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  The Great Bible Story #115
The resurrection

Jacob Ninan
Early in the morning on Sunday, Mary Magdalene and a few other women took some spices with them to the tomb. They were wondering who would roll away the heavy stone at the entrance for them. But there had been what appeared to be an earthquake when an angel rolled away the stone. The guards who were there were dazed and shaking with fear. An angel told the women that Jesus was not there but had risen. He reminded them about what Jesus had said earlier how sinful men would put Him to death and how He would come back to life on the third day. He told them to go on to Galilee where Jesus would meet with them. The women were filled with fear and wonder and they ran back to tell the other disciples.

The disciples couldn't believe what the women said. But anyway Peter and John ran to the tomb and looked inside. All they could find was the linen cloths that had wrapped the body of Jesus, and surprisingly, these were lying there, each in its proper place, neatly folded up. The disciples went away confused.

In the meantime, Mary Magdalene came back to the tomb and peeped inside. The body of Jesus wasn't there. An angel asked her why she was looking for the living among the dead.

As she came out of the tomb, Jesus was standing there. But in her confused state of mind she could not recognise Him. She thought He was the gardener. Jesus asked her why she was weeping and who she was looking for. She said she was looking for Jesus, and that someone seemed to have taken away His body. But now He called her, "Mary!" Suddenly she recognised Him and fell down, clinging to His feet and saying, "Teacher!" Jesus told her He wasn't yet ascended to heaven, and He asked her to go and tell the disciples that He was indeed alive!

That afternoon two disciples were walking towards Emmaus when Jesus joined them. They didn't recognise Him. They were perplexed with the news of the resurrection. But Jesus explained to them the prophecies about Him, and finally revealed Himself to them. They went back to Jerusalem with joy and told the other disciples Jesus was alive!

That evening, when the disciples were closed up in a room for fear of the Jews, Jesus suddenly appeared in their midst! They were so happy to see Him! Thomas was not there at this time, and later when they told him about Him, he said he wouldn't believe unless he saw Him personally. Eight days later when Jesus appeared to them again, He showed Thomas the marks of His wounds.

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