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Pointers along the way #268

What is our life worth?
- Jacob Ninan

The foremost truth here is that we are so valuable that God gave His only Son to die for us. Jesus did not die for us because He saw something good in us, either in terms of present good or a potential good (Ro.5:7,8). But He gave His life for us because He had created us and we were too precious for Him to let go of us to the devil. This is what gives us worth in life--people who are otherwise made of dust, and for whom anything good has come as a gift from God (1Co.4:7).

At the same time, what kind of worth are we pursuing after? There are two entirely different scales on which worldly and godly people rate themselves. The people of the world think they are worth something when they have money, goods (houses, cars), fame (as a great person who has achieved something, someone who will leave a great name, organisation, or work behind), beauty, skills, popularity, large number of friends, large number of people working for them, large number of people who will come for their funeral (!), etc. Is there anything sinful about these? But what will their value be in eternity? Can we take these recognitions with us to eternity?

There comes a time when all that is of this earth will get burned up and a new earth and heaven will get created. Then where will all our earthly gain and glory figure in that new earth?

Only that which is done according to the will of God, through His grace and power and for His glory will last forever. When we know this as Christians, don't we need to align our lives with the will of God--the whole will of God and nothing but the will of God? I am not talking about an unrealistic goal of perfection but a desire and earnest effort to go in that direction.

There are different ways in which Jesus talked about this subject. There are these narrow way that leads to life and the broad way that leads to destruction (Mt.7:13,14). Jesus was talking of more than entering through the narrow gate--choosing Jesus and His ways--but also a lifetime of walking in the narrow path. Don't think about the narrowness of the way and become hesitant. Our focus is on the life that comes through walking in that path! Jesus also talked about the man who gains the whole world--goes way up in the worldly scale of measuring one's worth--and loses his eternal soul in the process (Mt.16:26). The Message Bible says, "What kind of deal is it to get everything you want but lose yourself? What could you ever trade your soul for?"

The devil told Jesus that if He would bow down to him he would give Him all the glory of this world (Mt.4:8,9). Many times that is the price we have to pay for getting some greatness in this world--just bow a bit to Satan, compromise a bit. But what would we be losing in the bargain?

On the other hand, think of a life spent in doing the will of God and serving Him according to His plan for our lives? Everyone is not called to be preachers. But everyone can serve God (Col.3:23,24).