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  The Great Bible Story #113
Jesus suffers and dies for us

Jacob Ninan
Jesus was too weak now from His scourging to carry His cross to the place where He was to be crucified, and so the soldiers drafted a passerby, Simon of Cyrene, to carry it for Him. They finally reached the place just outside Jerusalem called Golgotha or Calvary meaning 'the skull'. There they crucified Him and on either side of Him they crucified two criminals. The soldiers divided His clothes among them and cast lots for His tunic which was seamless. Pilate made them write a caption over His head saying, 'Jesus, King of the Jews'.

Someone gave Him some wine mixed with gall to dull His pain but when He tasted it He didn't drink it any more. Some mocked Him saying if He was the Son of God He should come down from the cross, and also how He had saved others but He could not save Himself. Jesus looked at all of them and prayed to the Father for their forgiveness because they didn't really know what they were doing.

One of the criminals was hurling abuse at Him, asking Him to save them and Himself if He was really the Messiah. But the other criminal scolded him saying they were both getting what they really deserved, but Jesus was innocent! Then he turned to Jesus and asked Him to remember him when He came in His kingdom. Seeing this criminal's repentance and faith, Jesus told him that he would be together with Him in paradise that same day.

Jesus saw His mother Mary standing there, and He told His disciple John to take care of her as his own mother.

By twelve noon, the sky became dark, and around three in the afternoon Jesus said He was thirsty. Someone put up a sponge dipped in sour wine on a reed and raised it to Jesus' mouth, and He drank it. After this He realised that everything that the Father wanted had been accomplished, and He said, "It is finished," committed His spirit into the Father's hands and breathed His last.

At this time there were several earthquakes, many rocks got split, and the veil in the Temple separating the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place was torn in the middle, starting from the top, signifying that now the way to God and His presence was open.

The Jews didn't want anyone to remain on the cross on the Sabbath day, and so they asked the soldiers to break the bones of the legs so that death would come quickly. When they came to Jesus they saw He was already dead, and to make sure, one soldier pierced His side with the spear, and blood and water came out.

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