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Pointers along the way #123

The things that drove Paul
- Jacob Ninan

Paul was an outstanding man and and apostle. He personified his exhortation to Timothy that he should pay special attention to himself and to his ministry (1Ti.4:16). He was not so engrossed in his ministry that he neglected his personal sanctification, and he was not preoccupied with his own sanctification that he had no thought for others. He has left us a good example to follow (1Co.10:33;11:1).

Let us take a challenge from some of the things that drove Paul.

His personal goals

His ministry goals

I am sure there are many more things we can learn from Paul's example. But even these are enough to point us in the right direction, aren't they? We are all so lazy, indifferent, careless and lethargic compared to Paul. But we don't have to continue to be like that. We too can learn, and we too can change. We may not be called to be apostles, and so our sphere of ministry may be different. But we too can pay careful attention to our personal lives, and we too can fulfil the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to each one of us.