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Pointers along the way #428

Christians without foundation
- Jacob Ninan

When we look around at many believing Christians, especially young people, we sadly see a lot of people without much understanding of God. Even when their 'conversion' has been genuine, their foundation is virtually misplaced, on Christian activities rather than knowledge of God. What they know is mostly second hand from the preachers, and they are happy to leave that aspect of their life like that. One result is that they are unable to see through the different teachings that come from a multitude of preachers, and get easily impressed by those who speak authoritatively, as experts, or with some 'special' truths. Instead of turning away from many leading people on the scene when they see their manipulation, unashamed attempts to impress, and disregard for truth to the extent that they can look straight at the eyes (or camera) and make statements they obviously know to be false, it is amazing when these good people show their admiration and appreciation for them!

I guess the main reason is that these Christians, while their love for the Lord may be real and sincere, do not have enough understanding of God and His ways, because their personal knowledge of the Bible is minimal. To have been a Christian for at least one year and never even come anywhere near reading the Bible seriously is a grave lack. If we have not read what God has given to us to teach us, is it not natural that we don't know Him too well? We know from practical experience that reading the Bible many times over is necessary for us to develop a reasonably good understanding of God's ways, and it is unrealistic to think that just because we have heard the comparatively few verses the pastor has quoted in the church we have sufficient knowledge, even enough to lead cell groups, youth groups, etc.

The people in the early church who did not have the privilege of having Bibles with them individually or even at home, made efforts to listen earnestly to the apostles' teaching and spend time in prayer (Ac.2:42). Now when we have the Bible in so many forms and versions we are making do with daily Bible verses on the phone! Church Bible studies hold no interest for many people unless they are dealing with future predictions or sensational 'truths'.

On the other side, Satan and his demons are spreading all sorts of heresies and false ways through mystical religions and Christian preachers who are not listening to God. False teachings have so much infiltrated Christianity that many people are shocked if someone calls them false!

God has provided His word for us so that we can learn, be corrected, trained and be equipped for mature living (2Ti.3:3:16,17). We have no one else to blame if we neglect that great source of blessing and look around for gimmicks and shortcuts that slick operators provide. We certainly can't blame God that He didn't help us in times of need, because what He has provided we didn't care to look at. Let's go to the Bible.


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