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Pointers along the way #486

Fulfilment in life
- Jacob Ninan

Looking at what people consider as the things that make their lives significant, we can discover if their belief in a life to come is real or not. Most ambitious people think of amassing as much wealth as they can, becoming powerful and influential, and making a name for themselves and leaving it behind them, as goals to live for. Many others have shorter term goals such as seeing their children well settled before they die. If these are their entire goals, it shows that they don't really believe in an everlasting life that will follow, either with God on the new earth or with the devil in hell.

A sad thing is that we can be those who profess to believe in a life of eternity with God, but still live in all practical ways as if this life on earth is all there is to it. For many Christians this subject seems to be settled once they have received forgiveness of sins and become heirs to eternity, and then after that they focus on life on earth, just like all the others.

As Jesus said, the whole of the commandments of God can be summarised in loving God and loving the others (Mt.22:37-40). In other words, a life that is circled around these two loves is the ultimate fulfilment. When we love God we seek with all our heart, mind and strength to do only the things that are pleasing to Him and which will bring glory and honour to His name. We also know that God has a special plan for each one of our lives, and we realise that the only thing that can be considered best is to fulfill that plan. When we love 'our neighbour', or in other words everyone we come across in our life (Lk.10:29-37), we think of how we can bless them--in doing good to them, showing our care for them, sharing their burdens (Ga.6:2), helping them to find the right path, meeting their pressing needs (Ti.3:14), etc.

God's plans for each one of us is different. A few are called to serve Him 'full time', and the others are called to serve Him full time through some work or responsibility that is commonly considered secular (Co.3:23,24). Both these are callings from God and one is not inferior to the other. The challenge is, whatever earthly responsibilities we handle, to do them as unto the Lord and for the benefit of the others. When we do what God wants us to do, none of us is greater or lesser than another because each of us can do no better.

A life lived like that is its own fulfilment. Then we don't have to be concerned about what the world thinks of our significance (Je.9:23,24). But we can have the greatest satisfaction, to hear our Lord tell us, "Well done, you good and faithful servant." On the contrary, what a waste of life it would be if we got the greatest name or position on earth but were not of any real use to God or man (Lk.9:25).

Doesn't this need a 'conversion' of our heart and mind? Let us get our mind transformed to think and feel in order to fulfil what can be considered as the best of God's plans for our lives (Ro.12:2;Co.3:1,2).


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