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Pointers along the way #69

Running to the Father
- Jacob Ninan

Do we keep a child-Father relationship with God? It is not a matter of calling Him "Heavenly Father" but recognising and living in a simple, practical relationship. "Father knows," "Father can" and "Father will" can be daily parts of our thinking. We can run to Him at all times, like a small child to his father, whether it is to thank Him for what He does for us, to worship Him when we realise how awesome He is in His holiness, love, power and wisdom, to tell Him what we are going through or how we feel, to ask for help for ourselves or for others, etc.

What are some of the wrong thoughts about God that prevent us from running to Him?

Lie No. 1. "God must be angry with me." When it says that God so loved the world (i.e., all the sinful people of the world) that He gave His only begotten Son, does it look like He will be angry with us because we have done something wrong? (Jn.3:16). No, He is not angry. He wants to save us. He will not throw us out if we go to Him, whatever condition we may be in (Jn.6:37).

Lie No. 2. "God is not bothered about my little problems." He is, very much. It was to impress this on us that Jesus mentioned about the Father counting every hair on our head (Mt.10:30).

Lie No. 3. "Even God can't do anything now." Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Don't limit what the Lord can do by not asking Him (Jas.4:2).

Lie No. 4. "I'm scared of what God will ask me to do." Don't think of God as hard taskmaster, a nitpicking legalist, a spoilsport, or someone who gets a thrill out of making things difficult for us. On the contrary, we can never have a friend who is more understanding, tender or merciful, wiser, or one who is more eager to do us good.

Lie No. 5. "I'm very upset now. I'll go to God later." No, this is the very time when we need to go to Him. We can tell Him about our frustration, disappointment, discouragement, how we hurt, etc. He knows, and He cares.

Lie No. 6. "What's the use? I'll never be able to please Him." It is because we are not able to go up to His level that He came down to our level. He takes us as we are and from where we are. He is not looking for perfect people but a trusting, humble acceptance of His love.

Lie No. 7. "He seems so far away." God is near to all all who call on Him sincerely (Ps.145:18). If you have been born again, He is also in you (2Co.13:5). Don't depend on your feelings.