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Pointers along the way #38

Yielding in worship
- Jacob Ninan

The dictionary rightfully defines worship as an act of adoration. That is what we should think of when we worship God. We think of who God is, the different aspects of His nature and character, what He has done for us and what He has planned for us in the future, etc., and 'fall' or 'bow down' before Him in worship. While it may not be always practical to express our worship to God physically in that way, a submission in our spirit before the majesty and the greatness of God is an essential element of true worship.

Over the recent years there has been a clear revival all over the world in worshipping God. There is a lot of emphasis on worshipping God in spirit and truth (Jn.4:21-24). We understand that the important thing is not the place of worship or the particular form we adopt, but in the attitude of our heart. Musicians and songwriters have brought out innumerable songs of worship in different languages, and these are used not only in worship meetings, but also by Christians while relaxing at home, travelling, working, etc.

While songs are a big help for us in worshipping God, we know that mere singing of words without our spirit reaching out to God is meaningless. But whether we worship God through spoken words or songs, we must not forget that without yielding of ourselves to God in response to seeing His majesty will make worship incomplete.

The apostle Paul points out that yielding of our bodies to God as 'living sacrifices' is the reasonable form of worship in response to the mercies of God (Ro.12:1). Let us remember to yield ourselves afresh to God every time we worship Him.