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Pointers along the way #44

We have a choice
- Jacob Ninan

One way the devil fools us into a sinful bondage is by making us think that there is no way out. He tells us that God has made us the way we are, only He can change us, and that He has not bothered to change us even after we have asked Him. We feel weak with the memory of past failures, and we honestly feel like agreeing with the devil. But a little voice seems to tell us that there must be still some hope with God. Of course, the devil is a crook and a liar, and there is hope with God.

One of the things God has created us with is the ability to learn and to make choices. We did not have a choice about how and where we were born and the circumstances we grew up in. We don't have a choice about many things other people do to us. But we do have a choice about what we do with the given circumstances. We can complain, give up and give in to foolish reactions, or we can turn to God and earnestly seek for help.

When we yield to sin, a little bit of corruption sets in, and our ability to make the right choice next time becomes less (Ga.6:7,8). The natural course then is to make more sinful choices that ultimately get us into a cruel bondage that makes us miserable. But the good news is that God can break this vicious chain, if we turn to Him honestly, sincerely and in repentance.

There are two important issues at this point. 1. Do we really want deliverance and victory? (Jn.5:6). 2. Do we really believe that Jesus can set us free? (Jn.11:40).

Perhaps we have become so weak in our bondage that we doubt our ability to 'want' or 'believe' consistently. But if we, for a moment, turn our eyes away from ourselves to Jesus, can't we see that He is not weak, but powerful to save the worst of sinners from any type of bondage? We 'believe' when we see that, and then we also 'want' to be saved. Then we can make the choice to turn to Jesus, and seek His help till we get it.