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Pointers along the way #132

Emotional security in Christ
- Jacob Ninan

Even though Jesus has purchased for us everything that we need for godly lives (2Pe.1:3), we tend to live impoverished lives here on earth, many times because we are ignorant of the possibilities. One very common but terrible condition we live with is a sense of insecurity within ourselves. We profess to be children of God but live as though we didn't have anyone who loved us or cared for us. The usual reason is that we are looking for people to love us, instead of taking strength, courage and boldness from the fact that God loves us, and that too with an everlasting love (Je.31:3). This means that there is never a moment when God's love for us ceases. He continues to love us even when we feel least lovable about ourselves. But even though God has said that He will never desert us nor forsake us (He.13:5), we think many times that He has left us, because we don't seem to be able to feel Him.

Of course, people are very unreliable as foundations for our emotional wellbeing. Even the best of friends may have misunderstandings. Nobody can understand us fully or all the time. Our communications often lack clarity and continuity, and understanding depends on much more factors than communications. As a result, our expectations are often unfulfilled, and we are left with a sense of not having been understood. And, of course, there are also people who seem to be scheming against us as they pursue their own goals.

Aren't we going to have a tough time, unless we move our anchor to Christ and learn to find our security in Him? It doesn't happen automatically when we come to Him. We have to get to know Him and learn to enjoy the blessings of His friendship.

First of all He washes the stains of all our past sins and agrees never to bring them up against us (Je.33:8;31:34). We have to think about this whenever guilty feelings come up concerning anything in our past. Jesus makes the past 'a thing of the past' which is buried in the depths of the sea never to be brought up again (Mi.7:19), and makes all things new (2Co.5:17). As far as our past sins, mistakes and follies are concerned, it is just as if we had never done them. That is what 'justified' means.

Secondly He accepts us as we are, as they say, warts and all. We have gone to Him 'just as we are', and He doesn't tell us to first go, change and then come. All He requires from us is to want to be different (the simple meaning of repentance) and to place our trust in Him for our salvation. Doesn't He know about our short temper, lusts, fears, worries, addictions, compulsive behaviour, etc.? Of course He does, and yet He accepts us because He is taking on Himself the responsibility of transforming us.

So what do we do when we find, or someone points out, something wrong or lacking in us? We can accept that, without feeling as if the floor has given way under us or that we would like to crawl under the bed and hide! Of course we have faults, and many other faults besides these. But Jesus loves us in spite of them. He has taken us on fully knowing all about our faults. They don't surprise or shock Him.

When we face ourselves (and the accuser, the devil) boldly like this, we are secure. Then we can go forward with the business of transformation, which Jesus has started.