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Pointers along the way #716

The 'dignified' Christian!

- Jacob Ninan

This type of Christians are most keen to keep their reputation in front of others as 'dignified'. They don't like to participate in any controversial discussions in case they get caught on the wrong foot by some people. They would rather keep their opinions to themselves, if possible, or take the milder option out of two sides. They feel safer to quote what others have said and leave it there without expressing their own opinions. They want to be on the side of the 'experts' in order to be on the safer side. Their comments and opinions, whenever they are forced to voice them, will be always politically correct within their circles, and they are not even averse to shifting their position according to the circle they find themselves in. They would like to have the reputation of being a 'mature' person and flee from the possibility of being considered radical or fanatical by anybody. One wonders if they have any convictions at all!

These are like salt that does not have any flavour left (Mt.5:13). If we are to know the truth in a way that sets us free, one wonders if truth means anything real to these people or are just notions in their head. Like the people in Athens whom Paul met, they may like to listen to truths without allowing those truths to make them take a stand. We can't find such people standing up for what they believe (except in their safe circles), and hardly helping anyone around them to come to their position.

When Saul thought that people who followed Jesus were confusing and turning fellow Jews away from the true God, he went all out against them and was even willing to destroy them. When he finally realised his mistake and understood that Jesus was indeed the Messiah he was waiting for and the Son of God, he turned completely around and began to proclaim Jesus boldly! It was this attitude of Saul (later named Paul) which helped him to preach Christ and start many churches in most parts of the known world. He faced hostility from the Jews who became so agitated they wanted to kill him. But that only made him all the more eager to share the truths about Jesus everywhere he went. He would not hold back any part of the truth that could potentially help his hearers (Ac.20:26,27). He had to finally pay with his life for what he believed and proclaimed. But even knowing about such a possibility did not hinder him from preaching and writing about everything he had learned (Ac.21:13).

There is a place to take a non-denominational approach when we work together with other Christians. But that does not mean that we are not gripped with some of the truths we believe in to the extent we disown them! If we totally adhere to the so-called minimum common denominator approach we may do well in political coalitions. But when we try to be dignified Christians in this way we lose some of our edge and the light that we should be sharing may become dim. Our Saviour may even become disillusioned with us (Mk.8:35).


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