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  The Great Bible Story #101
Jesus with different people

Jacob Ninan
One day a lawyer asked Jesus which was the most important among all the commandments of God. Jesus said that the most important one was to love God with all one's heart and mind. He added that the second one was to love others as being as important as oneself. He explained that these two commandments actually covered every commandment and instruction.

A rich young leader came to Him and asked Him what he should do to get eternal life. Since he was a Jew, Jesus said what he should do was to keep all of God's commandments, mentioning a few. This man asserted that he had been keeping all of them. Jesus, knowing his love of money, then told him that if he really wanted to go deeper, he should sell all that he had, give the money to the poor and then follow Him. The man was very upset with this because he wasn't willing to part with his riches, and he went away. Jesus mentioned to His disciples how difficult it was for rich people to enter into the kingdom of God (because those who felt strong in themselves wouldn't be able to see their need for God).

Jesus was teaching in the synagogue on a sabbath day, and He saw a woman who had been bent double for eighteen years because of a demon. Jesus cast out that demon and she straightened up. But the synagogue official was upset because Jesus had done on a sabbath what he considered was a 'work', and he began to question why it couldn't have been done during the other six days! Jesus answered by asking him if he wouldn't take his oxen or sheep to give water on a sabbath day, and why he was upset with delivering a woman who had been bound for many years!

Another sabbath day, Jesus saw in the synagogue a man with a withered hand. He looked around and asked if it was right to do good on the sabbath day. There was no answer. Jesus continued by asking them if there was even one man there who wouldn't take out his cattle that had fallen into a pit on the sabbath day. Asking that man to come forward, He told him to stretch his hand forward. Immediately his hand was healed, and the people who opposed Him felt ashamed of themselves.

Some Pharisees wanted to trap Jesus, and so they brought to Him a woman who had been caught in adultery suggesting that she should be stoned according to the Law. Jesus said that anyone who hadn't done any sin could throw the first stone. They all left! Finally He told her she could go, only taking care not to sin anymore.

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