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The fifth of seven devotionals on the subject.

Jacob Ninan

The devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour - 1 Pet.5:8

One of the strongest attacks of the devil these days is against sexual purity, and his tool is the media. On one hand he portrays sex as the ultimate in pleasure and tries to make everyone pursue it. He also tries to obliterate all restraints and restrictions related to sexual activities.

Even though sexual pleasure is a great experience, it is not the ultimate experience. Many people believe this blatant lie from the devil that is hyped up by the media beyond limits, that there is nothing like sex. They soon find out that it does not satisfy them as they expected, and then they resort to more of it or grosser forms, thinking that the greater bliss is just ahead! As Christians we know that the ultimate pleasures are in the presence of God, and that even the joys of a loving relationship with our spouse or children are far better than the fleeting moments of sexual pleasure.

In their pursuit after more pleasure, people throw off restraints. Here again the media depicts casual relationships with humour and thrilling stories and gives the impression that sex without boundaries is exciting. What used to be private matters for individuals and couples are discussed openly, and what used to be hidden is shown openly. The media is becoming more explicit in what they show, and even little children cannot get by without being exposed to this onslaught. Even people with strict moral backgrounds who watch these programmes unconsciously begin to lower their standards. Goaded by what they see flaunted on screen, people are choosing dress styles that show off more skin or curves, not realising how they tease others who are struggling with lust.

However we have no excuse for going with the stream or giving in to the pressures. The joy of remaining true to the Lord and our spouse cannot be traded off for any of these fleeting pleasures.

Lord, I thank You that the Holy Spirit in me is stronger than the one in this world. I want to stay with You, Lord.

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Published in Management Devotional - Biblical insights for daily work life, Christian Institute of Management.

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