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The injustice of grace

by Jacob Ninan

Christians tend to take the grace of God over them so much for granted that it does not occur to many of them how "unjust" or "unfair" God has been to them to grant them grace! I am sure that is how the devil thinks about God. Imagine taking sinners and declaring them righteous! Imagine showing mercy on the worst type of sinners! Imagine going after hopeless wretches who never even bothered to seek God in return! Imagine being patient with those who have backslidden and gone away from the One who showed them mercy in the beginning! Imagine actually loving imperfect creatures who are so unlovable and who keep doing many things wrong, whom most people find it difficult to love! ..... How unfair! How unjust!

Yet this is the grace we have experienced. Then why are we complaining about how life is unfair? Why are we upset with someone who treated us somewhat unjustly? Perhaps we have not really realised how gracious God has been to us. Or perhaps we forgot!

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