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Pointers along the way #728

What do you want from God?

- Jacob Ninan

It's only natural that when we face difficulties in life those who believe in God will go to Him for help. He is our Father, and He is our Provider, Protector, Wisdom, Fortress, Shield, etc. We shouldn't be super-spiritual and pretend we don't have any practical needs or imagine that we wouldn't want to trouble God about our earthly needs. God knows that we are in need of many things in life (Mt.6:32), and He encourages us to ask (7:7) even though He knows what we need even before we ask (6:8).

But asking for our need is different from seeking after what we treasure in our heart. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is something that we ought to seek just like some men go after hidden treasures (13:44). The question is whether it has become valuable to us like a treasure, or, more than any earthly treasure that people value. This is what will motivate us to run after it. If we don't have this value God in our heart, we will end up treating Him only as a handyman who has to come running to us whenever we want Him to do something for us.

Someone has prayed this prayer, "Lord, help me to be what You want me to be, and to do what You want me to do." Do we understand what this means, and can we make this our prayer too?

God created man in His own image to be perfect and without blemish. But sin has messed up things. Our thoughts go wrong, negative feelings dominate our mind and we aren't able to make the right choices and to do the right things all the time. This brings us much sorrow and hardship every day, and it also hurts others around us. When we come to God through Jesus, His blood cleanses us and makes us fully acceptable to God (He.10:22). We are fully sanctified (set apart) in His sight (v.10). But on our side, there is much work to be done to experience that in real life. That is the same as becoming more and more like Jesus in practical life which God has already planned for us (Ro.8:28,29).

The other thing is to do what He wants us to do. Each member of the body of Christ has a particular task to fulfil (1Co.12:7). This includes every part of our life such as building our family, doing our job, and contributing something to the others using the spiritual gifts God gives us. God's plan is what can lead us to the most fulfilling life we can have on earth. We know that this can't be done if we are running after things in this world such as money, fame, pleasure, etc. In other words, God's will for our life can't get done until we see that as the top priority in our life and put aside our own earthly ambitions and people's opinions.

May the eyes of our understanding be opened to see what God has prepared for us (Ep.1:18), may we treasure it above everything else in life and may we run after it with speed! One day we will see that the things we have to give up along the way in order to run towards this goal were nothing in comparison. Till then we run in faith trusting God and His word, and He gives us strength.


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