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Pointers along the way #21

Nothing automatic
- Jacob Ninan

There is nothing automatic about Christian growth. There is asking, and receiving. There is seeking, and finding. There is knocking, and doors opening. What if there is no asking, seeking or knocking? Can we still expect to receive?

Actually, all of us need many things from the Lord, not only for earthly our earthly life, but also for our spiritual life. Then why is it that we don't ask?

Perhaps we are caught in a trap of prosperity. We have enough money for our needs, we are healthy, our job is fine and our family is doing well. What is there to ask for?

Perhaps we are caught in the trap of unbelief. We have asked in the past and not received. So why bother?

Is it that we are too busy with the daily demands of life that we don't have time to think about God?

Are we caught in a situation which, we think, not even God can solve?

Don't we believe that God knows every detail of our life and, as a loving Father, has good plans for us (Zeph.3:17 LB)? Is His arm too short or weak that He cannot save? If we have had problems understanding some of His ways, isn't the reason our lack of understanding rather than any fault of His? The One who created the whole universe has enough wisdom and power to solve all our problems, doesn't He? Isn't the reason why we don't receive much from the Lord that we don't ask for much (Jas.4:2)?

God wants to help us, save us, guide us, protect us, show us many wonderful things, teach us, transform us, and do many things for us. Let us not stop Him by not asking, seeking or knocking. Let us fully receive the blessings He wants to give us.