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Pointers along the way #70

Standing with the others
- Jacob Ninan

As we look around we find that people everywhere are getting more and more confused. Life's problems are getting more and more complicated. More and more people are giving up than ever before. Many Christians are also getting weary and losing faith. There is so much need for those who can stand holding out hope and confidence for the future. Shall we be such, as the light and salt of the earth?

God describes such people in Is.32:2. "And each will be like a refuge from the wind, and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry country, like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land." Who can be like that in these days? We would all like to know such people to whom we can go with our problems. But can't we become such ourselves so that we can bless and serve the others by helping them to carry their burdens?

When the pressure increases, those who know God can stand without buckling (Da.11:32). That is when our knowledge of God is tested. If it is only theoretical, accepted second hand from others, we shall not be able to stand. But God has now made it possible for us, from the least to the greatest, to know God personally (He.8:11). We know Him in a real sense, and not just as a matter of doctrine or belief. We experience His fellowship and get to know His ways. And then we can stand with confidence in His love, strength and wisdom at those times when we cannot feel His presence or see answers to our prayers and things look impossible.

All of us will go through such trying times, when we cannot understand what is happening or know what is going to happen. At such times it is our knowledge of God's help in the past and trust in His promises which will hold us up.

Then we can also stand along with others who are going through tough times, and encourage them to go on and not to give up (Ro.15:1). God needs many such witnesses these days. What a great joy it is to help someone to tide over his time of trial! God promises those who make efforts to help others that their own needs will be taken care of abundantly (Pr.11:25).