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Pointers along the way #325

Our God is lovely!
- Jacob Ninan

Our God is great. As the Creator of the whole universe He is bigger than anything we can imagine. He has made us and everything we know. He has designed every physical, chemical, biological, psychological and spiritual law, and also how they all interact. He sustains the universe and makes all inanimate things (such as stars and planets) to work precisely and in a predictable manner. While He has given the freedom of choice to angels and human beings, He keeps the final control so that nothing happens beyond what He permits. He is everywhere at the same time, He can do whatever He wants, He knows everything about the past, the present and the future, He knows what is the best to be done in every situation, and He decides and executes His plans instantaneously. It is natural for us to fall prostrate before Him and worship Him when we get to know Him like this.

But what touches us most and causes us to bow down in adoration is how He deals with each of us personally. His love, unconditional acceptance, mercy, kindness, patience and lo...ngsuffering towards us who actually deserve the complete opposite--if we see these, we cannot but fall before Him in worship. "Who is there like our God?" comes up spontaneously from our heart! Has any civilisation been able to configure such a God in all their mythological writings? No, they all would have thought that this kind of god would be beyond belief! The fact is that our God, the true and living God, is such an unbelievably good God that unless He had revealed it to us through His Son Jesus Christ no one would have believed it.

The overwhelmingly valid proof of the truth about this God is how He meets with millions of us personally, changes our lives, and continues to be a 'tangible' reality in our lives (1Jn.1:1-3). He actually forgives the worst of us, transforms weak, hopeless lives and makes us into significant and valuable people who are seen now and who will reign with Him through eternity. The scorner may not agree with our doctrines, and scoffers may despise our arguments for God, but none of them can answer the living proof of changed lives.

It is only natural that when we get to know this lovely God we want to tell the others about Him too, just as a patient who found a cure wants to tell his fellow sufferers. They may think we want to 'convert' them into our religion, but actually we only want to offer them freely what we ourselves have received! Is it unreasonable that some of us who have found the pearl of greatest value want to 'sell off' everything else and follow Him? Is it not understandable when some of us who have experienced this undeserved love of God personally want to do anything we can to demonstrate this love to others in various ways?

When our 'eyes' are opened to behold His loveliness, nothing else seems to matter any more. Wealth, fame, pleasure--everything loses its priority in our lives (Php.3:8). Everything in our lives turns to become centred in Him.


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