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Pointers along the way #724

Who can turn the tide?

- Jacob Ninan

Many preachers are not preaching the real gospel that Jesus came to save sinners (1Tim.1:15) because that is not what would make them popular and rich. Many 'natural' men (1Cor.2:14) who are not born again and who therefore do not have the Holy Spirit teaching and guiding them become preachers and 'Christian' leaders, and become the reason why many people are not receiving their needed food daily (Lk.12:42). Offers of wealth and health as being the main attraction of God are diverting many people from the truth. Many others are being enticed by a false teaching on grace that obliterates major parts of God's character such as righteousness, hatred towards sin and justice and presents only unmerited favour towards people, which is very attractive to the ear (2Ti.4:3). Some people are being manipulated by control-crazy leaders who want to rule over them and make them feel that they are submitting to God in that way. Many people give up on church altogether because the 'sickness' they see in the church is worse than what they themselves came seeking healing for! It looks as if godly people are disappearing from the world and the ungodly are flourishing (Ps.12:1).

When the Lord sees that His people are going astray and He feels like destroying them, He looks for someone to plead for them (Ez.22:30)! Before He would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah He listened to Abraham who tried to convince Him out of that. But the sad thing is that many times He does not find anyone mediating for the people (Is.63:5). Most often people are only seeking their own gain (Php.2:20,21), and their prayers are only about their own desires.

God has promised that if His people repented, turned back to Him and sought Him He would relent of the disaster He had made to come upon them or planned (2Ch.7:13-14). This is a well-known promise, and there are thankfully some who take this seriously and try to organise mass prayer meetings based on this theme, seeking to regain God's favour on His people. But many times there is hardly any acknowledgement of their sins or any repentance and turning to God. It becomes times where songs are played and messages are given, but without any conviction of sins coming on the people or a genuine humbling of themselves before God. Perhaps the mistake is planning for a large attendance and trying to make things 'interesting' for those who come!

The need is for people who 'fear the Lord' and who are genuinely troubled about the things that are happening in the church to stand before Him and plead for the people (Mal.3:16), without waiting for organising big meetings and starting large projects with fancy names to attract people. Such are few in number, and the Lord puts a seal on them (Ez.9:4). Their prayer is more meaningful and effective (Jas.5:16) than a thousand people who come together to have a good time! They pray with a burden, and they also do whatever they can to proclaim the true gospel and correct error.


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