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Pointers along the way #677

What is your dream?

- Jacob Ninan

Many motivational speakers, including preachers, tell us to dream big and to pursue it. They point out that an aimless life is a wasted opportunity leading to frustration and misery. Preachers excite us by saying Jesus came to give us an abundant life (Jn.10:10) and that God will give us the desires of our heart (Ps.37:4) so that we can live life to the full. We start dreaming about becoming famous, making it big in our career, amassing huge wealth, enjoying ourselves to the maximum (trying new cuisines and drinks, dressing up, going for adventure sports, travelling to exotic places), etc. We may not know that all who start this journey don't reach anywhere near their dream, and that others who managed to go on find at the end that it didn't really satisfy them (Ec.2:1-11)!

Jesus narrated the parable of a rich man who achieved more than he would ever need, but who was going to die and find that his soul was still empty (Lk.12:16-21). The takeaway from the story was that he ought to have been 'rich towards God' instead. What would be the ultimate benefit if we had it best in this life and found ourselves lacking in the next (Mt.16:26)? Ought we not to work for eternal things while we still have time instead of wasting our life with things that will one day perish (Jn.6:27)?

Sad to say, many people, even after they think they have come to Jesus, are only concerned about their life on earth. Some of them have 'come to Jesus' only for dealing with earthly problems (v.26). Many of them have not even heard anything about repenting from their sins and turning to Jesus for salvation from their sins. That is why their mind turns to earthly goals even when Jesus talks about an abundant life referring to the eternal life. Hopefully many of them will ultimately understand the Gospel properly and respond to Jesus from their heart.

God never promises that whatever we dream He will give to us! He will give us what we desire in our heart if our delight is in Him (Ps.37:4). What kind of dreams would we have if our delight is in Him? Our dream will be to fulfil the dream He has for us! Joseph didn't make up his mind that one day he was going to become a great leader. But what he did was to follow the dream God had placed in his heart. That makes the big difference. Preachers should be talking about surrendering our lives to God without reservation and seeking God to find out what He wants us to accomplish for Him. And then we can put our heart and strength into doing what He wants us to do.

How many lives are getting wasted around us even among Christians! People make up their mind about what they want to do without hearing from God, make schemes to get it done, manipulate things and people to get to their ambitions, and think they have made it, not realising that all their work is going to get burnt up one day (1Co.3:14,15). Only what God plans and does in His power for His glory will remain. The secret is to be a part of that.


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