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Pointers along the way #46

Blessed forgiveness
- Jacob Ninan

The Bible says, "How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered!" (Ps.32:1). Why is it that a lot of us who believe and proclaim that God has forgiven our sins don't feel so blessed? Why do we feel diffident, uncertain and hesitant in our relationship with the Lord, and wonder at times whether He is with us or not? Why do we give the impression to the others that we are still carrying some burdens along?

That may be because our eyes have not yet been opened fully to see what Jesus has accomplished for us (Ep.1:18,19). We do see a little bit, but not clearly enough.

If we have truly repented from our sins and trusted in Jesus for forgiveness, He has indeed forgiven us. When God says that He has forgiven us our sins, what does it mean?

1. Even though our sins were dirty red, now our hearts have been washed and made white like snow (Is.1:18).

2. Even though we were guilty enough to be sent to hell, we have been declared "Not guilty" and qualified for heaven (Ro.5:8,9).

3. God has put our sins as far away from us as the east is from the west (Ps.103:12).

4. God will not remember our sins against us any more (Je.31:34).

So our relationship with God is just as if we had never sinned. Our guilt is gone! We don't need to pay attention to our feelings of guilt. Now no one can accuse us about our past. Can't we now hold our heads up, look people in their eyes, stand up to the devil boldly and live out the new life that Jesus has given us?