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  The Great Bible Story #126
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Jacob Ninan
When Paul and Silas were in Philippi, Paul cast out a demon from a girl whom some were using to make money by fortune telling. When the demon was out, the angry masters put Paul and Silas in jail saying they were teaching people against Roman customs. At night they were praising God while in chains, when an earthquake came and chains broke free. The jailer was about to kill himself thinking the prisoners had escaped, but Paul said they were all there. The jailer had heard their message and asked now what he should do to be saved. Paul told him to put his faith in Jesus. Later the jailer's full family became believers.

When they came to a place called Berea and spoke in the synagogue, the people there received the word with great eagerness. But they would check what Paul said with the scriptures to see if it was correct. This has become an example for everyone.

At one time Paul was left alone in the city of Athens where he saw many idols. He started preaching the word in the synagogue and discussing with whoever was around in the market place about Jesus. Some people there had a habit of talking about new and interesting subjects, and so they invited Paul to give a talk on Jesus whom he was presenting as God. So he spoke in their auditorium saying he had seen their many gods but that he had also seen a monument to an unknown God. He said that this unknown God was the one who had revealed Himself through Jesus. Most people sneered at him, but some became believers.

During his journeys Paul came to Ephesus and found some disciples there. He asked them if they had received the Holy Spirit when they believed. But they had been baptised according to the baptism of repentance which John the baptiser taught, and they had not even heard about the Holy Spirit. So Paul explained the way of salvation more clearly to them, and they were baptised in water believing in Jesus for salvation. Then he laid his hands on them and prayed, and they were baptised with the Holy Spirit, speaking in unknown languages and prophesying.

As Paul stayed there and preached salvation, many who had practised magic earlier repented, and burnt up all their books and paraphernalia. But this hit the business of a silversmith called Demetrius and he created a big furore in the city saying Paul was saying the goddess Diana of Ephesus was no goddess at all! Finally the town clerk said they didn't have to worry about Diana and dismissed the crowd.

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