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Pointers along the way #14

A value system that propels us
- Jacob Ninan

One of the main changes that happen in our lives when we get converted is to have a hatred for sin. The Holy Spirit makes us, who used to sin without thinking much about it, sensitive about it. Now we don't want to sin. It does not mean that immediately we stop falling into sin. That is a progressive matter and takes time. But in our heart we don't want to sin.

But, is our life characterised only by our desire not to sin?

It is possible after we are born again and receive an assurance of eternal life, to slip into a way of life where we live just like everyone else except for the fact that we try to avoid doing things we know are wrong. We are different from the rest of the world when it concerns external things prayer, reading the Bible, taking part in church activities, etc. But what else does the rest of our life show apart uprightness?

We work hard to make a good living, we get married, we raise children, etc., just like everyone else. Of course, we try to do things honestly and uprightly. But is the main characteristic of our life only that we are honest and upright and will not do wrong things?

What about an inner urge to be more and more pleasing to the Lord? A longing to be more useful to the Lord, to be a better witness to Him by our lives and actions? A desire to show our gratitude to the Lord in every possible way?

Paul said that the love of God constrained him so much that he was no longer living for himself but for Him who had given Himself for him (2Co.5:14,15). He counted everything else as rubbish compared to Christ (Php.3:8). Don't think that this is only for apostles and pastors. This is the value system that makes each of us what God wants us to be.