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Pointers along the way #304

What is on our mind?
- Jacob Ninan

We know that we are not what we do or speak, because these are specially tuned by our circumstances. But we are what we think. That is, what we think in our mind, hidden from others, is a picture of what we really are. The desires we cherish, the goals we work towards, the motives behind our words and actions, the reasons for our choices -- all these define who we really are. Our final judgment is going to be based on not just what we have done or said (2Co.5:10;Mt.12:36), but essentially on our motives and intentions (1Co.4:5). If we know that God keeps a record of all that we have ever done or said in this life, we can be sure that He knows also our reasons behind those deeds and words (Ps.139:1-4). This comforts us on one side when we think of the times we have been misunderstood by people and we know how God understand us. On the other hand it tells us that we cannot hide behind 'good' deeds and words when our heart hasn't been right.

What is the special characteristic, in this context, of a disciple of Jesus? That he is occupied in his mind with His Master. He wants to know more and more what His Master likes and wants him to do, and he is waiting to hear His call. His attitude is, "Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening" (1Sa.3:10). Jesus contrasted the way the people of this world set their mind on earthly things and how His disciples would seek God's kingdom and His righteousness first (Mt.6:32,33). In other words, God and His interests are uppermost in a disciple's mind.

We make a terrible mistake if we imagine that seeking God first is a good thing but really only for special godly people. What are we supposed to be? His special people, chosen from among the people of the world to be His kings and priests with the task of proclaiming His excellencies (1Pe.2:9)! If we think this is nice doctrine but hardly to be practised, we deceive ourselves. Something is lacking in our relationship with God.

I am not trying to imply that everything we do or say will be perfect if we are disciples of Jesus. Remember, we are disciples, still learning. But what I am saying is that our motives and intentions should be in the right direction. We may fall at times, but good intentions and motives should be the general characteristic of our life as disciples of Jesus.

What does this imply in practical terms? That we are constantly seeking to know what God wants from us, what He thinks about us, how we can do things better, etc. These are the things that occupy our mind and heart. This is what it means to love God with all our heart, mind and strength.

We are still on this earth, and there are lots of things we need to do down here. This needs lots of thinking, planning, doing, etc., on our part, which all take a lot of our time. This is unavoidable, and there is nothing wrong in it. Be we can have all these things as sub-agendas in our main agenda of serving God, can't we?

Let us all be true disciples of Jesus, and not just in doctrine.


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