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Pointers along the way #30

Standing on our feet
- Jacob Ninan

It is a great day when a baby takes his or her first step. Just before this, the baby had learned to stand up with support, and some babies had also learned to 'walk' using baby walkers. But when a baby actually stands without any support and takes the first step on his own the parents are thrilled beyond measure!

It is great if we have many or at least some people around us to support us in our Christian life. In one sense there is never a time in life when we don't need anyone else. Perhaps there are areas in life where, by the grace of God, we have become able to stand, and others where we still need support. But even in those so-called 'strong' areas there can be special occasions where we need support from others. Remember how Jesus asked for support from His disciples in Gethsemane (Mt.26:38).

But we must not become so dependent on others that we always look to others to take care of us, solve our problems, tell us what to do and to clean up when we make a mess. Our progress in Christian life must be such that we not only learn to bear our own burdens in an increasing manner but also become able to bear the burdens of others.

If we think about it we can see that ultimately we ourselves have to bear the brunt of our burdens, even when there are others who are willing to help us. Others can comfort us and encourage us and maybe finally tell us what to do. But then we have to do it or go through it ourselves. We can't escape that.

If we always look to others to help us out through their prayers or spiritual gifts, we are unrealistic and heading for disappointment. God provides us support, including through other people, so that we will become strong enough to stand and also to help others (Zec 8:13). If we set this as our goal and constantly seek God for it, we can be sure that God will help us along in that direction.