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Pointers along the way #574

Some snares of Satan
- Jacob Ninan

When we come to Jesus in repentance and faith, God forgives our sins and makes us His children. What also takes place at this time is that we move from the dominion of Satan into the kingdom of God. This is something Satan doesn't like, and he is going to try all kinds of things to get us back. Therefore, apart from getting to know God better and better, we also need to watch out against the schemes of Satan (2Co.2:11).

If we fall into any sin after coming to Christ, God has made a way back for us (1Jn.2:1,2). If we confess our sin, He will forgive us and restore our fellowship (1Jn.1:9). But if we would not repent or confess our sins, we would be continuing out of fellowship with God. This would enable Satan to get a foothold (access) in our life. The Bible uses two examples of continuing in an unforgiving attitude (2Co.2:10,11) and in anger (Ep.4:26,27) to illustrate this point.

Behind every idol people worship as god, there is a demonic spirit impersonating deity (1Co.10:20). If we are paying homage to any idol now (even 'Christian' idols) we would be actually worshipping demons! People who have become believers in Christ from such backgrounds must make sure that they have repented from such sins and that they have completely renounced them now.

Occult practices dealing with spirits such as ouija board, tarot cards, seances, divinations, etc., are becoming fashionable these days for thrill seekers. But we must have nothing to do with such things, knowing that they connect people to demons.

Of course, Satan will keep tempting us to sin or to move away from God by putting ideas into our mind. We remember how he first made Eve doubt God's word and then denied it point blank. Not every suggestion he makes will be openly wrong, and some may appear to be good, as when he told Eve that she could become like God if she ate the forbidden fruit. We need to develop the habit of checking new ideas, whether they come directly to our mind or through preachers or authors, to see if they agree with what the Bible teaches.

Another way Satan deceives us is through pride. That was the reason for his fall, and he knows we are also vulnerable when we become proud. If we compare ourselves with other people and think how bigger, better or more able we are, we are in a position to slip. The remedy is to stand before God and see how small we are.

If we think we are someone special with a revelation or task other godly people can't understand, we are in a very dangerous place. It is unlikely that we discover some truth now that the apostles or saints down through the ages had no idea about or thought not important enough to emphasise.

Satan is too clever for us. Our safety is in humility.


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