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Pointers along the way #404

The inscrutable God
- Jacob Ninan

As we look around at the different religions that are around us we can see the limitations of how much man can reach in his attempt to define God. They describe their gods as those which are merely exaggerated versions of things we know on earth. But once we know God as a Person who created everything and is far above anything we can imagine, we realise there is no way we can get to know Him with our limited minds unless He reveals Himself to us. And that is what He has done through the Bible, in a progressive manner from the beginning to the end. In one sense He has revealed Himself in such a way that anyone can easily understand. At the same time, the more deeply we delve into the whole of the Bible we can understand Him more and more clearly.

But obviously God has not revealed everything about Himself to us. As limited created beings we will never be able to understand Him fully. There will always be many things we can't understand about Him or His ways. We make a mistake if we imagine that we should be able to understand all that He is doing or planning to do, or that He has to give us an explanation at all times. We must recognise that when we are going through testing times there will always be questions in our mind for which we won't get the answers. If we can't be at rest until we have figured out the answers to all our why's we'd better get ready for some sleepless nights! If we want an explanation for everything He has written in His word and think that something is wrong with His word just because we can't understand, we'd find ourselves going into unbelief very soon.

We are supposed to walk by faith, and not by sight (2Co.5:6-8). 'Sight' here stands for seeing everything clearly, referring to getting answers and explanations to all our questions and doubts. No, we have to walk in darkness sometimes, being content to just hold on to His hands and walk and not knowing what lies ahead. Our confidence is that He knows where He is taking us, and knowing that that is sufficient for us. Then when we are content to walk with Him in the darkness without demanding to have light all the time, we come through in triumph (Job.23:10). We know we are safe as long as we are with Him.

One of the strongest needs we have is to know what is going on and where it it going to take us. But the fact is that we aren't going to be able to know these always. If we insist on asking the why question we will only throw ourselves into confusion and get hurt most of the time. But by faith we can put this need aside and go ahead. Don't we admire Abraham who left his father's family and went out with the Lord, not knowing where He was going to take him (He.11:8)? When Jesus talked about receiving the kingdom like a little child it is this kind of faith that He meant (Mk.10:15).

The most important thing is to know what He wants us to do, and He will show that once we have a heart that wants to do rather than know (Jn.7:17).


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