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Pointers along the way #89

Persevering faith
- Jacob Ninan

What would be the greatest need among God's people in these last days? Of course we have many needs for our earthly life and our spiritual growth. But perhaps the one thing that we need for our survival is a faith in God that stands. Didn't Jesus wonder whether He would be able to find faith on the earth when He comes again? (Lk.18:8).

Why is faith so difficult these days? I am thinking about sincere people who want to believe but who find it difficult. There are many who talk glibly about faith, and who pretend as if everything is just fine. They are superficial and unwilling to face up to reality. But for people who acknowledge that they don't understand, and are seeking for answers, God's promise is that they shall find the answers (Mt.7:7).

There are several reasons why we find it difficult to have faith. For example:

1. We don't understand what is happening to us. Our situations seem to be peculiar and they don't seem to fit in with what we have understood from the Bible.

2. We don't understand why God is allowing certain things to happen to us. We know He has the power to change things, and we can't understand why He is not answering our prayers.

3. We think we have done everything we can, and yet God doesn't seem to be doing His part.

4. We wonder why things are going well for others, including unbelievers, while we seem to having a tough time.

5. We wonder how long things are going to continue like this.

6. We wonder how things are going to end up.

There could be other reasons also. But if we look carefully we can see that the basic problem is with our wanting to "understand". We feel helpless when we cannot "understand".

Isn't this where faith has to step in, with the conviction of things not seen? (He.11:1). We have to accept the fact that as long as we are on earth we will never get to a position where everything will be clear to our understanding. We have to learn to trust in our Lord even when we cannot understand. When we trust in Him and hand over our cares to Him, it is only then that we will be able to persevere (1Pe.5:7).

When we trust Him in this way, He will also give us the understanding that we need. We will see that many of the reasons given above show a wrong way of thinking, not knowing how we ought to think. When we understand by faith, it will be a different understanding altogether (He.11:3).