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Pointers along the way #452

Honour before people
- Jacob Ninan

The people who had seen Jesus around most thought He was just another ordinary man, while people who came across Him doing His mighty acts fell down and worshipped Him. Jesus noted that this was common for prophets or other servants of God (Mt.13:57). In the case of Jesus the reason why His own relatives and neighbours did not recognise His greatness was because they were blind. He was perfect, and without a single fault, and yet they found fault with Him because they judged Him from their own viewpoints. But when it comes to human leaders they all do have many faults, and people who are close to them can see that. Sometimes these 'faults' that they see close at hand make them oblivious to the greatness of God that is shining through these leaders, which other people can see.

Some of us tend to make gods of our leaders, having seen them only from a distance. We are awed by them and swallow whatever they say or do without questioning them or checking them out with the word of God (Ac.17:10,11). We follow them around in a frenzy of hero worship, not recognising at the same time that however great things they are doing they are still only men! They have their limitations and faults, and not everything they say or do may be even right. If such a leader falls or is exposed suddenly, then even our faith tends to crumble because our faith was not directly in God but mediated through these leaders.

Some of these leaders begin to actually believe what their crazy followers are saying about them, and begin to think of themselves as being somebody special, and beyond the common man's understanding or questions. Sooner or later their castles in the air fall to pieces as God begins to expose their high mindedness. If only they had been willing to recognise their humanness and listen to those who questioned them!

Godly leaders on the other hand recognise that they are only earthen vessels and that the glory belongs to the Lord (2Co.4:7). They attribute the honour they receive from people to God either openly or in their heart (Ac.3:12,16).

Do we seek to be great? Let's not seek to be great in front of people (Jn.5:44). No one can actually see what goes on inside our heart as God does. True greatness is in the heart. Sometimes why we do something makes us great in God's eyes even if what we say or do does not impress anyone or it is misunderstood. If people speak well or ill of us, let's not be too much bothered about it but learn to keep looking at our profile before God--which gets constantly updated. Seek to be great for God; in other words it is called faithfulness before God. Honour that comes from God is the only true honour. Even if it does not shine here on earth, it will in eternity (Da.12:3).


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