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Pointers along the way #436

Our God in a free-opinion world
- Jacob Ninan

One of the challenges we Christians face now is to be confronted by people who disagree with Biblical teaching and would like to make us feel that we are very dumb to have any other opinion than theirs. The spirit of the times is to keep an open mind about everything, which really amounts to having no firm opinion about anything. What we need to recognise is that behind it is an anti-Christian spirit which particularly targets Christians. Accordingly, Christians shouldn't say anything that might 'offend' non-Christians, because that would be narrow-minded and fundamentalistic, while non-Christians can say anything to Christians even if Christians count it as blasphemy! We can see that this anti-Christian spirit is energising the media and affecting popular thinking so much that Christians look ridiculous for believing practically everything that counts as essential truths of their faith.

Take homosexuality. Hardly anyone now seems to consider that there is something wrong with this, while serious Christians understand this to be loathsome in God's eyes and on a human level totally degrading and perverted. Time will show that it will be utterly damaging to the people concerned and will cause unlimited chaos in people's lives. Same sex marriages violate nature, and will not work in the long run. But the spirit of the times is such that Christians who say these things will be hunted down and vilified as those who have gone off their heads. They have no freedom of speech to express such views even when they do it out of concern for the affected ones. That will be immediately classified as gay bashing and made out to be even un-Christian! On the contrary the gay rights movement can bash Christians, exhibit their perversion openly without shame, and through outshouting conscientious people change laws to enforce gay rights.

Many Christians are cowed down by the show of strength and choose to play along. They will never point out that homosexual lifestyle is wrong and bad for the individual and society, and will only show 'love' and acceptance of gay people! In the process they give up God's truth, and also they cease to be the light and salt of the world. God loves gay people and He wants to tell them that they are hurting themselves both in the short term as well as in the long term. If they would respond to His call He is willing to deliver them from their bondage. But they in turn misinterpret this love as arrogance, self-righteousness, etc.

Do we believe that our God is the only true God, and that what He tells us in His word is the truth and what is good for us? Then we would also understand that anything that goes against God's word, instructions or commandments will only damage people. This damage may not appear immediately especially to those who are involved in such activities, but nevertheless it will come. Those who truly love the others need to warn them and help them to come to true life.


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