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Pointers along the way #528

The logs in our eye
- Jacob Ninan

Though we have all been worthy of being cursed by God for our sins (De.28), He has washed us with the blood of Jesus Christ, and cleansed us from all our sins (1Jn.1:7). Now, instead of curses, God has given us the same blessing that He gave to Abraham, that we should become a blessing to everyone around us (Ge.12:3;Ga.3:13,14). One of the ways in which we can bless the others is to help them to deal with the problems they are facing. Even though God calls only some people to specialise in counselling, all of us come across opportunities to help others whom we meet in life with the wisdom God has given us through the different circumstances of our own life (2Cor.1:3,4). But we cannot do it properly if our own eyes are blocked by 'logs' in them while we are trying to clean up specks from the eyes of others (Mt.7:4).

One big log that blocks our vision is self-centredness. If we are being driven by what we want we are in no position to see what they need. One common mistake is to tell others to do what we have done in some situation, without finding out whether their situation needs a different solution. Another log is our prejudice or bias about people which makes us look at the others through coloured glasses. Then we assume we know what is to be done even without bothering to find out from them. If we jump to conclusion based on our previous experiences or our assumptions without even listening to the others, we show ourselves to be foolish counsellors (Pr.18:13). One of the biggest logs in our eyes can be a lack of understanding of what the others are going through looking at it from their eyes instead of ours. If we have logs in our eyes it is natural that we become judgmental or condescending towards them, and then we cannot be a blessing to them.

On the other hand, if we love the others, if we are truly concerned about their welfare, if we feel compassion towards what they are going through, and if we can step into their shoes and empathise with how they feel, we can begin to minister to them according to the wisdom of God and our ability. Many people are wandering about, hoping that that they can find at least one person whom they can open up to. They are not sure if others would understand them or care enough for them to listen to them, and if they can trust the others to keep matters confidential. Half the pressure in their mind will go away if they find one trustworthy person to share with.

As someone said, even if we can't help someone, let's not end up harming them. Along with a goodness of heart, it would also need relevant knowledge to be able to help others with their problems (Rom.15:14). It is also important to pick up skills to listen to them, make them feel respected and understood, and to guide them towards a solution. There is great joy when God uses us to bless others and lead them out of their difficulties (Jas.5:19,20). The effect of this blessing may even go on to their future generations.


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