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Pointers along the way #644

All these declarations!

- Jacob Ninan

Some 'man of God' comes and declares that no scheme of the enemy is going to work, and everything is going to be just nice and glowing! Of course, 'in the name of Jesus'. How wonderful if this was true, and all we had to do was to rebuke the devil and declare blessings and everything would be fine! No more sickness, no more poverty, no more broken relationships, no more struggles! Heaven will be on earth right now!

Don't these men of God pause to wonder what difference their declarations have actually made to the lives of people they were talking to? Did all these wonderful things happen? Why is it that these people are still coming to you asking for prayer?

Don't the followers of these 'great' men ever ask why these things have not happened just as they promised? They go on foolishly hoping that one day these things will happen. In the meantime, they promote these servants of God on Facebook and expect many people to 'like' and 'react' to these promotional postings. You are asked to type 'Amen' and share it if you want money and other blessings to come to you the same day or within the week!

These 'great' men have found a nice alibi. "If these things didn't happen to you, it must be because you didn't have enough faith, or there must be some hidden sin in your life!" They happily ignore the fact that Jesus healed every person who came to Him. Do you think all those thousands of people had 'faith without doubting' and lived without sin? Of course, in some cases where He wanted to give them more than just healing, He also talked about faith, etc.

Jesus said in this life we would have trouble (Jn.16:33). No declaration is going to be able to erase that! Sometimes Jesus is going to give the Devil chances to test His people (Lk.22:31). We can't just rebuke the Devil and keep him away permanently. This world is never going to be peaceful and prosperous, and we are to look for a trouble free life only in heaven!

But if anyone preaches this truth, he is not going to be popular or recognised as 'a man of God'. A 'man of God' has to paint a rosy picture, freedom from all forms of trouble, etc., and learn the trick of keeping the people's hopes alive even if actually things are only becoming worse in their practical life. On the contrary, anyone who teaches people to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow the example of Jesus every day (Lk.9:23) will be named 'Legalist', 'No love or grace', etc. Yet such people have the true words of life (Jn.6:67,68).

Don't we know that no man has the power to make things happen just by making declarations, even if he uses the mantra, 'in the name of Jesus'? Power belongs only to God (Ps.62:11). His children have to do His will, in His way, when He wants. Only His will, not their wishes! If we try to act as if we were God (even though He has adopted us as His children) and declare things, we will see it doesn't work. Be real! Let's be sober-minded and discerning.


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