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Pointers along the way #40

Why me, Lord?
- Jacob Ninan

"Why do I seem to have all the bad luck? How is it that others seem to have an easy time when things don't seem to be working out for me at all? Why is it that others can give testimonies of miraculous answers to prayers and deliverances while I am stuck in my problems in spite of many prayers? Etc." These are age old questions that many Christians have asked. Philosophical answers do not help us when we are caught in a desperate situation ourselves. It is only faith that can take us through triumphantly.

Peter, James and John were three disciples of Jesus who were close to Him. After Jesus ascended to heaven and the disciples started preaching the gospel, King Herod caught James and put him to death. He then caught Peter and was about to kill him when an angel rescued him from prison (Ac.12:1-10). Now think of what the relatives of James would have thought.

"Why James and not Peter? Weren't they both close to Jesus? If James was a sinner and he got punished that would have been something else. What was the point in training him so much and then throwing up an opportunity for a fruitful ministry? How come Jesus didn't listen to our prayers for James and listened to the prayers for Peter? Etc."

If we look at this from merely an intellectual point of view, it is difficult to find answers that can explain everything. But look at it through the eyes of faith. Here is God the Father who has power to do whatever He wants (Ps.115:3). He could have easily saved James, but He chose this way. The fact is that God has different plans specifically for each of us. All of us fit into different parts of the large canvas God is painting.

Each of us can contribute something different to the total witness of God in the world and also to the building up of the Body of Christ. Some may have prosperity while some face adversity. Some may glorify God through the exercise of outstanding gifts, and some others may do it through passing on the comfort they receive from God in their suffering. Some may even do it through their death (Jn.21:19).

When we love God and want to do His will, serve His purposes and glorify His name we are willing to go any way He chooses.

Questions, complaints, comparing ourselves with others and discouragement disappear as we choose to please God and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God (1Pe.5:6).