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by Jacob Ninan

Everybody will agree that the world is full of problems – broken relationships and families, poverty, malnutrition, natural calamities, chaotic weather, uncertainty in the stock exchanges, terrorism, communal and racial strife, etc. The unpredictability of terrorist acts and the inability to prevent them or deal with them make this one of the things that cause fear in the hearts of most people. Over the years many people have recommended different solutions, such as better education, better medical care, better planning, positive attitudes, etc., but the problems only seem to be getting worse!

The fact is, there is a problem at the deepest level which gives rise to all the other problems. Unless that is dealt with, it will be as futile as getting rid of the rotting fruit from trees while ignoring the problem that is affecting its roots.

The real problem is the selfishness of human beings. We tend to think mostly about our own wants even when it deprives other people of their needs. We know it when we suffer at the hands of other people, but we forget how our own lives may be hurting other people. What we need is not more reforms, more laws, more policing or more control. We are desperately in need of an inner change, to the place where we stop thinking only about ourselves and start thinking of others too.

Actually, when God created man, He also gave him guidelines telling him what is good for him and what it bad. But man has always looked for the immediate pleasure or gain, and neglected God’s instructions. As a result, all people, including you and me, have got ourselves on the wrong side of God.

God being holy, righteous and just finds it necessary to punish us for the sins we have done, but He wants to bless us instead because He loves us whom He has created. So He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world where He was crucified for the punishment for our sins. God now offers to forgive us and to receive us as His children if we admit and turn away from our selfish and sinful ways. Then we can receive this free gift of salvation. If you want this gift, please pray now to God, “My God, I realise I have been living selfishly and following sinful pleasures, without bothering about what You said. But now I know You still love me, because You sent Jesus to take my punishment. Please forgive me, and make me Your child. Please give me all help to follow Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Amen.”

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