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Pointers along the way #17

Peace in the storm
- Jacob Ninan

Jesus said, rebuking the storm in the Sea of Galilee, "Peace, be still" (Mk.4:39). Then He turned to His disciples and asked them, "Why are you fearful? Where is your faith?" He expected them to be bold while the storm was going on. He would have liked to tell the disciples first of all, "Peace, be still." Isn't this what He tells us when we are going through the storms of life?

We would rather He says that to the storm and makes it disappear! That is what most of us pray for. But we forget that He has allowed that storm to come up, and that He is in the boat with us. He is in control! He tells us, "Be still and know that I am God" (Ps.46:10). He can still storms with just a word. But it is more important to Him that we become still even if the storm is raging on. That is possible when we believe - that He is in control.

Having said that, it is not that we should not ask God to remove the storms. On two occasions mentioned in the Bible, God told them to be still and to see His salvation. Once it was when the people of Israel found themselves caught between the Red Sea in front and the Egyptian army behind (Ex.14:13). The other time, the people of Judah were being threatened by an enemy army before which they were helpless (2Ch.20:17). In both cases they were in impossible situations, humanly speaking. Then God stepped in. He can do that for us too.

But at other times when we are in a position to do something to deal with the problem, to sit still without taking action is to tempt God (Mt.4:6,7). If someone refuses to take medicine when it can heal him, or to ask someone else for help when he cannot handle something himself, it is downright stupid.

We tend to jump to the wrong side even here, as usual. When we should be doing something we leave things in God's hands, and when we find ourselves in impossible situations we still try to work things out instead of calling for help! Why don't we become quiet in our heart and mind by trusting in God, and then do what the situation demands?