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Pointers along the way #637

A servant of God

- Jacob Ninan

If we want to serve God, the first thing we ought to do is not to rush to a Bible college or to look for an appointment. To serve God does not mean becoming a pastor, evangelist, etc., or giving up all 'secular' work to become a full-time worker. It is not to 'live by faith' (so-called) as in not having a regular salary. Anyone doing any work which God has given him to do can serve God if he does it as unto the Lord (Co.3:23,24). It is the condition of our heart that helps us to do everything 'as unto the Lord' which really qualifies us to be servants of God.

To serve God is simply to do what God wants us to do; it is not a position or a title. What God wants is supreme, and our privilege is to have a part in doing it. A servant does not choose what he should do, but simply does what the master asks him to (1Co.4:2). If God has called someone to be an apostle and another to be a housewife, each one will get a reward according to how faithfully they have carried out their task. It's not automatic that an apostle will get a greater reward, as commonly thought. Perhaps, if the housewife has faithfully given herself to taking care of her husband and bringing up her children to love God, isn't possible that her reward may be greater than for an apostle who wasn't really faithful in his heart before the Lord?

How can we become a servant of God with whom the Lord will be pleased? Is it by setting up 'mega' churches, having a worldwide ministry, or becoming a TV personality or best selling author? It is by cleaning our heart from everything that defiles us or distracts us from doing the will of God. "If anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work" (2Ti.2:21). An obvious problem with many so-called servants of God is that they are actually pursuing a personal agenda of their own while seemingly serving God (Php.2:19-21).

Shall we stop doing things with the motive of making ourselves great, impressing people, making money, living in luxury, etc. (Php.2:3)? Shall we stop being concerned about people recognising us or our service, and be focused on doing the will of God as exactly as possible whether people understand us or not? Can we be content to do the will of God even if nobody knows about it (Mt.6:3,4)? Shall we stop worrying about people misunderstanding us as long as we know that God knows our heart (1Co.4:2-4)? Can we make it our sole ambition to be pleasing to the Lord (2Co.5:9)? Is keeping faith and a good conscience more important to us than how 'successful' we are before people (1Ti.1:5)? If there is selfish ambition or conceit in our heart, let's not imagine we are serving God (Jas.3:14)!

Are all the so-called great servants of God really serving God in truth? Do we love God enough to want to serve Him irrespective of what we get out of it? If so, let's learn to cleanse ourselves in our heart as we walk before the Lord.


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