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DISCLAIMER: The following links are added here for additional resources. I do not endorse all the contents in these links. Some of them are good, and some of them are not so good. But since they are mixed together, do take care to remove the chaff from the grain.

E-sword is the sword of the Lord with an electronic edge! This is a link where you can get a very useful, user friendly and free Bible software for Windows with many different translations, commentaries and dictionaries.
e-Sword Home

Another (offline) Bible software with a choice of translations, commentaries, dictionaries and books.
Online Bible

Berean Bible software (free) offers easy to use KJV, ESV, NASB, NET, NKJV and other versions with search facilities
Berean Bible software

'The Word' Bible software (free) with many translations and many ways of studying God's word. Fast. Also available for USB pen drive.
'The Word' Bible software

The Blue Letter Bible is a site where you can read many translations of the Bible along with commentaries and many other study materials including audio/video resources.
The Blue Letter Bible

The Bible Explorer is a free software for PC and Mac along with a large collection of free resources.
Bible Explorer

The English Standard Version is a new, accurate translation of the Bible. You can have your personalised study online including the ESV Study Bible, along with audio Bible, and daily reading portions.
ESV Online

A lecture series on Biblical hermeneutics, the science of interpreting the Bible, by Dr. Robert Stein
Biblical hermeneutics

'Your Destiny, Your Choice' is a flash-based cartoon gospel presentation in a growing number of languages.
Your Destiny, Your Choice

The story of Jesus in pictures - for children and others
The gospel in comic form

Bible study outlines on many subjects
Bible Treasure Chest

Thru The Bible is a 30-minute Bible study radio program that takes the listener through the entire Bible in just 5 years. Listen, or download in mp3 format.
Thru the Bible with John Vernon McGee

'Unlocking the Bible' is a series of Bible studies on video by Dr. David Pawson, in which he looks at each book in the Bible and extracts the themes.
Unlocking the Bible

A source for many audio sermons from different ministries
One place

You don't much believe in answers to prayer?
Touching incidents and answers to prayer

Watch the Jesus film online in different languages
The Jesus film

Many inspiring books to read online
Online books

Many more books to read online or download
Many Christian books

A page with links to many Christian books (especially the old classics), articles, mailing lists, etc.

Links to articles and messages from famous preachers and writers
Messages and articles

Many revival articles and Bible studies for the end times
Revival messages

Resources primarily aimed at those seeking a more sophisticated understanding of theological issues. Includes a "Hallway of Questions," extended topical studies, philosophical explorations, and thoughts on the Christian experience.
A Christian Thinktank

Provides evidence for Christian doctrine and the truth of the Bible through information on the design of the universe, evolution, and answers to common atheist challenges.
Evidence for God from Science

Organization aimed at building Christian thinkers for the public defense of the faith. Articles, newsletter, online courses, recommended books.
Stand to Reason

How to understand if a 'Christian' group is a cult?
Outline analysis of cults

The Father's love letter is from your Heavenly Father to you - personal.
Father's love letter

A cynic tells you why he is a Christian
A cynical Christian

A free e-zine featuring wisdom, inspirational stories, humour and trivia
Wit and wisdom

Christianity Today magazine

Light of Life magazine

At The Center magazine

24/7 Christian music and messages on internet radio from Israel
Voice of believers in Jesus in Israel


Counsel sites

Answers to many practical questions
Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions? Christian Answers Network home Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death & Resurrection
Family Answers HOME page Teen Qs - Christian Answers for Teens Sex, Love & Relationships

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Do Not Enter

Answers to tough questions
Answers with counsel

Dr. James Dobson's articles on marriage relationships, parenting, etc.
Focus on the family

Jimmy Evans presents many video talks on marriage relationships
Marriage today

Articles of counsel from Dr. H. Norman Wright
Articles of counsel

Stress, depression, anxiety, drug use by Dr. Steve Burns. M.D.

Managing stress in this tough world
All About Stress Management

Answers to common questions on the believer's position in Christ, forgiveness, and authority by Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Freedom in Christ Ministries
Answers to your questions

Are you suffering from misuse of spiritual authority?
Articles on spiritual abuse and recovery
"Recovering from churches that abuse" - Read Ronald Enroth's book online
More articles on recovery from spiritual abuse

Frequently asked medical questions about infertility

Articles dealing with Adoption, Sanctity of Life, Pregnancy Loss, Infertility, Reproductive Technologies, and Ethics

Oureach to those hurting with infertility, miscarriage, still birth, abortion
Caleb Ministries

Post abortive stress syndrome and help
Ramah International

The Bible, the Church, and Homosexuality: Exposing the ‘Gay’ Theology by Timothy J. Dailey
Family Research Center

A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality by William Lane Craig
Reasonable faith

The Quit Smoking Community, which has lots of info on smoking and its effects. Also, how to quit smoking.
Quit smoking

Smoking - Why Quit? How to quit? Stay Quit.
Tobacco free life

Understand addiction, recognise it and learn how to deal with it
Addiction resource

The general ways of dealing with addiction.
Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

Struggling with alcohol addiction?

Sometimes suicidal thoughts accompany alcohol addiction.
Suicidal Thoughts and Alcohol Abuse: Tackling Both Problems Head On

Links on recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse, history of AA
Dick B.'s links

Looking for recovery from marijuana?
Marijuana Anonymous

Drug Prevention 4 Teens
Drug Prevention 4 Teens

Addiction Prevention: 34 Essential Lesson Plans for Educators
Addiction Prevention: 34 Essential Lesson Plans for Educators

Teen Depression - A Guide for Parents
Teen Depression - A Guide for Parents

Understand sleep and improve it
A community for advancing better sleep

Information and links related to sexual addiction, healing, recovery and restoration
Resources on sexual addiction

Dr. Rob Jackson with articles on counsel for sex/pornography addiction
Counsel on sex and pornography addiction

Steps to freedom from sexual bondage
Sexaholics Anonymous

A large number of self tests from "Psychology Today" magazine
Self Tests

We human beings have multiple kinds of intelligence, and the ability to get good marks in school is just one of them. Take a test of your multiple intelligence and see your strengths and weaknesses.
Multiple intelligence 1

"Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the capacity for recognising one's own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships" - Daniel Goleman. Emotional intelligence is very vital in for our personal well being and our relationships with others. Take these online tests to see where you stand. Fortunately EI can be improved with training.
Emotional intelligence test 1

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