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The latest article: Moving on from the past
We mustn't let our past spoil our future.

The latest article: The fight within
This is what we have to focus on.

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Divine and human perfection
Doctrine and practical life meeting together.

Erroneous teachings in the church
A warning about some of the common, popular but false concepts in believing churches

An online course on the Foundational Truths
An introduction to the major truths of the Bible

Quick steps to a solid foundation
Ensure that you have a strong foundation in your spiritual life

To be a disciple
An encouragement to become a disciple of Jesus

Temptation and sin
The mechanics of what goes on.

Dealing with temptation
How temptation builds up, and how we can face them.

Why did You do this to me, God? A short answer
A short answer to an age old question

Rising from rejection to acceptance
If we are suffering from the results of rejection, there is a way to find acceptance.

Forgiving and being forgiven
What is forgiveness for ourselves and towards the others?

Confessing sins
A look at different practical aspects of confession

Integrity in the area of sex
A series of 7 devotionals in a corporate set up.

Self assessment
A series of 7 devotionals in a corporate set up.

Curses on Christians?
We don't have to live in fear of curses.

The old and the new covenants
We need to understand the difference and its implications.

Marriage, divorce, remarriage
Sifting through the confusion.

How does this relate to Christians?

Faith and healing
Are Christians to enjoy perfect health on earth?

Spiritual warfare
Are Christians exempt, can Christians be possessed?

A common mistake
Looking at a mistaken way of interpreting the Bible.

Spiritual gifts
A balanced view on the Holy Spirit and His gifts - The transcript of a spoken message.

Water baptism
What is its significance?

Why get baptised?
A detailed study on water baptism

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
What does the Bible say?

Christian worldview
The Christian concept of who we are, why we are in this world, our relationship with God, etc.

The big picture
We need to find our place in the big picture God has planned.

The doctrine of healing
Is physical healing a part of salvation which we can claim?.

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Articles on the Christian life
Christian life

Missing true spirituality
It is not about external practices or behaviour.

The way of cleansing
The godly way of repenting from sins.

Divine and human perfection
Doctrine and practical life meeting together.

The prodigal son
When we miss out on what God has prepared for us.

The true grace of God
Grace is amazing. But it shouldn't be exaggerated.

A godly man
Some characteristics of truly godly people.

Practical forgiveness
Some truths about forgiveness and some common errors.

Hyper theology
Some examples of extremes in theology.

What is the real problem?
The Gospel message in short.

Are you in love with Jesus?
Many people 'accept' Jesus as their Saviour, but somehow they don't know Him well enough to have fallen in love with Him.

Becoming like Jesus
The way to become like Jesus is to learn from Him.

After we sin
What all happen if we sin.

Are our burdens light?
Is it right for Christians to expect a comfortable life?

Still some get saved!
Many are coming to the Lord in spite of all the confusion around, but many others are missing the genuine experience.

Following methods, missing God
When we can turn to God Himself, why do we still go after methods?

Seven mountains of influence
A teaching that took many Christians in a wrong direction.

"Be imitators of me"
We need to imitate the right kind of examples.

Facing up to difficulties
Escaping from reality will not remove our challenges.

Personal integrity
This is what God respects in a man.

A heart of giving
'Giving' is of no value before God if it is not from our heart.

What the church needs
It's not larger buildings or better equipment.

Supernatural Christian
A genuine Christian life is not about beliefs but a supernatural experience with God.

The new tabernacle
Under the new covenant which Jesus has made we are the tabernacle of God.

Positive thinking running amok?
Positive thinking which refuses to face reality is a deception.

Generational curses
Is this true? What shall we do?

To avoid backsliding
Backsliding is really much more common among Christians than what many think.

Curses on Christians?
We don't have to live in fear of curses.

Because you are not a foot, ...
We are without comparison with our own special role given by God.

The word without the Spirit
Trying to interpret the Bible without the Spirit who inspired it is folly.

Working together with the word and the Spirit
We need to be led by the Spirit but in line with God's word.

What the Lord really wants from us
When we give our whole heart, our whole love, and all of ourselves to God, do we then limit ourselves to just one-seventh and one-tenth?

Volunteering to suffer
In order to serve God and to bless the others.

Extreme spirituality
Some of the extreme positions Christians take in their zeal.

Is that from God?
A call for discernment when we see the things happening around us in the name of Jesus.

One shot remedies
Any truth, along with the neglect of another truth, cannot save us.

Faith and superstition
Many superstitions continue among Christians too!

Earthly minded ministry
Does our ministry only look at our earthly life?

Believing lies
When we get to know the truth, the truth would set us free. But Satan operates by persuading us to believe falsehood.

The evolution of prayer
Is our prayer different in spirit from what Jesus taught?

The curdling milk of human kindness
An eagerness to show kindness seems to actually end up harming people.

Fear of religious objects
Do objects have power in themselves?

We are very special
Each of us is uniquely valuable to God.

My Good Samaritan story
An experience at the receiving end.

What shall we preach to Orissa?
Pious words and casual promises are useless in times of persecution.

Pursuing perfection and facing reality
Do we live in a world of words and concepts, or is our perfection down to earth?

Holiness vs. love?
Why is there a gap between those who follow holiness and others who follow love?

Dealing with bribery
Making a distinction between bribery and extortion.

Foolhardiness or faith?
We can go wrong if we think we have faith without having heard from God.

The prayer of Elijah
How did his prayer work?

Let there be light!
We need to be careful how we read the Bible.

The sap and the fruit
Finally our fruit will show what is inside us.

Is your faith the kind that lasts?
A 'faith' that cannot survive tests is no faith at all.

Jesus as a Servant of God
The example Jesus has given us in serving God.

Grace - and the past, the present and the future
How 'grace' deals with every aspect of our life.

Grace and anointing
Receiving unmerited favour from God, and then living to please Him.

Grace and the fear of God
These are not mutually exclusive.

The injustice of grace
It looks as if grace is unjust.

What can separate us from the love of God?
Nothing? Really?

Three levels of acceptance
We look for acceptance at three levels.

The treasure in earthen vessels - the problem of human imperfection
We can understand a little more clearly what it means to judge righteously when we see how God judges.

Sidestepping the real issue
Are we trying out all kinds of gimmicks trying to side-step the main issue in our life?

A sense for the truth
Most disagreements among believers originate from the tendency to look at things from an outward point of view.

Are you born of God?
Some ways to examine ourselves.

Do we really know God?
How can we be sure?

Knowing as we ought to know
Aren't there 'wrong' ways of knowing?

A personal relationship with God
This is what counts finally.

Faith or make-believe?
How to know if our faith is genuine?

Who is free from the law?
It's not about claiming we are free.

The mystery of lawlessness at work
It's working, even now.

The form and the power
A 'great' form without any real power is deceptive.

When does the glory of God depart?
God's anointing may depart from us, and it may be only much later that this becomes evident to people around us.

Backsliding is a downward slope
It begins imperceptibly, but gains momentum increasingly.

Falling away
It is not easy to detect the beginning of falling away.

An instrument in the hands of Satan
Can it not happen to anyone?

Rightly dividing the word of God
It needs to be done, but it won't happen unless we are careful.

Who is right and who is wrong?
In the midst of disagreements and quarrels.

How can we grow in discernment?

Judging only ourselves
This is a challenge for all of us.

The greatest thing about Jesus
Grace, love, mercy, sinlessness?

The essence of divine love
People have different concepts about love.

Bearing the burdens of others
Jesus was compassionate and merciful towards even the weakest who came into the light.

The spirit of giving
'Giving' from the heart is a mark of spiritual progress.

'Good deeds' do not necessarily come from good hearts.

Victory through obedience
There is a balance between free grace and our response.

Hoping against hope
Victory over sin is what God has promised, even if seems to be ever elusive.

Freedom from condemnation
Shouldn't we allow ourselves to feel convicted of our sin even while enjoying freedom from condemnation?

Unworthy servants
Not to think of grace as something to be earned!

What is backbiting?
What does God think about it, and what do legalists say?

The burden bearers
A ministry starts from a burden in our heart.

Paul and his opponents
An example of judging people without knowing their hearts.

Recovering from failure
There is a way back to God.

The secret of judging oneself
It doesn't come easily.

Christian service for ordinary Christians
Is 'full time' service the only acceptable ministry?

Two superstitions
Even Christians have superstitions.

Two types of victory
Comparing spiritual life to a battle.

When godly men quarrel
Different common reasons why even godly people end up in quarrels.

The Wedding Gift
A handout for the wedding day.

Dear missionary kid
A letter to Mkids.

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General Articles on Counsel

Looking for identity
When our 'identity' is unstable.

The overriding thought
We shouldn't be acting out of the feeling of the moment.

The platform for change
What is the best way to deal with problems?

Some tips on handling conflicts
We must learn how to deal with temptations and also how to deal with conflicts with other people.

Temptation and sin
The mechanics of what goes on.

Dealing with temptation
How temptation builds up, and how we can face them.

Three levels of acceptance
We look for acceptance at three levels.

Transitioning between the generations
Avoiding the generation gap.

An exercise for spiritual healing
Deep wounds need deep healing.

For young people
Some special words for the young.

Men and 'dirty' thoughts
A most common problem, but not insurmountable.

Q&A "Can't stop myself!"
Coming out from slavery to compulsive habits.

Integrity in the area of sex
A series of 7 devotionals.

Self assessment
A series of 7 devotionals in a corporate set up.

Christians and porn
There is a way out.

Women and insecurity
A special problem women face.

Why get married?
The real purpose of marriage.

Different communications - men/women
Differences between men and women.

Communications breakdown in marriage
A most common occurrence in marriage.

The parent teenager divide
Both are responsible.

Managing anger
Anger itself is not wrong.

Personality clashes
Many interpersonal problems originate because of differences in temperament.

Work, ministry and family - juggling time
A practical approach to priorities.

Some thoughts on Christian parenting
Our approach has to change according to the age of the children.

'Faith' as a defence mechanism
That kind of 'faith' is only an escape from reality.

What - spank the children?
What is the place for discipline in a child's life.

Christians and psychology
Is it right for Christians to go to a psychologist for mental problems?

Divorce and remarriage
From a biblical point of view.

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Marriage counsel
Articles on Marriage

A packet of premarital counsel
For those who are unable to meet a counsellor before marriage.

Marriage counselling -- for men
A package for men without going to a counsellor.

Marriage counselling -- for women
A package for women without going to a counsellor.

A note for married men; ladies, don't read!
Some mistakes men tend to make.

Sins of omission
Things that get overlooked in the relationship.

The evening drama
A common drama when the husband comes home from work.

It takes two hands to clap
How we can be foolish to let small issues become too big for us in marriage.

Incompatibility in marriage
Just being Christians doesn't guarantee a happy marriage.

Working wives
The additional challenges they face.

The in-law problem
What the Bible says can avoid this.

When hubby doesn't cooperate
What if the husband is unwilling to change.

Confusing communications
Communication between husbands and wives can be very confusing!

Beware! Men at work
What a wife shouldn't do when her husband is focussing on something.

When you are at your wit's end
An example of when a husband can't figure out what his wife is saying!

Communications breakdown in marriage
A most common occurrence in marriage.

Conversation in marriage is unique!
This is not like communication in other spheres of life.

Why get married?
The real purpose of marriage.

Sex with understanding
Without understanding, it is just physical.

'Leaving' and cleaving is not easy
But without these there cannot be a happy marriage.

Married couples to obey their parents
When the parents tell them, "Children, obey your parents."

Emotional adultery
Do our needs justify meeting them in wrong ways?

FAQ on marriage, divorce and remarriage
A discussion on the Christian approach.

Divorce and remarriage
From a biblical point of view.

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Light of Life
Moving on from the past
We mustn't let our past spoil our future.

Redefining sin!
It is God who calls sin what it is and not clever human ideas.

No transformation without conversion
Transformation cannot happen by human effort but only by a work of God.

Keeping God in a box
God is bigger than anything we can conceive of.

Christians and counselling
What place does counselling have?

Bringing down strongholds
We mustn't forget that Jesus came to set captives free.

Where are you going, families?
We ought to make course corrections.

A seeking Christian
It's not just new seekers who have to seek God.

The wheat and the tares
What happens when the church is a mixed multitude?

The bucket list
What is on our list, as Christians?

We wish we could have said that the moral decay in the world has not affected Christianity.

What is wrong with patriarchy?
It's not patriarchy per se that has gone wrong, but man's interpretation of it.

What is it that we seek?
We can't get what God wants to give if we are seeking something else.

Personal reformation
The church cannot get reformed much until the people in it get reformed first.

Are we missing something in our church?
God has provisions for the lacks in our local churches.

The Bible as the word of God
In what way is the Bible the word of God?

Authority and its abuse
This is increasingly happening in different areas of life.

Making of books
Christian books are sadly becoming more and more superficial.

Shepherds and sheep
Many Christian workers are not serving God but themselves for the sake of their own gain.

The grace of God
The grace of God is the bridge through which the all perfect God crosses over to us who are imperfect in every aspect of our being and life.

Web of deceit
Satan has spread a web of deceit over people slowly through the years.

Real transformation
What God wants is truth in our innermost being.

Playing politics
Shall we walk in a manner worthy of our calling as children of God or play politics in the church?

Lies, deceit, guile
Shall we walk in the light before God's face?

Wishing and hoping
Mere wishing and hoping cannot change anything.

The will of God
How does the will of God work along with the will of man?

Adulteration of the media
We hardly know now if we can believe what we see or hear.

True faith
Faith is one of the things Satan most counterfeits!

A very crucial ministry, and its compromise!

True freedom
There is a freedom deeper than what most people know about.

The bottom line
The basic goal behind every Christian ministry.

The progressive Christian
A desire to be seen as being progressive can make us compromisers.

Faith, faithfulness and obedience
As we grow spiritually, our faith results in transforming our behaviour.

Who are your prophets?
Many people are flocking to hear what they like rather than what God is saying.

Just milk all the way?
A spiitual baby needs to grow up to become all that God wants him to be and to do all that God wants him to do.

Comfort for the weary
God knows how to comfort us according to our different situations.

A natural 'Christian'
God wants us to be spiritual people and not those who depend merely on our natural strengths.

"I hate your festivals"
It is obvious that, for many people, these festivals are not about Him, but themselves.

Peace at any cost?
Pursuing after peace with people at the cost of peace with God?

The failure of the intellectuals
Where have Christian intellectuals failed in fulfilling the task God gave them?

We can't make any spiritual progress till we start taking responsibility for ourselves.

The rise of the Antichrist
An unhealthy curiosity to know who the Antichrist is and what the meaning of 666 is may blind us to the spirit of the antichrist which is already operating.

The season of prophets?
There seems to be rush of people into the ministry of prophecy and many gullible people are also listening to them!

Where is freedom going?
The modern push for personal freedom seems to want to suppress the freedom of others!

Christians and realpolitik
A faithful Christian seeks to please the Lord at all times, he is grieved when he fails to do so, and he attempts to set things right with the Lord and others as soon as possible; a compromising Christian has accepted shortcuts and compromises as a way of life.

Scientific temper
It's a way of life that needs to be applied to our spiritual life too.

Why would Christians lie?
Those who are expected to hold forth the light are walking in darkness.

Blurring lines
The lines that separate right from wrong are getting blurred.

Pursuing happiness
The right way to get happiness in life.

The tussle between two worlds
Some are perplexed because God does not appear to resolve their problems even after long prayers.

God with us
The only assurance that will always stand with us in times of trouble.

A child is born
How do we relate to the Child and children?

The divine and the human
Human wisdom and efforts in Christian work.

The divided gospel!
Different preachers are missing parts of the gospel.

The remnant
God wants us to be His faithful witness in this deteriorating world.

The watchman over our heart
What we need to pay attention to if we are to keep close to the Lord.

The password
The passwords for survival in the world and for blessings in the church.

Politically incorrect
The pressure on us to compromise on the truth.

Debate competition?
When Christian groups discuss things, should their goal be to win the debate?

He is alive!
Jesus is alive. This should change our whole attitude towards life.

Human rights
The platform on which the world is changing values.

When truths seem to contradict
What to do when the Bible seems to tell us opposing things

Religious obligations
How are we Christians different from those of other religions?

Core realities
Why aren't we Christians what we proclaim?

Do we need to make things entertaining to catch and hold people?

Think or believe?
Do we need to choose between the two?

When doctrines divide
We are not to be tossed about by every wind of doctrine.

Dependence on God
What happens when we depend on ourselves instead.

Where is the world heading?
The prince of this world is slowly corrupting every area of life.

Born with a mission
Don't forget why Jesus came, when you celebrate Christmas.

Looking ahead with hope
What can we hope for in the new year, in the face of the worseing situation in the world?

What does God want to do with people?

Holding on to the young
What many churches do to retain young people.

A look at Christian integrity as we engage in different types of arguments.

Is scheming for position and power compatible with Christ?

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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Water baptism
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
The kingdom of God
Christian growth
Judge not!
True faith and false faith
Faith and healing
Temptation and sin
Confessing sins
Return from backsliding
The church
The old and the new covenants
Authority and submission
Finding God's will
Christians and prosperity
Word of faith
Can one lose his salvation?
Marriage, divorce, remarriage
Compulsive behaviour
Spiritual warfare
Speaking in tongues
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Q&A Questions & Answers

Teenage pregnancy
Help! I am pregnant!

Married couples to obey their parents?
When the parents tell them, "Children, obey your parents."

When a relationship breaks down.

Hearing voices!
Where do they come from?

"Can't stop myself!"
Getting out of compulsive habits.

Staying on in abuse
Is a Christian wife bound to stay in an abusive marriage?

Emotional adultery
Do our needs justify meeting them in wrong ways?

Blaming the way girls dress
Is that the reason for moral decay?

I'm always late!
Can such a person change?

Decision to marry
There are things to think about and we are not to be in a hurry.

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Audio Messages

Grace overload!
What the true grace of God is, and how it has been misunderstood.

The reason for the season
Make sure you have really become a child of God.

Why get baptised?
A detailed study on water baptism

How shall we pray?
How not to pray and how to.

YouTube video on becoming Christlike
The root of the issue.

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Articles by other authors

Five conditions of prevailing prayer by George Mueller
Ten causes of backsliding by George Douglas Watson
Remedy for backsliding by George Douglas Watson
The believer sinking in the mire by C. H. Spurgeon
Identifying Satan's suggestions by S. D. Gordon

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