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Pointers along the way #35

Take it to the Lord in prayer
- Jacob Ninan

Have you heard of the saintly man called Augustine who lived in the fourth century? He was so wayward as a young man that his mother Monica went to her bishop with the problem. His advice was, "Stop talking to your son about God. Talk instead to God about your son." The result was there for everyone to see.

There are many things God expects us to do. But we all know that there are many things that are beyond our abilities. Our problem is that when we come to such situations we despair and give up instead of casting them on God. We recognise that we can't handle them, but we still behave as though we are expected to handle them ourselves.

Jesus asks all who are stooping down from trying to carry heavy burdens to go to Him (Mt.11:28). He promises us rest, and a lightening of our burdens (v.29,30). How can He do that if we won't hand over our burdens to Him but insist on carrying them ourselves?

See what will happen when we actually hand over our burdens to the Lord. See Him keep His promises beyond our expectations. We will feel so foolish for not having done this earlier itself!

The picture of Jesus waiting outside the door of our heart and knocking is relevant even in this context (Re.3:20). He will not force His way in. But if we open the door for Him He will come in and dine with us. It is not that we have to prepare dinner for Him. He will provide a feast for us.

Let us learn to take every one of our problems - big and small - to the Lord, and give Him authority over our lives to bless us the way He wants to. Let us trust in Him that He knows what is best for us and how and when it should be done for us. Those who trust Him in this way will find honour and glory in the end, even if sometimes we have to wait for them.