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Pointers along the way #86

Getting shaken up?
- Jacob Ninan

When the Lord is our rock, salvation and stronghold, we shall not be greatly shaken (Ps.62:2). It is unrealistic to interpret this to mean that we shall not be shaken at all! Some people seem to think that we would be exalting God by attributing high standards for His people saying that we shall not at all be shaken. But by holding up unrealistic goals, they tend to lead themselves and others to unnecessary disappointments and possible loss of faith. On the contrary, if we pursue after realistic goals we have a good chance of reaching them.

The more mature we become, the less we will get shaken by the things that happen. The things that used to shake us up in the past don't cause that same reaction from us now. Our response is now more calm and objective and less impulsive than it used to be. It also takes us less time to settle down after we have been shaken up.

The Bible teaches us that trials of our faith help us to become stronger and tougher (Jas.1:2,3). When we barely know God in the beginning and we suddenly come across a difficult situation, we are shaken up badly. But when we go through the trial leaning on the grace of God we learn a few things that make us stronger and more mature.

1. We see that God has helped us to come through. We may have expected an easier passage or a different outcome. We may have wondered why God allowed us to face such situations. But in the end we see that He did help us to come through, and He also taught us a few things in the process.

2. We have learned a little more about God's ways, that they are not like ours. We see what is important to Him and what He is aiming for. That helps us to get in tune with Him better.

3. We have learned a little more about ourselves. We see that we are not as strong as we thought we were, and that we need God's strength and His wisdom. This helps us to lean on Him more.

4. We have learned a little more about people, some good things and some bad. This helps us to know what to expect in future.

5. We have learned a little more about the world, about its injustice, corruption, wrong values and wrong direction. This helps us not to get shocked about what we may find in it in future.

6. We may have spluttered and floundered, but in the end we came through. It gives us some confidence to face such situations in the future.

7. Overall we have also learned that what the Bible says about God, us, people and the world are true. We see all the more need to read and understand it.

As we go on in this way, we shall find that we are shaken up less and less. That is maturity!