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Pointers along the way #25

Are we childish in Christ?
- Jacob Ninan

We may be in Christ, as children of God. We may have asked Jesus not only to come into our hearts but also to take control of our lives as our Lord. Yet it may be that we are actually living our Christian lives in a childish way, and that may be reason why we do not experience many of the things that God has promised for us in His word.

Paul talks about this in Galatians 4. We are heirs to all that God has kept ready for us in His kingdom. But we are only babies in the spiritual realm when we are born again and become Christians. If we do not grow up to maturity and learn to take possession of our inheritance, we would actually continue to live just as if we were paupers or slaves.

One of the things about children is that they do not know what is good for them. They 'want' many things, and even when the parents tell them that some of those things are not good for them they still want them!

Are we like them? Do we just crave for many things even when we know they are not good for us? Do we have the habit of thinking that giving in to temptation "just this once" won't hurt us too much? Have we never learned to say "No" to ourselves? Do we lie down and throw tantrums (or drivel in self pity) when we can't have our own way?

Maturity comes by saying "No" to the things that are bad for us and choosing to obey God (He.5:13,14).

Perhaps some of us have never had our parents teach us to obey. They may have let us have our way most of the time. Even if it has been like that, we cannot afford to continue in this childish way any more. Let us learn to obey God in everything.