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Sidestepping the real issue

by Jacob Ninan

When the people of Israel were defeated by the Philistines in battle one day, they wondered why it happened. They then decided that if they could take the ark of the Lord into battle with them, they would be able to get the victory (1Sa.4:3). All the same they got defeated again. What does this teach us for the present time?

The problem with the people of Israel was not that they did not have the ark of the Lord with them. But the actual fact was that those people had turned away from God and started worshipping idols. As a result God had left them to their enemies. That was the thing that needed to be set right.

How is it with us? Are we trying out all kinds of gimmicks trying to side-step the main issue in our life?

It is not more prayer or Bible study that we need, first of all. It is not fasting or doing this or that. If there is sin in our life, it has to be set right first. It is our relationship with the Lord that He looks at first. If we love Him with all our heart, we can be sure that He is with us (1Jn.3:21,22).

Some people think that by placing a Bible under their pillow they can avoid bad dreams. Others keep a crucifix in their room trying to ward off evil spirits. Hanging a cross around your neck, keeping a Jesus sticker on your car, and making sure that you attend the church at least now and then can all be ways of seeking protection for oneself, similar to taking the ark to the battle.

Get right with God and everything will be all right.

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