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Pointers along the way #10

Are you in love with Jesus?
- Jacob Ninan

There are many who say they have been born again and that they are children of God. Some of them may be deceiving themselves. But even among those who are truly born again, it may not be always true that they are in love with Jesus. They 'accept' Jesus as their Saviour, but somehow they don't know Him well enough to have fallen in love with Him. They have probably not experienced the depths of His love, mercy, compassion, tenderness and kindness, or seen Him as being 'altogether lovely', and as the 'fairest of ten thousand.' There was a woman who came to Jesus and expressed her love for Him by pouring out a bottle of costly perfume on His feet. Jesus said that it was because she knew she had been forgiven much (Lk.7:36-48).

What would your life be like if you are in love with Jesus?

You would want to spend much time with Him. Your mind goes back to Him again and again. You would like to listen to Him speaking through His word and through His Holy Spirit, and you would like to talk to Him about everything in your life. There would be nothing you would want to hide from Him, and you would want to share your entire life with Him. Isn't that normal for one who is in love?

You would like to become like Him. He is your Hero, the One you admire the most. You see in Him everything you would like to be. His life, character, values and attidudes to people and things are such examples to you that you also want to be like that.

You would like to tell other people about Him. You wish that everyone could get to know Him like you do. You talk about Him when opportunity comes up, and you pass on tapes, books and tracts that can help others to get to know Him.

You would like to do everything He wants you to do. You want to show Him your gratitude, and you want to fulfill His plans. You have become convinced that He knows what is best for you, and you want to be on His side always. You want to avoid doing anything that would make Him sad.

If you have it like this, your love for Him is real. If it is not so, you need to know Him better.