselves feel as if they are the farthest from Him.

Can we ignore the will of God which He has revealed in His word and then expect Him to reveal it through signs or prophecies?

Man lost the kingdom of God through choosing to sin. Now can he get back without turning from sin? It's false grace which promises that.

Everybody will like free gifts, especially God's grace. But when grace teaches us to obey God, how many are excited about it?

One thing we learn through all the ups and downs of life is that our God never changes. He is always there for us on our side.

God is good and His word is trustworthy. What we can't understand about God need not subtract from what we do know.

Seek God while He may be found. He is always there, but while we delay we may not realise how our heart gets hardened.

It doesn't work if we don't do what we can and then ask God to do everything for us. That's irresponsible and not really earnest.

Jesus came down to our level so that we could relate to Him. Now we have to relate to Him on His terms and not ours.

Following Jesus implies giving up our choices and preferences for His. We give up the dirt in order to gain gold.

Do we follow Jesus to get some benefits for ourselves or because we are so thankful for what He has done for us?

If we are willing to submit to God and learn from Him we can have the privilege of walking with Him as His child and servant in daily life.

The ups and downs of daily life do not negate the fact that God is with us and for us. The more we know this, the more steady we become.

We'd like everything to go well and it upsets us when they don't. Think of how God feels! His patience is just amazing!

Acknowledging our sin is the first step towards victory. But the world teaches us not to look at our sins in the guise of positive thinking.

The more we wait for the others to change, the less we will be looking at changing the way we deal with them and the less our happiness.

When Jesus picks us up from the mud of sin, He takes us along with the mud, washes us clean and teaches us not to get muddy again.

We will always be coming short on wisdom while we are on earth. But there is no excuse for holding bad motives or intentions.

The more we learn, the more we realise how little we know. Then we learn to become willing to learn and open to correction.

Walking in the light implies allowing God's light to expose the areas of our darkness for cleansing them, and not to cover them up.

Everyone makes mistakes and experiences failures at times. But the question is if we are moving forward in the direction of perfection overall.

Grace is the unmerited favour of God, but also help in the time of temptation and what instructs us to deny ungodliness and live right.

God is one we can trust and rely on entirely, and His friendship along with His lordship are things that give stability to our life.

Our inner life with God indicates who we really are. If our focus is on our external life, we are just religious and not spiritual.

Spirituality and reason are not enemies. Both are gifts from God. Going to either extreme is dangerous and wisdom is to keep them balanced.

A Master-bondslave relationship with God is not like the human counterpart. It is characterised by a love relationship.

Hyper grace teachers who teach 'no repentance' and 'no confession' for Christians are being dishonest before God and themselves!

God's love towards us seems amazing, undeserved, sometimes unreasonable, and mostly unattainable for us. But that's what He wants us to go for.

Fighting against our own sinful nature is impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit and being fed by the word of God.

We sin because we are sinners, born in sin. We need Jesus the Saviour to transform us in the core of our being to become like Him.

When we serve God, we also serve people for their good. But if we make ourselves slaves to people, we cannot be servants of God.

Certain things in life are to be overcome and certain others to be endured. In the latter case, enduring itself is victory.

The multifaceted character of God such as justice and grace has to be held together in our mind. Ignoring any aspect leads to error.

Behind much sin is the assumption that we are wiser than God, we know better and we can get away. Until the consequences catch up with us.

We wish our old nature was totally gone when we are born again. But we do find us fighting with it daily along with the Holy Spirit.

Trying to keep a good self-esteem without recognising our weaknesses will not work because it is not realistic but unbalanced.

If it was only up to God to change us into His likeness we'd all have been transformed instantly. It takes time because it's also up to us.

If we love God we ought to obey Him. One reason why people don't obey God is that they don't really trust Him or His words.

God says if we sin we will die, and Satan says we won't. False teachers say we won't die even if we sin because God is with us!

When we have to make a choice between God and people, things or ourselves, that is when we see if we love God in truth or only in words.

Faith in God is our trust in Him. It comes from knowing Him and hearing what He says, and it shows in our obedience to what He says.

When God gave man a free will, He knew things wouldn't be perfect anymore. But He knew things couldn't become perfect without free will!

Reason becomes an enemy of faith when it won't submit to the wisdom of God. But if it submits, it becomes a strong supporter of faith.

A self-centred Christian is a misfit. From the time he is born again, he moves towards becoming God-centred and other-centred.

In the ultimate analysis, to be a trustworthy person is of a greater value than to be admired for skills or achievements.

In the midst of shifting people and circumstances, there's One who is never changing but is always there to trust and rely on.

Recognising and receiving the undeserved mercy of God should humble us, and it should be seen in our attitude towards God and man.

What is impossible for man is possible with God. But there is no excuse for asking God to do for us what is possible for us.

Most of God's truths are simple to understand. But those who don't want to submit to God make them complicated using words.

The true blessing of God comes from yielding to Him. They get disappointed who try to get God to do what they want.

Either Jesus is Lord and we His servants or the other way. A dilution of His lordship will ultimately lead us to frustration.

Denying our will and doing the will of God is the way of following Jesus. Asking God to fulfil our will is what many are doing in reality.

Those who focus on love tend to ignore errors, and those who focus on truth tend to be less than loving. We need God to bring balance.

We are not our own if Jesus has bought us with a price, His own blood. Is this just a doctrine we accept or what we live by?

There's a time for everything. If we look only for comfort and reject correction and rebuke, we'll hurt ourselves more in the end.

Doctrines we believe are what we live by. Wrong doctrines hurt us, and some can even kill us.

When we know a little we tend to think we know it all. But considering the enormity of our ignorance, let's always be willing to learn.

The ability to bear with the weaknesses of others is a sign of maturity. Bearing may include concern, helping, praying, overlooking.

Trying to forget a wrong usually makes the memory stronger. Refusing to remember it is better. That is what God does with our sins.

Meditating on the Lord's goodness to us so far is one antidote to despair and hopelessness. Ebenezer - Till now the Lord has helped us.

Sometimes we have to comfort ourselves in the Lord because no one else is around. This is also a test of our relationship with Him.

God's sovereignty and man's free will working together may be difficult to figure out but the only way to explain the whole of life.

The Christian world view is the only one that makes sense of all aspects. But only by faith in God will we be able to see it and understand.

No one likes to be misunderstood. But it's a part of life we must learn to manage. We overcome by leaning on the Lord who understands fully.

Many truths which God presents to us don't actually touch our life because we don't think them through to where we can take hold of them.

As children of God it is our privilege to walk with Him with every part of our life open before Him and acknowledging Him.

Adam feared God after his sin because he didn't know His heart for sinners. As God's children we know His love and fear to grieve Him.

Doubts about God are natural. Sometimes Satan also plants them in our mind. But just trust God to carry us through. He will teach us too.

Faith in God is our trust in Him that causes us to yield our life to Him. A mere belief in God that does not make us obey Him is no good.

People don't like to take any responsibility for their own wrongs but find it easy to blame God when things go wrong.

Unrealistic expectations from people lead to unnecessary disappointment. Why blame the others when they are not responsible?

Beauty for ashes -- God gives His richest blessings to those who will acknowledge their human failure and trust in His unmerited love.

Pride is independence from God and behind every sin. Our nature is strongly inclined to pride. Humility is what leads to salvation.

If we truly love God we will submit to His will. Our spiritual growth takes place in the battle between our will and God's.

All of God's ways are perfect. That's who He is. It's when we don't know Him well enough that we doubt or question Him.

In difficult times when we don't know what to do, our best option is to submit to God and do what He says. He will handle the consequences.

One victory is to overcome when we are tempted to sin. An equally valuable victory is to endure in faith in the dark times of life.

One thing that must form the foundation of our knowledge of God is His goodness in whatever He does.

Why do some people find it difficult to believe in God doing miracles? Is it because they forget He is the Creator of nature and its laws?

God works in us training us not to sin. When we fall because of our old sinful nature He picks us up and helps us to get back on track.

When we are sifted through the trials of life what we mustn't lose is our faith in God's goodness, love, might and wisdom.

There's no other way sins can be forgiven except by the blood of Jesus Christ, but through it ALL sin can be forgiven.

Self-righteousness opposes humility and it moves us out of grace because grace is for those who recognise they don't deserve it.

It's truly amazing how such a holy and perfect God could love us and make such a great self sacrifice to get us to know Him!

When we walk with God, adversity purifies and moulds us, if we look to Him in faith and do not give up.

Being crucified and resurrected with Jesus are two sides of the Christian experience that lead to a lifetime of learning.

We hope for what we do not see yet, but we hope because our trust is in God our Father.

It is when we are tested that we get to see our real strength. Imagine how we would live with high thoughts otherwise!

The free gift of salvation is given only to those who admit they don't deserve it and not those who think it's their right!

Merely believing facts does not make changes in our life. It's when we begin to act in line with those facts that things change.

God is more interested in helping us grow in our relationship with Him than in giving explanations. We relate to Him by faith.

God's love and grace are what attract us to Him. But His righteousness and justice are also foundations of His nature.

'Patience' is a great virtue that grows through adversity. But it should not be used as an excuse for inaction.

It's easy to complain and find fault. But a heart that trusts in God overcomes with thankfulness to Him.

God's plans for His people are only for good. When we love Him and evil hits us, He will turn it into something of eternal value.

God works His purposes along with man's involvement. When God proposes man needs to respond, without which His plans get delayed.

There's nothing too big for God to handle or too small for Him to be interested in. Take it to the Lord in prayer.

The Bible is unique as the word of God to man written by men inspired by God. Keep all this in mind in order to understand it right.

People follow Jesus for different reasons. Those who truly know Him adore Him, love Him and submit their lives to Him.

God loves everyone, but those who love Him and yield to Him experience His love the most.

If God is not first in everything in our life, we don't really know Him as God and haven't made Him Lord over our life.

God is ever so gracious to those who repent of their sins, but His face is turned against those who blame everyone else.

Opening our life entirely and honestly before God is necessary to have a meaningful relationship with Him.

Shall we not believe in the dark phases of life that God is working some glory for us that is yet to be seen?

The values we hold and the principles we live by determine our eternal worth rather than our wealth and fame.

Is God only our last resort or a constant Companion with whom we share all our life?

If we love God and humbly acknowledge our failures, He makes something good come out of even those failures.

God tests us so that we can come out with better self awareness, greater trust and dependence on Him and more purity of heart and purpose.

Isn't it better to go through the fire of trials and come out cleaner than to remain in the pretence of being holy and good?

The best antidote for loneliness is not partying or entertainment but friendship with God that is open, honest and all-pervasive.

How God's heart hurts when people He gave His Son to die for don't trust Him but question His goodness!

If we believe in Him we trust Him. If we trust Him we yield to Him. If we yield to Him we see Him working in our life.

Those who know Jesus personally and trust Him have more peace in their heart than those who merely know systematic theology!

Worship of God must come from the heart, and humility of heart is what enables it.

When we come to difficult situations God may not remove the battles we have to fight but 'trains our hands for battle'.

In times of peace we must nurture our faith with God's word so that we may be able to stand in the times of testing.

There is for the Christian a constant tendency to backslide from God. The remedy is to consciously keep seeking after Him.

People can never understand us fully, but our Heavenly Father always does. Our comfort lies in this, as also sobriety.

If we think we can pretend before God we think God is only like one of us, gullible and lacking in knowledge and insight!

The only way we can truly overcome doubts, fears and anxieties is by making a choice to put our faith in God based on His word.

God's word doesn't help us just because we read it. We have to accept it as true in our mind and receive it into our heart.

God is perfect in everything that is right and good. Grace is what enables Him to love us who are imperfect in every way.

Let's not be satisfied with mere forgiveness of sins. Jesus came to save us from the power of sin in our daily lives too.

The essence of real love for others is that we desire the best for them. Many think they love when they are pleased with others.

God's unconditional promise to His children is that He will never leave or forsake us. Neither should we leave or forsake Him.

God doesn't save us all by Himself. Even though it is He who saves us and we can't save ourselves, it works only when we respond.

It is the goodness of God that attracts us. When we love Him we are able to see everything else about Him in the right perspective.

It's when we hit rock bottom that we get to depend entirely on God. That's also when we get blessed to the maximum.

The more humble we are, the more we seek God. The more we get to know God, the more humble we become.

"Perfect love casts out fear." Our love for God is not perfect, but His love for us is. Knowing His love for us makes us bold.

Being living sacrifices to God, our will yielded to His, begins with a decision and continues with daily carrying of the cross.

Once Jesus stilled the storm for the disciples. Another time He took Paul through a storm but sustained Him. He is still the same!

Grace is God's amazing wisdom to bail us out of our predicament where none of us can become pleasing to Him by being good enough.

Every blessing of God is covered by His mercy, which should make us all the more grateful to Him.

When we want God to be in control of our life, do we yield every part of our life to Him to control?

When there seems to be no answer to prayer, just remember God is good, loving and wise, we don't know His ways fully.

The closest relationship possible on earth is between a husband and wife. But we can be closer still with God as our Father.

Let every concern about God's dealings with us be covered by a confidence in His goodness, mercy and love towards us.

To wait and wait for answer to prayer is one of the greatest challenges in life. But if we endure, we become stronger.

An ongoing conversation with the Lord all through the day is a blessing and also our safety. Let's cultivate it.

Our God is almighty and full of love, why are we suffering? It won't be for long. There's a blessed eternity waiting for us.

Each one in the body of Christ has a unique function. No comparison with others, no competition, just faithfulness.

There's a difference between believing in the times of peace and times of anxiety that God is with us.

If something's wrong in our life it's never God's fault! When this is fundamental in our thinking it saves us a lot of harm.

A willing to take correction, learn and change will go a long way in bearing fruit in our life. Stagnation will lead to backsliding.

God gives salvation freely to those who humbly acknowledge their sins, repent and put their trust in Jesus.

Pride is to rely on ourselves instead of acknowledging our dependence on God. It's always near us and to be watched out for.

Humility is not so much in how we behave as in what we think of ourselves in relation to God and others. Thoughts lead to action.

The world, our old nature and Satan are all fighting against us. We need to constantly cling to Jesus to stay faithful to Him.

We are so undeserving of any of God's mercies that they ought to make us full of thanks and free us from all complaints.

Faithfulness to God is when we walk by faith and do what He tells us. Faith without faithfulness is dead.

There's nothing wrong in asking God to remove our problems. But let's not forget to ask Him to teach us what He wants through them.

It's good to overcome our limitations. But while they remain let's also seek to do our best within those limitations.

Let's glorify God with the one talent He has given us instead of comparing ourselves with others who have more talents.

Rejoice in the love of God that plans eternal blessings for us even through the challenges we face on earth today.

Denying reality is an attempt to escape the pain and responsibility that come with facing it. Facing it is the first step to deal with it.

God's desire is to bless us. If soft methods are not working, He won't hesitate to resort to stronger ones.

In order to make us like Jesus God has to first do a lot of cleansing inside us and then fill. No filling without cleansing.

When we trust God we will be willing to do what He says. It's an imaginary trust which only expects Him to do things for us.

The closer we get to God the more clearly we see His goodness in all that He does. He deserves our praise, worship and service.

Thank God for the Bible, His written word, against which all prophecies, teachings and experiences can be checked.

Walking closer to God will result not only in a greater gratitude and worship but also a deeper conviction of sin and repentance.

Let the hardships of life draw us nearer to God rather than cause bitterness, fear or turning away from Him.

The greatest miracle on earth is that God loves wretched sinners like us and gave His Son to die for us.

Fear, worry and anxiety are all about the uncertain future. The ultimate remedy for fear is only to trust in God.

Rich, poor, clever, dumb, educated, illiterate - we have this in common. We are all sinners, and only Jesus can save us.

Those who refuse to forgive others after being forgiven freely by God disqualify themselves from His forgiveness.

For those who love God, the conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit is more welcome than the soothing lies of the Deceiver.

Ignoring reality and convincing ourselves something is true when it isn't is a lie, and is not going to solve any problem.

The Christian faith leads to a day to day relationship with God. It's this relationship that powers the promises in the Bible.

True repentance has a sorrow over sin and a strong desire not to sin again. Mere confession of sin without repentance is vain.

The gospel that is being preached by many is not the Gospel of Jesus. Instead of trusting preachers let's turn to God's word.

Do we love to hear the truth even if it shows we are wrong? Or do we try to make the 'truth' fit our experience or ideas?

If we want to make a differece to the world we must have something it doesn't have. That is the life and power of Jesus in us.

Unless we respond rightly to the work God is trying to do in us, there is not going to be any fruit of God in our lives.

Knowing that God is good and perfect in all He does, we can trust there must be a good explanation when we can't understand.

Learn to cling to God and to be willing to do all He says. He is a very present Help at all times when all else is unreliable.

The more we learn to lean on God, the less worry we need to carry. The more we are willing to do His will, the less we go wrong.

We may think God is delaying His answers. But God is taking time to bless us with many eternal lessons through our situations.

Why is it that many preachers are talking about God only as a help for earthly problems and not as One who gives us a godly life?

God longs to forgive and restore people to Him. But He cannot forgive those who will not accept their failure and repent.

A mark of spiritual growth is when we change from seeking things for us from God to wanting Him to be glorified in everything.

Our love for people is not to make us downplay their sins, and our hatred for sin is not to make us hate or despise sinners.

There is no better way of getting to know God in experience than by humbly and honestly opening all of our life to Him.

None of us would be alive if God's holiness wasn't mixed with His mercy. But if we don't receive His grace we'll taste only death.

God is good. One way we become like Him is to desire only good for the others and never anything bad.

The way to God is open to everyone through Jesus. But beware. The way away from God is also open. We are the ones who choose.

God's warnings and corrections are some of His strongest expressions of love for us because He desires our very best.

Whatever Jesus did, He wasn't trying to impress people but to serve them for their good. Paul sought to do the same.

Temptation hides the goodness of God in warning us against sin and the pain that will certainly follow sin's pleasure.

God's grace and man's free will have to work together for salvation. Holding either of them alone will be an error.

Jesus sympathises with us in our struggles and wants to forgive us when we fail and help us not to fall again.

Those who seek God find Him to be surprisingly more wonderful than they imagined. Those who stay afar don't know what they miss.

If we trust God we will trust what He says and do it. A faith that is disconnected from practical life is useless.

When God forgives our sins, our punishment is taken away, but the consequences of sin do cause much suffering.

If the word of God doesn't excite us maybe we don't really know Him. If it isn't interesting anymore we have backslidden.

A godly heart rises above the demands of justice and righteousness and shows mercy on others, just as God does.

None can become godly except by first coming to God as totally ungodly, pleading Jesus and then allowing Him to remould him entirely.

A genuine concern for others is a work of God in our hearts, and this shouldn't get defiled by selfish motives.

If God is the centre of our life, we seek to do everything in life to be pleasing to Him. Or is He only the centre in theory?

The more we draw near to God, the less the pull of the world troubles us. This is a great secret of victory.

Let's walk humbly before God and with fear, knowing how frail we are, how little we know and how helpless we are without God.

If we know God well enough to trust Him, we can trust Him enough to obey Him even if we don't have all the explanations.

Let's be grateful for every mercy God gives us, remembering that we deserve none of them and we can't claim them as rights.

No one does everything right. But let us seek God for grace to be those who will not do what we already know to be wrong.

The safest place is where we know our inherent weaknesses and lean on God. Then we know He is with us and will carry us through.

Just reading the Bible is not enough, but we must meditate on it, asking God to reveal His truths and make them clear to us.

To be religious is following rules and practices mechanically, but to be spiritual involves getting to know God more and more.

Though it may seem to get delayed, God will bring justice to all. Let's take comfort in this and also fear Him.

When we receive grace, unmerited favour, from God, we give up the right to sit in judgment over others and to not forgive them.

We can remain in grace and rejoice over it when we recognise our unworthiness and God's goodness and generosity.

The right way to serve others is by remembering our Saviour who suffered and died to serve us.

The faith Jesus admired in people showed a humble recognition of their own smallness and a great confidence in God's ability.

Every day is full of God's mercies. Many times they go unrecognised because we tend to focus on problems that are also there.

Faith is not how to get things from God. It's a trust that nurtures a relationship where He becomes everything to us.

God's greatest promise is the life of His Son in us. What do we finally gain if we receive many other promises but miss this?

Our free will works within the bounds of God's sovereignty. It works well for us when we subject ourselves to His will.

Honesty before God and humility of heart are more valuable in His sight than great accomplishments that impress people.

Whenever anything goes wrong, it's never God's fault. It's a great step in spiritual growth when we stop complaining against Him.

There are many things about God's ways we don't understand. But what we know is more than enough to help us to trust Him.

We have a gate to enter in and a path to walk along for salvation. Repentance and faith in Jesus are what take us through both.

To expect everyone else to share and follow our vision shows a lack of clarity about our particular calling from God.

When all seems to be lost, God is still there. When He is with us, there is a way that will get us through every situation.

Sometimes God tests us when we seek Him to see how earnest we are. If we give up easily we will miss what He wants to give us.

By faith we take action and do what God wants us to do. There are also times when we rest, waiting for God to act.

If we are unwilling to acknowledge ourselves as hopeless sinners it precludes us from knowing God as Saviour.

More than anything else that we may pursue, let us seek after knowing God more and more intimately in our daily life.

God as our Father is the gift from Jesus to us, when He died for our sins and cleared up the way into God's presence.

The biblical presentation of God, man and the world makes the most comprehensive, reasonable and consistent explanation of life.

Words of 'comfort' are more pleasing than words of correction. But it is correction that will lead to true comfort.

It is through every choice we make to obey God rather than to please ourselves that God transforms us into His nature.

When we stop actively seeking after God, backsliding automatically slips in without our knowledge.

Hearing about God occasionally doesn't help. Without spending time with Him we really can't get to know Him.

Obedience is the ultimate mark of our love for God. If we say we love Him and do whatever we like, who is it we really love?

Some problems we face on earth never get resolved here. We need to view them from the viewpoint of eternity to make sense.

We are creatures who don't like to leave our comfort zone even when we know we are headed for trouble! But salvation means change.

Peace comes when we stop leaning on ourselves but trust in God who is almighty, all knowing, all wise and all loving.

If we want 'blessings' more than relationship with God, we are likely to go after other 'gods' in order to get them.

Two common mistakes -- passively expecting God to do everything for us, and doing everything by ourselves independent of God.

To endure without giving up faith even if we fall in temptation is itself a victory. Then we can learn to avoid falling too.

When our faith is our trust in God, it leads us to praise Him. If it's about what we can get from Him it has questions and doubts.

If we truly regard God as God we'll make time for Him. What does it show if we go to Him only when we need Him?

The longer we know God the more deeply we realise how undeserving His mercy is towards us and how great His heart is.

Does our heart want to obey God more and more or does it obey grudgingly? Difference between the born again and religious man.

If concern and care for the others are not a part of our life, we need to check the validity of our experience with God.

A religious man tries to obey in order to get accepted by God but a spiritual man obeys because he knows God loves him.

When the prodigal son 'came to his senses' he realised who he really was and also who his father was. Have we seen 'sense'?

God is holy and hates sin. One mark of our salvation is an increasing hatred for sin in our life and a longing to be free.

A spiritual man denies himself in order to follow God, but a carnal Christian pleases himself while basking in God's love.

To serve God is to do His will and to bring Him glory. Who are we serving if we are seeking for our own glory and gain?

A spiritual man keeps constant touch with the Lord through His word, prayer and fellowship. A religious man follows routines.

A leader is effective to the extent he receives respect from his followers. What earns him most respect is how he serves them.

Pray first for God's name to be honoured and His will to be done. All other prayers must find their place within this prayer.

One of the paradoxes in the Christian life is that the more we see that the Lord is working in us we also see more of our sins.

Christian victory is not a once for all experience but where we depend on God from moment to moment as temptations come.

For our theology to be right we must have our eyes set on God above and our feet walking on the ground.

There are things like injustice that will be fully taken away only in heaven. That's why endurance is a great survival skill!

We don't thank God for all things but in all situations because He loves us and causes all things to work for our good.

When we come across something in the Bible we can't understand should it turn us away from everything else we can understand?

There's usually more than one side to things we argue about. A wise man tries to see them all when he enters a discussion.

We all make mistakes. To recognise it and to walk humbly before God and people is the way of spiritual growth.

It may look at times as if evil is reigning, but history tells us that God always steps in when it exceeds His limit.

To walk always with our heart right before God is the secret of confidence, and it is part of God's plan of salvation.

Becoming like Jesus won't happen automatically while we carry a sinful flesh and are also bombarded by Satan and the world.

Many times we suffer unnecessarily due to unrealistic and unreachable expectations, e.g., all others should be nice to us!

The more we see God's grace (unmerited favour) towards us, the more grateful we become and the more faithful we want to be.

One of the easiest and safest ways to hear from the Holy Spirit is to read the Bible with openness of heart and mind.

When God appears to be silent, we need to go on in faith based on His written word and what He has told us earlier.

The 'Holy' Spirit causes us to tremble before God and to stand in awe of Him. Something is missing if we only 'love' God.

There is a difference between stopping to judge others because of a commandment and because we have 'seen' ourselves.

Things change in our life when we respond to what God does, not if we just passively wait for God to act.

No one likes to face trouble. But there are lessons we can learn only from trouble if we go and learn humbly from God.

In everything give thanks. There are many things to thank God for in every situation if only we will look for them.

Faith is to be based on facts. But until the heart takes up the facts in the mind and ventures out in action there's no faith.

Saving faith includes acknowledgement of self as a sinner and trust in Jesus as the One who has taken our sins on Himself.

When everything breaks down we have two choices, to cling to God and overcome or to give up hope and go down.

In desperate situations we can act in despair and go wrong or wait for the assurance of faith that God gives when we seek Him.

God has a bigger plan for us with a larger scope than we can imagine. It is usually only in hindsight that we get to see it.

Those who are taught to expect a trouble free life because they belong to Jesus sometimes even fall away when trouble hits them.

The Bible is for everyone to read but not to interpret as we like. We must depend on the Holy Spirit to reveal its truths to us.

There are right and wrong ways to ask God why. One is in revolt and rebellion, and the other is with a sincere desire to learn.

Reading the Bible without submission to it is dangerous. You think you know it, but you can't even understand what God is saying.

The one who knows he doesn't know it all is always willing to learn. But there are those who don't know they don't know it all.

The blessing of integrity is spiritual, psychological and also physical. Walking in the light versus walking in darkness.

It's possible to forgive others from our hearts only if we have seen how freely God has forgiven us. When we see, forgiving becomes easy.

Think about God's love for us. Why should He? How could He? How much does He? How does He? It's amazing grace!

The greatest thing God wants to do for us on earth is to save us from our sins and to transform our lives to become like Jesus.

If we want to know God closely, let's spend time with Him, not just times of Bible reading or prayer but all through the day.

We live every day by the breath God gives us graciouly. How sad if people don't think about Him or take Him for granted!

Do we say we are Christians who believe the Bible is the word of God and still let some expert's opinion overrule the Bible?

Those who put their trust in God will not be without trouble in life, but what they gain will be far greater in value.

Paul was willing to seek the honour and will of God above his own interests. Do we want to direct our life journey that way?

Expecting to fail is not the way to press on to perfection. Strive for consistency in victory.

To know God and His ways is a lifelong pursuit that is more rewarding and fulfilling than anything else we can do.

There is an intellectual pursuit in knowing God, but our spiritual eyes get opened only when we yield to Jesus in faith.

Forgiveness operates only on the basis of undeserved favour, both from God to us and from us to others.

If 'sin' is eliminated from the preaching of the Gospel, people remain as they are and can't understand why problems develop.

Giving hope where people are not doing what they should will lead to disillusionment. God's messages give hope and show the way.

How can someone say what's important is how we live, not doctrines? Our lives follow the doctrines we believe.

God's grace forgives our sins and enables us now to do right. We make a big mistake if we receive forgiveness but don't do right.

Being very righteous without showing love is wrong. Being full of love but not standing for righteousness is also not right!

It cost God His Son's death to have us restored to Him. No sacrifice we make for Him is big enough to show our gratitude.

God's grace forgives us, accepts us, strengthens us, transforms us, equips us and helps us to do His will. All of grace!

We can become godly, not by religious acts, but by choosing to be faithful to God in the situations of daily life.

Depending entirely on God to keep us and taking responsibility for our behaviour go together to balance our life.

Everything that happens is not the will of God. It's not right to blame Him for all the evil that man does.

Jesus can show mercy to the worst of sinners who repents but nothing for those who see no sin in their lives.

The blessing we enjoy when our life is right with God, in this life and the life to come, is incomparable to anything else.

Many factors in life distort our relationship with Jesus. We must be open to correction so that it can become purer and intimate.

The more we get to know Jesus the clearer we see that He is the only Way to the Father. He is the Truth and the Life.

James, Jesus' brother, admitted that everyone makes mistakes. If we can't admit this personally, it will block our progress.

Crookedness goes around as wisdom in this world. But wisdom that has eternity in mind starts from reverence for God.

True faith in God produces faithfulness in us. True grace of God transforms our daily life from the inside to the outside.

A true religious conversion comes from the heart's response to the knowledge of God. It cannot be forced or coerced out of people.

The world's values are decaying fast. We won't be able to protect ourselves and families without a firm base in the word of God.

The word of God gives us understanding and then we need to live according to that understanding, not by feelings or opinions.

When everything in our heart and mind stands in adoration of God, that is to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Depending on God mustn't become an excuse for passivity. He empowers us to act with the wisdom and strength He gives us.

Our rigteousness doesn't get us salvation. But salvation by grace makes us right with God and then leads to righteous living.

Who hasn't made mistakes? But have we repented, and learned from those mistakes? If not, we haven't been transformed also much.

Human relationships need a lot of forgiving, recognising it's reciprocal. Lacking this one way or both ways will lead to breakup.

The most amazing fact about God is that He loves us sinners so much that He gave His Son Jesus to die for us.

We may hardly say no to a free gift from God, but our flesh doesn't like becoming responsible towards God.

Lord, bless me in such a way that I can be a blessing in Your name to everyone around me in whatever I say or do.

Pride seeks to press in in many ways, but growing in humility is our safety by recognising our smallness and leaning on God.

People don't like it when Christians stand up for what is right, but everyone demands that we should show mercy all the time!

God is working in us to make us like Jesus. But we cannot be transformed unless we deny ourselves and do what He shows us to do.

God is supreme. We cannot serve Him by making grand projects and programmes but only by doing what He wants us to do.

God is largehearted. That's why He allows His mercy to triumph over His judgment. Do we hold up petty rules and forget mercy?

Many things in life puzzle us. But we trust God enough to place our life in His hands because of what we do know of Him.

Every new work of God in us begins with acknowledgement of our sins and repentance. When we humble ourselves, He exalts us.

Everyone who exalts himself will fall. It's only a matter of time. To be humble is not only to be truthful but also safe.

It's difficult to understand grace properly if we don't have the fear of the Lord. Grace and the fear of the Lord keep us balanced.

If it was only up to God to change His children into the likeness of Christ, we would be perfect now! We need to respond to Him.

Have we fallen in love with God? Does our life show this every day? Or, is our allegiance only seen in a few religious acts?

Some say, "I like Christ, but I don't like Christians." But the more we get to know Christ, He helps us to love all.

Questioning God in rebellion or complaint is different from asking Him questions in order to learn from Him.

Jesus took birth in order to die for us so that we could be saved from our sins. Receiving and working out this salvation is the way to show our love for Him.

A part of humility is to recognise and appreciate the abilities and skills which God has given others which we don't have.

Life has its struggles and challenges. But Christ gives us an underlying peace and joy that sustain and help us to triumph.

Walking by faith means trusting in God's love, wisdom and goodness even though we can't understand many things about life.

If we love God with less than all our heart, it shows that we haven't seen Him properly. Let's ask Him to open our eyes.

Let's ask God to do miracles in our life, but at the same time let's not neglect to do the things we ought to do from our side.

Jesus did not come to judge, but to save those who would admit they were sinners and cry out to Him for salvation.

What do we seek day after day in practical life? Our pleasure or God's pleasure? It's there we choose where we will end up.

God's grace (unmerited favour) towards us is amazing. Our capacity to try and take advantage of it is also amazing!

Faith that passively waits for God to act is not alive. A living faith in God submits to trusting and doing what He says.

Our real life is in our thoughts. If we focus on what people think about us, our inner life will be poorer than our outward life.

A fearful reverence for God and a trust in His love, mercy and goodness must simultaneously define our relationship with Him.

A constant willingness to admit sin and repent is necessary to overcome the desire to feel good and pretend everything is fine.

Good intentions are not enough, they need to be followed by good deeds. But evil intentions are what make a person evil.

Taking up our cross daily is not about dealing with difficulties but putting to death our own desires in order to do God's will.

A religious man takes care to follow external forms and rituals, but a spiritual man focuses on the condition of his heart.

Those who love the Lord purify themselves constantly before Him so that His image can be stamped upon them.

All things are possible with God. But instead of insisting that God should do what we want, let's allow Him to decide what's best.

Any aspect of God's character is worthy of utmost worship. But my favourite is that He loves me. It's totally an unmerited favour.

When our life is pleasing to God, it will also be the most enjoyable for us. Other pursuits of pleasure will always backfire.

What is the desire of our heart? Is is to become a man after God's own heart or some earthly gain, pleasure or achievement?

Worrying about the opinion of people and trying to impress them will hinder us from pleasing God. Love for God will free us.

Occult practices, idol worship and carelessness with sin can open our life to attacks from the Devil. Don't take God for granted.

Living before God needs honesty, humility, willingness to learn and to be corrected, and detachment from the opinion of man.

The more we walk by faith, trusting in the wisdom and love of God, the more everything in life begins to make sense to us.

Devotionals and quotes are no substitute for a personal reading and study of the Bible. The word of God is living and imparts life.

In the midst of pressures in this world, it's natural to seek fun and games. But only God can satisfy the depths of our heart.

Do we expect to enjoy the goodness and the mercy of God without showing Him the reverence and the respect He deserves?

If we want to enjoy the full blessing of the Gospel, we need to surrender our will to God. Let Him have His way with us.

Imagining that we love God and all is well between us, without a strong desire to do His will in everything, is only a delusion.

On one hand the grace of God can forgive the worst of sins, but on the other hand we have this tendency to take it for granted.

The godliest people seem to be most aware of their own sinfulness, while superficial Christians seem to be quite comfortable.

If Jesus said only a few would find the way to life and people try to bring in all, is it the true Gospel that they preach?

There will always be things we can't figure out in life. Let's bring all such things to our Father and find rest in Him.

Anxiety and worry come because of the uncertainty of the future. The way to find rest is to submit our future to God's plans.

The fear of the Lord is firstly a deep respect for Him for who He is, and also a fear to sin against Him and face His wrath.

Do we tremble before people of power while we do not tremble before the Creator of the universe and the Judge of all people?

Love, in its essence, is not a feeling. It begins with a good intention towards the others and results in good deeds.

It doesn't mean God will give us all that we ask for just because He is able. He is also wise and decides what is best.

God is largehearted and is not fussy about our faults. But He honours those who take care to obey the least of His commandments.

A good man may fall or make mistakes. But an evil man has evil intentions. This is what God sees in our heart in all we do.

Those who constantly recognise their need for God will enjoy His presence. Those who boast in their greatness will go empty.

How do we show our love for God? Is it only in singing nice things to Him or by denying ourselves to do His will?

Amazing grace! When grace loses its amazement, it shows we are taking it for granted or thinking we deserve it!

We may think it lifts us up to think how good and great we are, but real, lasting greatness is only what God thinks of us.

Even with good intentions we do many things wrong out of ignorance. Let's seek more to be led by the Holy Spirit in all we do.

When we ask our Father for anything, are we willing to submit to His wisdom and let Him decide what He thinks is good for us?

When our conscience is clear we have confidence before God. With that confidence we need to go on cleansing ourselves further.

The apostle Paul knew what he was without Christ and what he was with Christ. The first helped him to enjoy the second.

Adam sinned when he chose his will above God's. Our salvation won't be complete till we learn to choose God's will above ours.

Do we start our 'ministry' based on just our natural abilities or God's calling? For what He calls us, He enables us.

A child like faith is a child like trust in the Father, knowing He loves, knows, feels, cares, plans, provides, protects...

Our words can hurt or bless, but they have no supernatural power to make things happen. Power belongs to God.

Overlooking someone's sin is one mark of love. Speaking the truth in love is another. Let's grow in wisdom in showing love.

All of God's help comes from trusting in Him. We get to trust Him more, the more we believe His word.

The more we focus on the external form of religion, the greater chance there is that we miss the heart of spirituality.

As a sad result of many preaching scams, a lot of people who assume they are Christians have not even been born again.

Satan tries is to paint God bad. But we mustn't ever allow ourselves to doubt God's love, goodness or grace towards us.

Fellowship with God is the best thing we can have on earth. The more we keep our heart open to Him, the closer we can enjoy it.

Who doesn't like to hear God loves them? But only those who love and obey Him can really enjoy His love personally.

There is great rejoicing in heaven when a sinner repents and when a faithful servant of God finishes his course and reaches there.

Faith that does not produce faithfulness in us lacks something essential. People have made it into a mere tool in their hands.

Following the letter of the Bible without understanding the spirit leads us into an unreal life so different from the life of God.

Listening to good teachers is no substitute for studying the Bible by ourselves and getting to know God more personally.

When we meditate on God's word as a whole we get to see the heart of God beyond the words. It's dangerous to go by words alone.

Honesty and openness before God and willingness to do what He says are absolutely necessary if we want to be godly people.

A little bit of scepticism is an antidote to gullibility. Those who never question cannot learn much.

Our actions produce consequences. But actions follow our choices. Why blame consequences when we have chosen them?

People do all kinds of tricks to avoid taking responsibility for their sins. But God blesses those who own up humbly.

What would Jesus do? Do we think only of the nice and pleasant things Jesus did or also of His hatred towards sin and hypocrisy?

Do we want just enough God to take us to heaven but not too much to run our life? Then our god is not God at all!

There's a place for anger in our life because it's God who created it. It's when it's moved by selfishness that it leads to sin.

When we do wrong we can find plenty of excuses. When we want to do good we lack ideas! How we need the Holy Spirit!

Time will not heal the things we sweep under the carpet. Wounds get healed only after we clean them up and apply medicine.

The bottom line: when things go wrong it's never God's fault. The way to maturity always shows us something to learn from.

Because of the Fall, we all tend to think foolishly. Let's align our thinking to the word of God and be transformed.

When we recognise we can't control everything, and we trust in God's sovereign power, love and wisdom, we can walk in rest.

The essence of worship is not in the words we use to praise Him but in the way we subject our life to God in every detail.

Evil things we say and do always cause damage. Learning to be faithful in our thoughts is the right way to deal with our deeds.

With all the confusion around us we mustn't forget that prayer is a request we make to God and not a demand or claim!

God in His mercy adopts us as His children when we trust Him. But we must remember that we don't become God but remain people!

If we are not willing to accept our mistakes we can't really learn much in a way that will make us better people.

Even at times when God seems to be absent we can continue to speak to Him by faith, because He is there and He hears us.

Faith is not a mental state we produce by removing all doubts but a simple and helpless trust as children in our Father.

Only when we see our need strongly will we take a decision to act. Much preaching ignores sin and so people don't even know they need to be saved.

There's a huge difference between believing in God because we want Him to do things for us and because of what He has done for us.

Sympathy and comfort are always welcome. But sometimes correction and rebuke can be what are needed but often neglected.

All that God tells us to do comes from His heart of love, intending the very best for us. We'll be foolish not to obey!

God is looking for people who want to do all that He tells them and nothing but what He tells them.

Those who truly love God want to walk with Him in every way. Those who only know Him in name want to have their own way.

Are you eager to know where all you are wrong? That's really a big part of wanting to become more like Jesus!

The more we recognise and acknowledge our imperfection in every area of our life, the more we will lean on God.

Admit our helplessness without God, and trust God to be sufficient for us. If either of these is missing, we'll be failing soon.

Do we find ourselves slow to show mercy to others? Then it's clear that we haven't seen how merciful God has been to us.

God is unable to transform us to become like Jesus if we will not take up our cross daily, deny ourselves and follow Jesus.

As servants of God, do we want to be pleasing to God or do we also want to become famous or wealthy?

Good behaviour flows from a good heart. Many try to make a good appearance with their behaviour but their heart shows in the end.

However much we know, we don't know enough to make life's decisions all on our own. Our saftey lies in knowing this and leaning on God.

The resurrection of Jesus gives us the ultimate hope for the triumph of life over death and victory over sin.

If we think we love God but do not fear Him, we don't know Him properly yet. It's better to get to know Him now than find out later.

When we truly want to walk like Jesus we'll be making every attempt to change from our sinful ways. What if we just wait?

The ability to reason is great when it is used in subjection to God. Independent of God it will surely miss the mark.

We wish, naturally, to escape trouble, but we can't always. Knowing that God will bring out something good can help us endure.

If there's really only one God what can be wrong in stating that? Some people may not like it but it's still the truth.

When we feel like giving up, we remember the One who never gave up on us and has promised never to leave or forsake us.

Pleasant words may win followers, but even when words of truth hurt at first they are the ones which lead others to life.

We ought to live our life in such a way that it shows we value our life in eternity more than this.

Facing life's challenges makes us aware of our need for God, and as we seek Him, moulds our character into His nature.

To 'serve' God for money, fame or power is a total miscalculation. God wants us to serve Him in spirit and in truth.

What will you do if you have to tell someone the truth that might offend them? Hide the truth and retain their friendship?

Do we watch over the state of our heart as the Lord sees it, or do we move according to political correctness before people?

If we seek to remain true to God and to ourselves in our heart, that will ensure that our words and deeds follow truth.

If we believe something in our heart, our behaviour will follow. If our 'faith' is only in our head we'll see there's no action.

A godly man has an anointing that is a mark of God's pleasure over him. But an anointing for ministry may not mean one is godly.

Many Christians seem to think that our accountability towards God for our deeds, words, thoughts and motives is reduced by grace!

It's because our thinking is coloured by biases and prejudices that we need to cry out, "Open my eyes, Lord!"

There is something called trying God's patience. But preachers give people the impression that no matter how far they go they can come back!

The way to God through Jesus is not just by believing but believing which produces admission of sin and repentance from it.

Salvation includes first naming a sinner as a saint and then tranforming the sinner to a saint in life.

There is no salvation for those who don't long for freedom from sin. God's goal is not merely to take people to heaven.

God likes to let His mercy triumph over His justice. But those who take advantage of His mercy will have to face His justice!

When we get confused with our short-sighted view of life, let's remember God has our best in view in terms of eternity.

Every prayer from a heart that truly loves God is covered by "May Your name be glorified, let Your will be done."

Many ways to reach the same God? How come these different ways describe God very differently if it was all the same God?

Following Jesus without surrendering to Him and accepting and doing all that He has said is a great deception.

Is our love for God a mere sentiment or what drives us to obey Him even at the cost of self or public opinion?

It's better to look honestly into ourselves and see where we stand before God than to glibly make theological assertions.

We don't know everything, our sinful nature resists us, we make many mistakes. Let's be willing to learn and receive correction.

If we don't admit we are sinners and repent, there's no salvation for us even if we 'ask Jesus to come into our heart'.

Grace doesn't take away our accountability towards God. But the more we recognise grace the closer we want to walk with God.

The grace of God is truly amazing. The wonder of it transforms us the more we see God as who He is and ourselves as we are.

Grace is very appealing to sinners. But God does not end with grace but remains righteous, just and impartial too.

If we want to become like Jesus in life, can we do that without facing and dealing with our life where we are not like Him?

Are we Christians living in an imaginary world of Bible verses or living a useful practical life following those verses?

The more we open up to God and are willing to face His judgment over our life, the more we can experience His love and comfort.

In all our thoughts about God and His ways, it's good for us to remember that He is God and we are only created beings.

The opinion of people can sometimes give us a feedback. But it can never be as true as God's because people don't know us fully.

How can we love God when there are so many things we can't understand about Him? It's because of what we do know about Him.

The more we obey what we know from God's word, the more God opens His word for us. We can limit how much God can do in us.

True worship is not in the external form but in the attitude of our heart as we consider God in relation to ourselves.

A 'gospel' message that does not convict people of sin and lead them to repentance but only proclaims grace is 'another' gospel.

What God looks for in us is how much and how quickly we are willing to deny ourselves in order to do what is pleasing to Him.

What is impossible for man is possible with God -- but only what is according to His will and is eternally good for us.

That God knows us thoroughly should both comfort and encourage us, and also cause us to live with fear and trembling.

Holiness, righteousness, justice, impartiality, love, mercy, grace, compassion -- all blend together perfectly in our God.

God is willing to forgive and accept the worst of sinners provided we are willing to admit we are sinners and turn from our sins.

In the midst of darkness and uncertainty or in the face of danger, to choose anyway to trust and obey God is to walk by faith.

When we are faithful to God in our trials, the eternal blessings He gives far outweigh the trouble we go through here.

The Lord proves Himself to be trustworthy again and again. Let's learn to avoid doubting or questioning Him in times of trouble.

Even when we have God as our Father, how much we actually benefit from that in life depends on how close we have got to Him.

The peace of God is not an absence of challenges and tensions but a rest in the midst of them that comes from knowing God.

There's a difference between a Christian struggling to overcome sin and failing, and one who goes on sinning presuming grace.

We are a living sacrifice when we are determined to do God's will and to glorify His name at the cost of our own will.

If we want God's word to bless us, let's read it with our heart and mind, aiming to order our life according to it.

Avoiding 'unpleasant' topics like sin, repentance, judgment and hell, preachers get the blood of sinners on their hands.

Whenever we fail, the most stupid thing we can do is to justify ourselves or put the blame on others.

All of God's commandments are for our good. If we are wise, we will seek to order everything in our lives to be in line with Him.

Temptations lose their power when we look beyond the pleasure to the poisonous sting that will hurt us through eternity.

All things are possible for those who believe. Yet the godly among those who believe always say, "Not my will but Yours, Lord."

A godly man is known not for his gifts but for his dedication to pleasing God rather than himself or other people.

To say Jesus is Lord and then to go on to do whatever we like in daily life tells us we don't know what we are saying.

It's pride to go ahead and do what we know to be wrong. It's humility to know our weaknesses and seek God to help us do right.

It's soothing to hear the promises of God, but if we don't like to hear His commandments it shows our love for Him isn't real.

God will never leave or forsake us. But we must take care that we don't stray away from Him. We may even end up leaving Him!

When we come to Jesus we mustn't think everything will be just fine. We face a battle with forces trying to pull us away from God.

The more we humble ourselves before the Lord and walk before Him in sincerity and honesty, the more we see His favour on us.

God is at work in us, but nothing will change for us if we sit around passively but only when we respond and yield to Him.

God's grace is without limit. But so is everything else about Him, for example, His hatred for sin and His impartiality!

Jesus came to save sinners. If we don't see ourselves as sinners, there is no meaning in asking Him to be our Saviour.

If we are unwilling to recognise and acknowledge the lacks in our character, we make it difficult for God to transform us.

Faith is a conviction that comes from knowing and trusting God, not hoping that by speaking words we can make things happen.

We receive an ability to forgive others when we realise how God has forgiven us by grace � which we did not deserve.

True worship of God can only be expressed through surrendered lives. Let us not satisfy ourselves with mere words or songs.

It's necessary to study the Bible leaning on the Holy Spirit to reveal His truths to us if we want to have a life with God.

That God should forgive sinners is itself an amazing demonstration of grace, not to mention all the other blessings He gives!

Acting humble before people is not the same as walking in humility before God. We can fool people, but not God.

Someone said, he who has stopped learning is dead already. Why do we stop? When we imagine we are perfect already!

Every good thing we receive is by God's grace. Let's not act as if we earned it or deserve it, but learn to love and fear God.

Are we merciful to ourselves but hard on others? Then we are also proud and blind. We have got the Gospel all wrong.

As long as we honestly acknowledge our sins God is able to help us, but not if we justify ourselves or blame others.

Many who think they love others are actually seeking something for themselves from the others. True love seeks to give.

Without repentance there is no salvation, both when we first come to Jesus and also every day of the rest of our life.

Backsliding starts when we lose our first love for the Lord and become lukewarm. Stop it before it destroys us.

The poor in spirit will pray much because they know their dependence on God. They are also full of gratitude to God.

Avoiding facing our sins appears to give us a sense of well-being, but it deceives us because our sins are not dealt with!

Satan works in the world to normalise sin and take away sin's sinfulness. But God is the one who defines what is right or wrong.

God wants to work in us and even through us. But He will not do anything against our choices or without our cooperation.

When we love God we will want to keep all of His commandments. But the Pharisees went wrong in keeping them only externally.

There is a question we have to settle, whether God is going to be more important than money, pleasure or people's opinions.

True spirituality is about an ongoing, open, honest, sincere, full time relationship with God, not external, dutiful rituals.

When trouble comes our way, even as we seek relief, let's learn what the Lord can teach us through it, and come out transformed.

A good start is important, but also how we run the race and especially how we finish. Everything must be according to God's rules.

Do we seek God only in emergencies or is everything in our life, whether we call it spiritual or secular, subject to Him?

Any Christian can be a full time servant of God if whatever he does is done as unto Him from the heart.

God is a very present help in time of trouble, but we tend to stray away from Him when everything is going well.

God has set apart His people for Himself. But we will miss what He has for us until we too set ourselves apart for Him.

God is good. But His goodness is not such that He winks His eyes at sin. It is directed towards our eternal well-being.

God wants us to press on towards perfection, but we go wrong if we expect anything to be perfect in this world!

He who is born of God does not want to sin and tries his best not to. For the others it's only about not getting caught.

God wants to forgive everyone, but only those who repent of their sins and believe Jesus died for their sins receive it.

There's so much to learn! It's folly to behave as if we know it all. We can't become better or do things better without learning.

We can trust God to keep all His promises, but we should also know that He means what He says in His warnings.

How sad if God remains only in our intellect, and how delightful if we learn to walk with Him on the journey of our life!

God longs to be close to us without limit. How close we actually become depends entirely on how much we really long for it.

We mustn't forget that a part of the way God helps us with our problems is to tell us to change our ways.

We get to know God through His word. But then, to know His word deeply and rightly we must be yielded to do His will.

God is never a disappointment. If we get disappointed with Him, it's always because we don't understand Him or His ways.

Many who seek God only want His help in their life. Very few are those who know God well enough to surrender to His will.

To be what God wants us to be and to do and accomplish what He wants us to do is the greatest ambition anyone can have.

How many people feel 'nice' about God and think they love God! Obedience to His laws is the test of our love for God.

There's a huge difference between those who struggle to keep God's laws and fail and others who don't bother about His laws.

The one who truly knows God as He really is has no problem believing that nothing is impossible for Him.

If those who profess to be believers in Jesus do not have the fruit of His life in them, they must know they are deceived.

God has the right to require repentance before He forgives, but as recipients of undeserved mercy, we ought to forgive freely.

Everyone would like their sins forgiven. What makes true Christians different is they don't want to sin even though they too fall.

If we say all things are possible with God and then say we don't believe some particular thing is possible, who do we believe in?

If we walk in our own ways, without yielding to God's ways, can we expect His help, protection, comfort, or guidance in our life?

Some old sinful habits may take time to overcome. But knowing that Jesus came to set captives free, we mustn't ever give up.

If our doctrines don't correspond with practical life, let's see if we aren't obeying them or if we have misunderstood them.

Who doesn't like to hear about the love of God? It's when you talk about dealing with sin that crowds begin to disappear!

An intellectual assent to doctrines without the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit does not make us Christians.

When the blood of Jesus washes us God looks at us as if we have never sinned � we are bold before God but humble in our own heart.

Wrong ideas about God will lead us away from the real God. It's a matter of life and death to know God in truth.

When we realise God has blessed us with salvation when what we really deserve is death, isn't that enough to fill us with thanks?

It's possible to think something wrong and imagine we're right. But when we submit to God's word the truth begins to free us.

We all have a tendency to defend ourselves from blame. But unless we open ourselves to correction, even God cannot save us!

Some people act self-sufficient and confident. But at the core, all of us need God and none of us can manage without Him.

If we can't trust God enough to place our lives into His hands and obey whatever He says, we don't really trust Him at all!

If the desire to honour God's name and to see that His will gets done controls all our action, all else will be taken care of.

We can move out of some trials, but enduring is the only way to overcome many others. Trust God to give us what it takes.

Can we say we believe in God when we think we don't agree with some things He says in His word or don't do what He tells us to?

The love of God draws us to Him, but then the fear of God should teach us to walk faithfully before Him.

God hates sin, and His topmost priority for us is to free us from its power. What is our priority in relation with Him?

In everything give thanks, not necessarily for the situation, but for God being with us as all that we really need.

If we saw ourselves as sinners when we came to God the first time, why is it that we justify ourselves and refuse to learn?

"What sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness" � when we consider what all is happening and what is to come!

In times of pain, some people turn away from God and some start seeking God. If we seek Him we'll find He is so close to us.

"Come unto Me, 'all' who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest," is an open promise Jesus has made.

The Lord is good to all who 'fear' Him. What about those who want Him to be good to them but who don't care to obey Him?

God loves everyone He has created. But the more we love Him the closer we get to Him and experience His love in deeper ways.

When we know what God wants us to do and we are tempted to do something else we get to see who is really Lord in our life.

Can Jesus really be Saviour for those who can't even see they need to be saved from their sins? Many want only a magic helper!

It's only when we place our full trust in God and yield to Him that we experience His love and comfort. Mere theory doesn't help.

It's easy to say we're not perfect but hard to admit our imperfection in actual situations and be willing to learn and change.

Let's lean on God and not on ourselves. Let's humble ourselves and submit to the word of God and not to our own understanding.

Many Christians don't read the Bible much. Many don't take care to understand it right. Explains the condition of Christians?

Spiritual understanding is a gift from God which starts growing at the new birth. The natural mind cannot understand God.

God calls all Christians to overcome. A constant striving to overcome in spite of failures is a mark of genuine Christians.

Real Christians don't want to sin even though they may fall. Those who are OK with sin aren't Christians even if they say so.

Humility, honesty and integrity stay together, all connected with how we stand and what we think of ourselves before God.

God wants to save us from disobedience to obedience. Let's not bypass the responsibility for obedience by praying instead.

Nothing is impossible with God. But should we neglect to do what is possible for us and wait for Him to act?

The Bible was inspired by the Spirit of God. We cannot understand the spirit of the word with only our natural mind.

Keeping eternity in view in all our decisions can save us from missing out on what God has prepared for us.

Even though they know the Bible many Christians actually live as if all that matters is to enjoy a good life here on earth.

People freely admit they are imperfect. But our humility is tested when someone points out our faults.

Of course, there will always be things we can't understand about God. But does it mean that we won't seek to learn more?

Some people think that when grace came, the law was taken away. No. God wrote His laws on the hearts of His children.

In order to truly learn, we must acknowledge we don't know everything and be willing to change our life to what we learn new.

Lord, help us to accept others just as You have accepted us, with all our ignorance, failures, weaknesses and faults.

Ensuring that our doctrine is right is essential for our steady growth as well as our protection. Doctrines shape our practice.

Trusting in God for help and doing what we can ought to be balanced, without leaning entirely to one side or the other.

If we really want to know God, we must spend quality time with Him, talking and listening to Him as we read His word and pray.

Failures show us we are human. But we ought to get up and start running the race again knowing that God is still at work in us.

Even though we are not going to become perfect in this life, pressing on towards perfection shows God has given us a new heart.

When we have questions about life and no answers, take courage knowing it's sufficient that our Heavenly Father knows.

When we can see problems before us and we can't see God anywhere, that is our faith under test. To overcome is to walk by faith.

To be what God wants us to be and to do what He wants us to do � whatever distractions come, we must keep getting back to this.

When things go wrong don't blame God. He is perfect in all His ways and we have seen His gracious love towards us to prove that.

Don't wait for feelings to calm down to forgive others. Forgive and refuse to think of the hurt again. Feelings will follow.

When we want to check a doctrine, make sure we are willing to follow whatever God shows us. He wants those who trust and obey.

Don't accept every preacher. Check for godly fruit in his personal life and fruit leading to godliness in his listeners.

When the church meets, are we just playing a role or renewing our connection with God and with the rest of the body of Christ?

When we are to love our enemies, we see it's not about liking them. To love someone means to desire the best for them.

There's a battle in our mind between God's will and ours. If we aren't aware of it, guess whose will is getting done!

Just check where our mind is focussed most of the time � on being pleasing to God or just our life here on earth.

What is our real ambition, to make ourselves great or God great? That will determine if we'll be godly or not.

Do we want to do our own thing, enjoy life and at the same time want God to take care of us? It doesn't work that way.

Aligning our life with God is a much better way to ensure our happiness than to plan and scheme.

Those who don't know God well complain against Him. But those who know Him worship Him.

Many look for deliverance from difficult circumstances and live with bondages inside, just like the Jews with the Messiah.

Satan doesn't mind if we go to church as long as we aren't bent on doing the will of God in all our life.

We have to recognise the fact that we all make mistakes. The question is if we'll allow them to hold us back or we'll move on.

Authority comes with responsibility. People like to flaunt their authority while neglecting their responsibilities.

Faithfulness before the face of God, away from the eyes of man, is the character of a man who has really seen God and loves Him.

The peace that God gives comes through faith when we cast our cares on Him and trust Him and His wisdom.

A closer walk with God comes by yielding up our self life and following Him daily wherever He leads us.

If we expect great things from God, we will also be attempting great things for Him. It's not one-sided.

Obeying God's commandments ceases to be a burden and starts to be a joy when we start loving Him with all our heart.

The one who relies merely on natural abilities to serve God misses the Holy Spirit's power to accomplish eternal results.

However old we become, a willingness to receive correction is necessary to preserve us on the right path.

Our love for God is not really true if we don't love Him more than everyone and everything else.

Genuine gratitude in our heart is an indication of how much we know God and how humble He has made us.

Devotion to Christ is not a sentimental notion but an attitude of mind that motivates us to obey Him in everything.

If our mind is set on glorifying God and doing His will everything in our life will get into its rightful place.

When we see what God has revealed in the Bible about Himself we can see if our concepts of God are just our imagination.

When we get to know God personally we see that He is far better and greater than we had ever imagined.

Let us desire for a goodness of heart towards all people. If God is able to change us in this He can make us a blessing.

If we don't allow the Holy Spirit to show us where we are unlike Jesus, He can't help us to become more like Jesus.

A clear conscience is a priceless virtue: we ought to seek to keep it pure, and the blood of Jesus can cleanse us if we fail.

To say we love Jesus and yet have have no real desire to be pleasing to Him in every detail of our life is to fool ourselves.

God loves us because He is love and He is the one who created us. We love Him because He loves us.

Jesus takes away our condemnation. If we have experienced this, it becomes easier for us not to look on others with condemnation.

Beholding the beauty of the Lord and getting to know Him closely � the most worthwhile ambition for all human beings!

O come, let us adore Him. His beauty and greatness are far beyond understanding. But He has made it possible for us to love Him.

Remember, our fallen nature keeps pulling us to please ourselves. We can please God only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Becoming more like Jesus is not automatic for a believer. We have to deny ourselves and submit to the Holy Spirit.

If our love is not a love in action, in being a blessing for others, it's just a notion or worst, a form of selfishness.

When we get to know God revealed through Jesus we will see how ridiculous it is to assume all ways lead to the same God.

God is a very present help in times of trouble. Those who stay close to Him experience this.

If we take God's love for granted and go on living however we like, it's one of the worst ways we can be deceived in.

Whatever happens let's hold on to our confidence in God. Then He will be able to carry us through.

On the last day, when all things are clear, there will be no man who can say he put his trust in God and God failed him.

There are things we can learn only through trouble, and after we have been through it we can be glad seeing it was good for us.

Humility is our key to our relationship with God. There are many sides to humility and learning it must be a lifetime pursuit.

Meditate on what grace means to us -- from a holy God to sinners -- and it will change the way we look at others.

When we wait for God to fulfil His promises just make sure we have fulfilled the conditions attached to them!

If the desire to become like Jesus in practical life is not strong in our life we must wonder if we really know Him at all!

Prayer indicates our recognition of our dependence on God as well as our confidence in Him.

Salvation is by grace and through faith. Without the kind of faith that leads to obedience we cannot receive this salvation.

Many are troubled by wrong concepts about God. If only they get to know Him truly they would see He is the perfect One.

True doctrine must not only be consistent with the rest of Scripture but also be seen as true in practical life.

Nobody loves us, understands us, cares for us, stands with us and intercedes for us like Jesus, our only Saviour and Lord.

Whenever we are tempted to do anything wrong, let us remember we will be betraying Jesus who gave Himself to save us from it.

'Ministry' is not about doing 'great' things for God but doing what He wants us to do – nothing more, nothing less.

Desire earnestly for spiritual gifts so that we may serve God and His people better, not for making ourselves great.

We may fail in deed, word or thought. But what is most important is to seek to keep our heart right before God.

Don't redefine sin and avoid conviction by the Holy Spirit. Only the poor in spirit will be able to grow in the kingdom of God.

Exaggerating God's sovereignty and not taking responsibility for ourselves comes from misunderstanding grace.

Anxiety comes from uncertainty about the future. The only way to really overcome it is by trusting in God as we get to know Him.

Accepting others with their weaknesses and bearing with them is a sign of growing in maturity. It's the humble who can do this.

We can never be happy if we keep waiting for others to make us happy. Those who bless will receive a blessing in return.

Little sins – unfaithfulness in little things – can eat away at our heart and spoil our relationship with the Lord.

After God has made us His children, we still have sinful desires to overcome. Be real, don't take cover behind doctrines.

Deliverance from sin has to be at the core of all transformation. Otherwise it will be superficial or temporary.

What we truly are is based on our thoughts and intentions rather than by words and actions that are seen on the outside.

Even though God is almighty, it is possible for us to limit God by unbelief from doing what He wants to do for us.

Grace leads us to receive free acceptance by God and then it helps us to learn obedience from the heart to His ways.

Our knowledge of God should transform our thoughts and behaviour to make us godly. Otherwise it is merely a dead knowledge.

There is hope for everyone who comes to the Saviour. But there is no one so hopeless as the one who will not believe in Him.

Can we receive grace from God if we refuse to show the same grace to other people? Then we forget about how undeserved it is!

To be filled with the Spirit is not to be just an event but an experience of walking daily with the Spirit.

What God has planned for us in grace has to be received through faith. If we have true faith, we'll take action according to it.

God loves us with an undeserving love. We can either respond to that love and live for Him or misuse it and live for ourselves.

Forgiveness is free because Jesus has already taken our punishment. Receiving it is through repentance, confession and faith.

If we choose not to forgive anyone else we lose the right to receive forgiveness from God on the basis of grace.

Jesus wants to set us free from bondages and strongholds, help us to be what He has created us to be and do what He wants us to.

We mustn't forget we have the ability to choose between God's will and ours, even if it has been dulled by lack of use.

Unless we seek to bring every thought into captivity to Christ, we aren't on the way of faithfulness to God.

Is our longing for God to have more of our life or is it that we just want God to help us more with our life?

A proper appreciation of the mercy of God to us will drive us to want to be faithful to Him in every way.

Father of all mercies and God of all comfort -- this is how those who experience trouble can experience God.

Obedience and not sentimental feeling is to be at the heart of our relationship with God. That is the mark of true faith.

The more we get to know God we see more of His glory. This won't happen until we pursue after Him with earnestness.

The love of God does not stand alone but along with His holiness, righteousness and justice. Let's worship Him in His fulness.

Self-centredness is a major part of our sinful nature. To become concerned about the welfare of others is a mark of change.

When we grow closer to Christ we sin less and less but we see sin as being more and more sinful in our eyes.

Faith is to trust in God as a real Person whom we know and have a relationship with. It's not about getting things from Him.

Flee from temptations. Those who think they can handle them will learn otherwise soon.

Jesus came to give us His kingdom and righteousness. 'All other things' were not what He had primarily in His plan for us.

If we say we are born again but do not have godly fruit to show in our life and ministry, aren't we deceiving ourselves?

The sinner who repents finds restoration with God but the one who doesn't see a need to repent gets further away from Him.

Jesus is not only the One who loved us and gave Himself for us, but also to whom we will have to give an account of our life.

No one loves us like Jesus. It's when we love Him more than everyone and everything else that we can truly experience this love.

The doctrines we believe in guide our practical life. Don't think doctrines are only for theologians.

The more needy we see ourselves as, the more strongly we will cling to God. Self-sufficient people people cannot experience God.

When God's ways seem mysterious, look back at the goodness we have already experienced and keep up hope for the future.

Guilt is a huge problem for some people. What would we do if God hadn't provided us total cleansing from all our past?

The main goal of salvation is not to take us to heaven but to transform us into people who walk in godly (Christ-like) ways.

God is present with those who love and reverence Him. The proof is seen sometimes in miracles but always in changed lives.

The purity of our motive is more important to God than what we actually do. If our heart is right, we have confidence with God.

To follow Jesus we must know who He is and who we are, and love and obey Him as the Lord of every part of our life.

When things seem too difficult for us remember God has allowed it knowing that with His grace we can overcome it.

Job, the godliest man in his time, couldn't figure out what was going on. Let's not think we can always, but trust God instead.

Jesus said He would be with us always. This is good to remember especially when we are in trouble and He doesn't seem near.

Trust in God who keeps track of even our hair and pass our cares to Him, especially those we can't do anything about.

Some people try to get peace by stopping to think! True peace comes by trusting God and acting according to His ways.

Until we admit and face our problem we cannot overcome it. Some people think problems will go away if they avoid looking at them.

Holiness in life is the hallmark of a Christian. It must be seen in heart, mind and action. It shows we know God and He knows us.

Faith is when we trust in God enough to want to obey Him in everything. It is not a belief or state of mind we have to work up.

Corrections are unpleasant because we have to admit we were wrong, but it is they which lead us to become better people.

Why run after material blessings when we could do much better with blessings of divine nature that will last through eternity?

If we don't learn to think all things through, we tend to go to extremes without being able to see the big picture.

Wanting to become great before people works in opposition to the desire to be pleasing to the Lord in everything.

Do we have to impress people with pomp and show if we are secure in the knowledge of who we are in the sight of God?

If our 'godliness' is only in external behaviour before people, we deceive ourselves more than we can imagine.

If we seek awards or accolades from men we stand to lose rewards from God.

A good and compassionate heart is more pleasing to God than legalistic righteousness. Be righteous in a good way!

God is good. The more we walk according to His ways the more we can experience His goodness in our life.

A holy God who hates sin and punishes sinners has shown His love by taking our punishment. He deserves our fear and love!

Is our 'religion' about external rituals without changing our heart and mind to make us better people? Find the truth!

If only we would realise how we are entirely depenedent on our Creator who is also our Judge and Saviour and cling to Him!

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