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Pointers along the way #204

More of God!
- Jacob Ninan

It is a sad fact that most people, including many believers, are seeking more of the things of this world - wealth, fame, pleasure - rather than the things of God. It is just as if our life on earth was the only life we would ever have and we should make the most of it. Our call is to pursue after more of God in our lives. But here again the Devil shows us an alternative - where the daily life will be full of excitement, miracles, supernatural interventions from God, etc. Is that what it means to have more of God?

When Jesus was on earth, He did many supernatural things. But He did many of them as signs - to signify who He was (Jn.2:11). When multitudes began to follow Him everywhere He was not deceived into thinking that they were all interested in godliness. He knew that they were only interested in seeing miracles (Jn.6:26,27). At other times Jesus did many miracles because He felt compassion on people who were suffering (Mt.14:14). Our God is just the same as He was from the beginning, doing wonders for His people, whether it is by parting the Red Sea, stopping the River Jordan from flowing, stopping the Sun in its track, destroying His enemies, delivering His people from their enemies, healing the sick, raising the dead, changing governments, and taking care of hundreds of practical needs. But is it that part of God that we should look for when we say we want to know more of God?

Think of what each of us can accomplish for God if we do every day what He has planned for us for that day! All of us doing 'small' things for God according to His will may not even realise how we are contributing to the big picture He has in mind. Is the best thing we can do for God to set up a 'mega church' or a global ministry or something that will impress those who see them? God may call some people for such tasks. But for most of us, the best thing we can do for God is to be faithful in the little things - things that only we can do in the small corners where we are placed.

Suppose instead of seeking after things that are great and impressive in the form of seeking 'more of God' we let God have more of us! Then our passion in life becomes to accomplish the will of God for our lives, whether it turns out to be big or insignificant in the eyes of people around us. To be practical, can we ever manage to do a better task for God than the ones He has planned for us from day to day?

This is a path where we make Jesus the Lord of our lives - where we surrender our lives to following Him and doing just what He wants. Then it is no longer what we want, but what He wants (Lk.22:42). How significant our lives can be in this way, rather than in seeking to do 'great' things for God! At the same time, God does not want us to be passive, always waiting for His voice to direct us (Ps.32:9). Many times our common sense or our understanding of the Bible is enough to tell us what God wants us to do. The main thing is an attitude of wanting and willing to do God's will at all times.