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Pointers along the way #699

The way of life

- Jacob Ninan

Christians are taught from right and left, it's all of grace from God. In order to confront the legalistic way where we have to do something or the other to earn our salvation from God, which is the basis of all false religions, the emphasis is on how we have to do nothing to be saved but only to receive by faith (Ep.2:8,9). But where wheat is being sown, an enemy is also sowing tares, while the sowers are sleeping (Mt.13:25)! Forgiveness of sin is made so free by preachers that there is no need for repentance from sin or even an acknowledgement that we are sinners headed for destruction! So, thousands are given the (false) impression that they have already become children of God when all that has happened is that they have said a prayer asking Jesus to come into their heart and become their 'personal Saviour'. What would this mean to people who have no idea what they need to be saved from? Then they are taught that every blessing is theirs 'in Christ Jesus' when they are not even in Christ Jesus. Every failure to see any result in practical life is blamed on their lack of faith or some unconfessed sin including ancestral sins.

Jesus said that we would know the truth and the truth would set us free (Jn.8:32). What if we don't even know the truth about our sins? And why Jesus had to come to the earth in the first place (Mt.1:21)? What if we aren't even looking for salvation from sin but only a place in heaven and blessings on earth? The (false) freedom we are offered is an illusion that our sins have been forgiven and we are now children of God.

The promise for Israel was the Promised Land. For Christians it is becoming like Jesus (Ro.8:29). What if our promised land is interpreted as being in heaven instead, which will happen only after we die? Then all we have to do is to enjoy our life here while we are here. Our prayers then will all be for blessings for this life. So we continue in sin and take forgiveness as a matter of right?

Jesus said very sadly that the majority of people would be walking on the broad way that led to destruction while there would be only a few who chose to walk on the narrow way to life (Mt.7:13,14). The enemy has deceived them. He has managed to influence a majority of preachers to preach an easy way of 'salvation'.

For the one who has become hopeless because of his sins, there is hope in Christ (Mt.9:12). For the one who confesses his sins and repents from them there is forgiveness and acceptance from God. For the one who will deny his own will in order to do God's will there is also transformation into His nature (Lk.9:23,24). When we are willing to lay down to death our own righteousness and accept we are sinners, there is forgiveness. When we are willing to lay down our self-efforts and depend entirely on Him, we can partake of His life too (Ro.8:13). There is a narrow gate to enter and a narrow way to walk in. What is easier is to walk in through the broad gate and walk on the broad way.


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