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Pointers along the way #134

Walking with the Holy Spirit
- Jacob Ninan

One of the best gifts that God the Father has for His children is that of the Holy Spirit. He is much more eager to give us the Spirit than parents are to give good gifts to their children (Lk.11:13). The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity who has come to this world to be in us after Jesus was taken up to heaven (Jn.14:17). He is the Helper (Comforter) and Teacher whom Jesus has sent from the Father to take His place on earth (Jn.14:26;16:7). He will not act on His own, but will speak and do what He sees from Jesus, just as Jesus spoke and did as He saw the Father doing (Jn.16:13;12:49). In this way He helps us to experience Jesus in us. How blessed it is to walk through life with the Holy Spirit as our Guide!

The Holy Spirit not only gives us power to be witnesses for Jesus (Acts.1:8), but also spiritual gifts to help us fulfill God's purposes and to take part in spiritual battles (1Co.12:4-7;Ep.6:11). When we face the different situations of life involving various types of people and also demonic schemes, it is so good to have the supernatural power, strength, discernment, wisdom and guidance that the Holy Spirit can give us.

Of course Satan tries to counterfeit the Holy Spirit in many ways (2Co.11:14). But why does Satan take so much trouble unless there is a genuine blessing he wants to keep away from God's people? Our confidence is the promise of Jesus in connection with asking for the Holy Spirit, that the Father will not give a snake to his children who ask for fish (Lk.11:11). We can trust Him for that. Also the Holy Spirit helps us to distinguish between what is from Him and what is from Satan, as we check everything in the light of the Bible (1Jn.4:1).

Many Christians miss this blessing almost in the same way nominal Christians miss the experience of being born again. Instead of seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to experience more of the Spirit's power and gifts in daily life, they live more or less at an intellectual level, even when following the Word of God.

God wants us to ask for the Holy Spirit (Lk.11:13). God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey Him (Acts.5:32). This does not mean a perfect obedience in everything, because none of us would qualify then. But the Greek word used there can also mean "submit to authority." This means that God is willing to give the Holy Spirit to all who acknowledge His authority and express our willingness to submit to Him. Isn't this the secret of how we have a greater anointing?

It is essentially a matter of placing our lives entirely into God's hands, and trusting in Him. This implies that we believe that all His plans are for our welfare and nothing for our calamity, and that He will not put us to shame (or embarrass us) (Je.29:11;Joel.2:27). Then we can keep our ears open to the voice of the Spirit as He leads us on.