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Pointers along the way #717

Trust and obey

- Jacob Ninan

If we don't trust the Lord we can't obey Him except when it is convenient for us! But obeying Him is the only way we can get to the higher plane He wants to take us to! If we must obey Him when we are unsure of how things might turn out, we must believe that what He tells us to do is the best for us. We must know that He cares for us and always plans for our best (Je.29:11), and that He is able to take care of every situation that follows our obedience.

We may worry about what people might think of us if they know what we are doing. But this is one bridge we must cross and not go back on, by believing that what God thinks of us is all that ultimately matters (Mt.10:37-39). If this issue is not settled in our mind, there will be hesitation and confusion at every step (Pr.29:25). If we are not willing in our heart to go with Him no matter where He leads us, there is no guarantee that we can even understand the will of God in any situation (Jn.7:17), let alone be able to do it. But once we determine firmly that we would obey God rather than man (Ac.5:29), everything starts to become clearer.

Another thing we may worry about is what would happen if we obeyed God in something particular. Of course, it is wise to sit down and count the cost before deciding to do anything (Lk.14:28). But what can take us through that crisis is to believe that God is already aware of the consequences of our obedience, well in control of the situations, and He has already prepared things and people in advance for our sake. It is not that there would be no problem along the way, but that He will our best in the end.

We must know God's will before we obey! Many things we need to obey are clearly given there in the Bible. Once we read and understand what He wants us to do, there should not be any hesitation in doing those. For many other things which are not specifically spelt out, there are principles revealed there which we need to apply in discerning His will. Instead of taking the trouble to do this, some people make a mistake when they claim to have 'faith' and do what they themselves want. Some others try to imitate others imagining that God will do for them what He has done for others, not realising that He has not promised in general for everyone the particular things He has done for some others.

When the will of God is not clear for us in some situations we ought to wait on the Lord to hear what He would tell us to do. This is another thing many are not prepared to do because they expect instant solutions.

If we truly trust our Lord, that is the faith that will produce works. People who have been fed on false grace are averse to hearing anything about what we have to do in order to obey God. They want to receive everything freely 'by faith'! It smells of spiritual laziness and shows that we are not earnest in wanting to do the will of God. That is not the character of someone who loves God (Jn.14:21). If we love Him we will obey Him.


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