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Pointers along the way #160

A false sense of security
- Jacob Ninan

In the beginning we struggle through to understanding, believing and receiving the security and rest that God offers us through faith in Jesus. But when we do come to that security, we face the danger of becoming complacent and careless. We get attacked by Satan in both states. He tries his best to hinder us from getting to enjoy the rest Jesus offers us (Mt.11:28). When we do experience that rest, he slips in a false sense of security that makes us lower our guard. Then we become an easy prey for him.

When we feel secure we think that now nothing can touch us. We may not consciously think like this because we would recognise it as pride. What we actually think may be that God will take care of us, He will not allow us to fall, He will fulfill His promises, etc. Since we had difficulty earlier when we were struggling to believe in His promises, when we have believed and come to rest we think that everything is going to be different now. We have recognised our own inability to keep ourselves, and have learned to place all our confidence in God's grace (1Pe.1:13). Now we think that as we trust entirely on God's grace, we will not fall.

There can't be anything wrong in trusting entirely on God, can it? How can anyone who puts his trust in the Lord be put to shame? (Isa.49:23). Hasn't God said that He is able to keep us from falling? (Jude.1:24).

God is true, and His word is reliable. Then how can we fall, even after placing our whole trust in Him? But we do fall, don't we?

We have forgotten one thing. God hasn't taken away the free choice He has created us with, even when we have placed our whole life into His hands. He does not take over absolute control so that we automatically do His will, even if we ask Him to. He dwells in us, plans for us, watches over us, takes care of even the hair on our head, causes all things to work for our good, and warns us when we tend to go astray to the right or to the left (Isa.30:21). But He still gives us the freedom to do what we choose. We have the power to ignore His voice, disregard His warnings, disobey Him, or to turn completely against Him. We have this power at all times. We never become so spiritual that we are unable to sin against God.

If we recognise this power of choice, we will be careful to exercise it in the right way. We will not expect that we will be automatically doing God's will. We still have to make our choice to do His will, at every point.

If we are ignorant of this, Satan can knock us down easily because are not vigilant and alert. Even when we think we are careful, he can work on our mind slowly so that we begin to backslide without realising it. The only way then is to recognise our precarious position as we travel through enemy territory, be on the alert (1Pe.5:8) and to constantly cry out to God for grace (He.5:7). When we do this, He is able to keep us from falling.