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Pointers along the way #633

Things we can't understand

- Jacob Ninan

One mark of godly people, in contrast to those who project themselves as being great, is that they readily admit they don't know many things, not only about earthly things, but also the knowledge of God. Of course, those who have been faithful before Him for many years know much more than those who are young in the life of grace. But even the most experienced Christians will admit that they don't know many things. It is because God has not revealed many things to us (De.29:29). God being who He is, it is natural that there are things we can't grasp about Him. But it is also true that God has not chosen to reveal many things even in His word. Blessed is a humble man who will be honest about it instead of thinking that he ought to explain everything in the Bible and then trying to make up natural explanations.

Jesus has said very clearly that no one knows the day of His coming (Mt.24:36). But just see how many people have foolishly and arrogantly tried to pin point the exact date! Even though He has given a revelation about the things to come (Re.1:1) just to give us hope and a general understanding of how things will end, many Christians try to be very exact in their interpretations! It seems obvious that God has deliberately chosen to be vague and ambiguous about many details. Instead of humbly recognising our smallness we seem to be bent on twisting meanings in many places in order to put everything into neat explanations! How many Christians have made fools of themselves by presenting ideas about prophecies in a cocksure manner!

In God's description of creation, He has again chosen to be very vague about how exactly He created things. What we can understand is that it was He who created everything and not some chance occurrences, and also that He has created us human beings in His image (Ge.1:27) unlike all other living creatures.

The reason why we have this problem with God and His word seems to be that we tend to have a poor image of God and a grandiose image about ourselves. We just can't seem to accept the fact God is almighty, all knowing and all wise, and that we are unable to explain everything. Ever since Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge we all seem to have an air about us as if we know everything and that our opinions are correct (Ge.3:5). We don't realise that in this way we make ourselves independent of God instead of enjoying the rest that comes from being entirely dependent on Him.

There is nothing wrong with knowledge itself. But there is a right way of knowing things (1Co.8:1,2). That is to make ourselves and our ideas always subject to God, recognising our total dependence on God for everything including our existence, and never imagining that we know better than what God says. We may have our opinions about things which are not clearly revealed in God's word, but can't we at least be a little tentative about what we think? God surely looks at our attitudes (1Sa.16:7)!


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